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Mastery Work #1 (Marking Period 2): Final Research-Based Argument Paper

Your Task: 

Research an issue that has come about through your reading of The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot. After you have conducted research on a specific issue and seen the multiple perspectives that people have, you will write a research-based argumentative paper. This is an academic essay that incorporates your research as well as presents an arguable claim.

In crafting your paper, include a precise thesis statement that is derived from your research and supported by relevant and sufficient evidence and valid reasoning. Be sure to use evidence from at least three of your identified sources, being sure to distinguish claims from alternate and opposing claims (counterclaim). Use your research, the rubric, any additional materials and previous versions of your research-based argument paper with peer comments to guide the creation of your final draft.

What must be included in your paper:

Standards for the paper:


You must also submit this handout with both your FIRST DRAFT and FINAL DRAFT. The rubric must be facing FORWARD.