CU-Boulder Center for Atmospheric Chemistry Research Environmental Chamber Facility

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1. Twin Environmental Chambers.

2. Basic Measurements

3. Basic Experimental Procedures

Source Room. A state-of-art “source room” (Fig. 9) is adjacent to one chamber where biomass can be combusted with most of the smoke vented through a large ceiling-mounted fume hood and a small flow rapidly drawn via a Dekati Diluter through a port and into the chamber enclosure and reaction bag (or alternatively a large duct).

CU Environmental Chamber Facility Infrastructure: The facility occupies 8500 sq.ft. of laboratory, office and storage space on the CU main campus. In addition to the 4 environmental chambers and source room (described above) and supporting instrumentation for online and offline gas and particle analysis (described below), the CU Environmental Chamber Facility is fully equipped with a comprehensive infrastructure to support large-scale collaborative campaigns including: a dedicated cylinder room, 6 fume hoods for sample preparation (one with a vacuum rack for gas injection preparation), 6 vented chemical storage cabinets, several stationary and 3 mobile lab benches, an overhead network of cable trays for tubing/cables, 50 house vacuum ports, 50 UHP N2 ports, 50 compressed air / pure air ports, 50 exhaust ports, 70 x 120V/20A/60Hz circuits, and 6 x 208V/20-30A/60Hz circuits. The gases, exhaust, and vacuum ports are distributed throughout the laboratory mostly overhead in groups every ~2 m. 25 of the 120V circuits and 4 of the 208V circuits are distributed by a busbar with 6 m cable drops for re-configurable distribution. Each of the temperature-controlled rooms surrounding the large chambers have 4 plates (one on each side) equipped with 8-10 feedthroughs (0.64-2.54 cm) to run sampling/injection lines between the lab and Teflon bag. An additional port for each large chamber is located on the ceiling, allowing sampling by instruments in the laboratory on the 4th floor above (via ~7 cm diameter bore hole). The two smaller chambers have ~10 sampling and injection ports (0.64-0.95 cm diameter) each on two sides directly fixed to the Teflon bag. The larger chambers can accommodate 1-2 AMS-sized instruments (or several small instruments; 3 x 120V/20A circuits) inside the temperature-controlled enclosure although personnel access may be limited during some experiments. The outsides of the large chambers are outfitted with unistrut for attaching gas cylinders, sampling lines, and cables. For the large chambers, a central control and data-logging system (programmed in Labview) controls/logs the UV/visible lights, enclosure temperature control, pure air and humidity-control system, ozone generator and ancillary gas analyzers. While the layouts are designed to allow sampling by multiple instruments from the same chamber at one time, total surrounding floor space, power, access and distance from sampling ports, and amount of sampling air drawn from the reaction chamber can impose practical limits, depending on the type of experiment and instrumentation; thus, careful planning is required for large-scale / multi-instrument campaigns.

Inside Chambers:

Physical Layout of the Chamber Lab

3rd Floor:

Chamber 2 (“White Chamber” - West, “1W”):

1W- South                                1W- West

1W- North                                1W- East

Chamber 1 (“Brown Chamber” - East, “2B”):

2B- West                                2B- North


2B - East                                2B - additional east port in source room

Synchronized Overhead Drops throughout lab (~30 each on 3rd floor?):

UHP Liquid N2 (30 psi), Compressed or Purified Air (90/30psi), Vacuum (~80-260mb), Exhaust

Overhead busbar with 20-foot drops (20A/120V, 4 plugs, GFI-protected)

 # of total 20A circuits in entire lab?

Between Chamber - Control center/Gas Analyzers                

Source Room:

(conduit to greenhouse also shown below)

Cylinder/Liquid Nitrogen Room:

2 Fume hoods across from chambers (1dedicated to gas injection rack):

Guest Work Stations (5 on 3rd floor, 4 on 4th floor):

(Add pics of other ones + better one of this one)

Conference Rooms (Projectors and white boards):

Large conference room                Small conference room

Small conference room

Additional things to add: