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{{subst:AFC submission/draftnew}} <!--- Important, do not remove this line before article has been created. --->

'''Virginia Louise Cox''' [[Order of Australia|AO AM]] (nee Gowing) (1939-)is an Australian architect who has made a significant and distinguished contribution ‘to architecture as a practitioner, through executive roles with international professional organisations, and to architectural education and heritage conservation’.<ref>{{Cite web|url = http://wp.architecture.com.au/news-media/australia-day-honours-reward-service-to-architecture/#sthash.9pkVD0En.OqRUk8hE.dpbs|title = Australia Day Honours reward service to Architecture|date = |accessdate = |website = Australian Institute of Architects|publisher = Australian Institute of Architects.|last = |first = }}</ref>


== Biography ==

Louise Cox graduated from the [[University of Sydney]] with a Bachelor of Architecture in 1963<ref>{{Cite web|url = http://sydney.edu.au/alumni/awards/previous-recipients.shtml|title = Previous Alumni Award Recipients|date = |accessdate = |website = University of Sydney, Faculty of Architecture, Design and Planning|publisher = University of Sydney|last = |first = }}</ref> and later returned to study town planning, graduating in 1971. After graduating Cox worked for a year in the office of [[Chamberlin, Powell and Bon|Chamberlin Powell and Bon]] in London before returning to Australia to work in the office of [[PTW Architects|Peddle Thorp & Walker]], Sydney. In 1968 she worked as an architect and associate at McConnell Smith and Johnson before becoming a director from 1980-1997,during which time she made a leading contribution to the advancement of heritage and health care design through the delivery of many significant projects in Australia and Malaysia.<ref name=":1">{{Cite web|url = http://architectureau.com/articles/2013-national-presidents-prize/|title = 2013 National Presidents Prize|date = |accessdate = |website = ArchitectureAU|publisher = Architecture Media Pty Ltd.|last = Penn|first = Shelley}}</ref>


Beyond practice in architecture and planning, Cox has dedicated over fifty years of service to the advocacy of the profession through many organisations and government boards.<ref name=":2">{{Cite web|url = http://www.raia.com.au/i-cms?page=1.13262.13475.11372.12876.14031.38900|title = 2013 National Presidents Prize|date = |accessdate = |website = Australian Institute of Architects|publisher = Australian Institute of Architects|last = |first = }}</ref> After joining as a student member in the sixties, from 1986 to 1996 Cox became highly involved in the [[Australian Institute of Architects]], serving on numerous local and national committees.<ref>{{Cite web|url = https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlimwwignCk|title = Louise Cox Australian Architect|date = |accessdate = |website = RAIA NSW Youtube Channel|publisher = Royal Australian Institute of Architects.|last = |first = }}</ref>


== Professional career ==



== Personal life ==



== Awards ==

* 2003: [[Marion Mahony Griffin]] Prize, [[Australian Institute of Architects]];

* 2013: Presidents Prize, [[Australian Institute of Architects]];


== References ==

<references />


== Further reading ==

* [http://www.raia.com.au/i-cms?page=1.13262.13475.11372.12876.14031.38900 2013 National Presidents Prize, Australian Institute of Architects]



| NAME                  = Cox, Louise



| DATE OF BIRTH         = 1939

| PLACE OF BIRTH        =

| DATE OF DEATH         =

| PLACE OF DEATH        =


{{DEFAULTSORT:Cox, Louise}}

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