T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 18A - Printbed - unheated

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This Chapter covers printers supplied without a heated print-bed. If you bought a kit with a heated bed, please see the following Chapter 18B

1801 Printbed - Parts required

Glass mirror plate 180mm diameter x 4mm thick.

1802 Install Printbed

Flatten the wiring over and around the RAMPS, and gently fold the yellow fuses away from the power plug as far as they will go, to provide clearance for the mirror plate printbed.

Centre one of the previously-installed glass tabs at 120mm along the Y-Z extrusion but do not tighten yet. Repeat for the tab on the X-Z extrusion.

Fit the glass onto the tabs, ensuring it is slotted under the penny washers of the 2 centred tabs.

Slide the third tab along the X-Y extrusion until it engages with the mirror plate. It will get very tight as it nears the centre of the extrusion - it may help to loosen the capscrews slightly. Once you judge it is central, measure the position of all 3 tabs again and move until they are all central.

NOTE: You will probably want to defer the final step of tightening the printbed down onto its mounts until after you have tested the electronics, though it is given here for completeness.

Tighten down the capscrews progressively until the printbed is firmly seated on the tabs and the tabs are firmly on the extrusions.


Congratulations! You are now ready to start commissioning and calibration. Finishing touches like tidying up the wiring and fitting the optional filament reel holder will be completed later.