EPICS V4 Telecon 11-Oct-2016

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  1. Progress on AIs
  2. Status
  3. Recapitulation of last week’s “What’s Next” discussion
  4. AOB


Chair: AJ

Present: RL, AJ, HJ, MK, KK, SH

Minutes: AJ, RL

1. Table of AIs




Target Date



Update your headers to contain the header text.





Monitor changes pull request (move Monitor API from pvData to pvAccess; AI from meeting 15-Mar-2016, http://tinyurl.com/zqa3qyp




Draft release announcement and circulate to group




2. Status

AJ: Release feedback by email from Greg:

The README for 4.6 doesn’t say what’s in the file, so to answer a question of developers here at SLAC I can’t easily find out what’s in the damn download file! And I’m only trying to answer that question for programmers who couldn’t find it for themselves and asked me! I know you guys wanted to make the README simpler, but you already know the info that would be in the file. To us who don’t know you’ve just made it too difficult to find out easily and we just move on the the next important problem of the day.

RL will take care of this request.

SH: None of the labs who attended the Monday managers meeting offered website help for the new https://epics-controls.org/ website yet (which is still only a place-holder). There will be a tech-talk email summarising this meeting soon.

RL: There will be -pre1 releases of Base- and 3.15.5 coming out very soon.

KK: Nothing from the CSS group yet about the 4.6.0 release.

RL: Still getting reports on connection issues with latest CAJ release.

KK: Don’t see connection issues, archive engines with up to 20,000 channels connect OK.

DH: No updates this week due to other work, last day at Diamond will be Nov 18th. Mark Heron may try to replace me at some point but not immediately.

3. Recapitulation of last week’s “What Next” discussion

SH: Management meeting talked about formalizing technical groups, this group becomes the technical group for EPICS Core.

AI on AJ & SH: Discuss future leadership of this group offline.

4. AOB

HJ: Need Info/description/meaning/impact of properties/env. Variables:





HJ: Found just an exec-file: epics-pvdata.sourceforge.net/pvAccessConfig.xlsx

But some property names are missing like EPICS_PVAS_INTF_ADDR_LIST

And can’t correctly deal with them on RTEMS-IOC with multiple interfaces.

MK: Send email to Matej and CC the list about this.

AJ: These should be directly analogous to the CA/CAS variables of the same names.

RL: Confirming that the idea is to develop a plan for the EPICS 7 restructuring after the 3.14, 3.15 and 3.16 releases, starting with the repository conversion from Bazaar to git.

AJ: We’re thinking alike on this.

Short Meeting next week, then probably a 2 or even 3 week gap.