Board of Directors Job Description                                                           

TITLE:         Board Director

DESCRIPTION:   Performs as a Board Director and guides the activities of the Board.

OBJECTIVES:  To develop a nonprofit Corporation that supports the mission statement and vision of Community Link ABQ.

KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED: Working knowledge of leadership and management techniques, plus Board of Director Responsibilities.

SKILLS:        Leadership and management. Attention to detail.  Patience required when training and working with volunteers. Public speaking. 

EDUCATION:  High School Diploma, High School Equivalency Certificate or GED.

TIME COMMITMENT:        As needed by the situation.

SUPERVISED BY:        The Board Chair.

WORKING WITH:        Other Board members and the CLABQ Executive Director.                

WORK LOCATION:         Corporate Headquarters.

REQUIREMENTS:        At least 18 years old.                


OTHER SPECIAL REQUIREMENTS:  Development and adherence to all policies. Some travel to presentations and meetings will be necessary.  The Board Director cannot be in a hosted program. Signing of a Confidentiality and Conflict of Interest form is required.  A sex offender registry check will be conducted.  If a person is on the registry they will not be allowed to work in the Action Center because children and vulnerable individuals are present at times.

Specific Duties:  Includes, but not limited to;

  1. Uses personal initiative to continually improve corporate operations and the number of people helped.
  2. Performs in an honorable manner to bring credit to the organization.  This includes abiding by all the policies, procedures and expectations published for the organization.
  3. Ensures that people are comfortable talking with others about faith based beliefs.
  4. Leads, supervises and manages corporate planning and activities.
  5. Develops funding sources to support corporate operations.
  6. Regularly attends board meeting and corporate events.
  7. Is a member of the Board.
  8. Makes serious commitment to participate actively in committee work.
  9. Volunteers for and willingly accepts assignments and completes them thoroughly and on time.
  10. Stays informed about committee matters, prepares themselves well for meetings, and reviews and comments on minutes and reports.
  11. Gets to know other committee members and builds a collegial working relationship that contributes to consensus.
  12. Is an active participant in the committee's annual evaluation and planning efforts.

5/24/2018  Version 2