We are learning to make connections to get a better understand of what we read.


The longest story, the sea monster, Happo and the pohutukawa

Self Connection

Text Connection

World Connection

  • weapons- my dad had a friend with weapons to shoot birds
  • boat
  • contest - swimming
  • maori
  •  When I told a really long story and my mum said no more

  • all 3 text are connected with the sea- taniwha swimming, boats/canoe, surf board
  • two of them have men in them
  • It reminds me of a book where a bird gos to find some worms for the baby
  • they remind me of my friend that came from Africa
  • reminds me of all the different cultures in the world

You have made many different connections Ava. Making connections help you to have a better understand of what you read. Ka pai to mahi.