Summit Academy LLC, GA

Parent Assistant Expectations


Although Summit Academy (SA) is not a support group, traditional co-op, or a formal school, parent participation is encouraged and required for students’ optimal learning, a safe environment, and to minimize costs. Please consider your PA responsibility seriously, and evaluate your personal calendar when you register.

The following are Parent Assistant (PA) expectations:

  1. Parents will assist instructors by supervising students in classrooms during the same time periods of their own child(ren)’s classes. Unlike a traditional co-op, parents are not expected to serve every week nor all day (unless their child is in classes all day).
  2. Every effort is made to place parents in their own child(ren)'s classroom as often as possible, but that cannot be guaranteed, as multiple parents may request the same day and same class. Flexibility is appreciated with scheduling.
  3. PA dates are based on how many children parents have registered in SA:
  1. One (1) student, 3 dates during fall term, 4 dates during spring term
  2. Two to three (2-3) students, 4 dates during fall term, 5 dates during spring term
  3. Four or more (4+) students, 5 dates during fall term, 6 dates during spring term

Note, there is a difference of 1 service date between fall (12 wks.)  and spring (16 wks.) terms.

  1. Parents will use links and information sent by campus site directors to sign up for PA dates.
  2. Parents who fail to fulfill the PA responsibility with no valid explanation or date change request within 48 hours of the class will be charged $10/class of their assignment. Students of that parent are prohibited from classes until parent serves as PA. For a valid emergency due to illness or death in the family, parent will be rescheduled with no penalties.
  3. Parent Assistant Responsibilities in the Classroom:
  1. Help instructors set up room and/or direct students to prepare to learn.
  2. Pass out any papers or supplies at instructor’s request.
  3. Will refrain from answering questions instructor poses to students.
  4. If in a music class, help students locate notes and/or chords as instructor directs.
  5. Escort students to the bathroom as needed, and give them a reasonable amount of time to finish. After PA checks the bathroom for readiness for the next student, both will return to class. If the classroom is just across from the bathroom, please stand at the classroom door so you can easily see student(s) come and go. Emphasize importance of proper care of facilities, washing hands, then getting back on task. If possible, please only allow one student at a time in the bathroom.
    In the case of preschool students, PA will also assist student in the bathroom, helping with clothing and/or reaching the soap, sink, and towels.
  6. If a student begins to disrupt the class, gently and quietly correct him/her and let them know that is the one and only warning that will be given. Second offense, direct student to stand just outside the door (3-5 min) while under PA's supervision to think about correct behavior to exercise upon return. If disruptive behavior continues, escort student to campus administrator to remain there for rest of the class. Of course, if basic redirection is all that is needed, please do so discreetly.