Police:    112
Ambulance:   111

Medical Help

  1. Alotau General Hospital        
    Provides antenatal, STI, VCT, ART and sexual health clinics. Accident and Emergency open 24 hours.
    Address: Middle town, Milne, Papua New Guinea
    Ph: 6411200
  2. Mubalu Women of Hope Federation
    Gives hope to women who have gone through difficult relationships and lost interest in all aspects of life.
    Phone: 7046 7585
  3. Gulf Christian Services
    Provides health care assistance to women, particularly for survivors of violence.
    Phone: 276 6552
  4. Pogera Resident Women's Association
    Provides counselling for survivors of violence against women. Also offers training for women empowerment on self-sustainability.
    Phone: 7248 9634
  5. Kompiam Ambum Women’s Business Association
    Carries out awareness on improving the status of women at village level. The association provides training, counselling and direction to create small to medium income
    generating activities.
    Phone: 72004352
  6. East New Britain Counseling Services
    Provides counseling for survivors of violence, temporary shelter for survivors, relocation and repatriation of survivors.
    Phone: 7283 9722
  7. Papua Hahine Social Action Forum (PHSAF)
    Provides gender-based training programs, care and counselling and protection for victims of violence.
    Phone: 7232 6570
  8. Femili PNG
    Provides comprehensive support in the form of medical, legal and emergency crisis response aid to women who have survived or have been affected by violence.
  9. The Salvation Army
    Provides health care and emergency response services for survivors of violence and women at risk.
    Address: Angau Drive, Boroko, NCD, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea.
    Phone:  325 5542 or 325 5522
    Fax: 325 3534
  10. HOPE
    Provides healthcare for women at risk, or for survivors in need of assistance.
    Address: PO BOX 3478, Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea
    Phone: (675) 325 6901
    Fax: (675) 323 0419
  11. Susu Mamas
    Provides reproductive and sexual health care and resources, health education and offers assistance in infant and newborn care.
    Address: Business and Health Service Management. P.O Box 1419, Mt Hagen, WHP, Papua New Guinea
    Phone: 5420948
    Mobile: 72098331

Legal Help

  1. PNG Development Law Association
    Provides free legal advice relating to gender based violence. PNGDLA provide legal services as follows: General Advice & assistance, Representation in court, Drafting Court documents.
    Address: level 1, suite 2, Monian Haus, Tabiri place, Boroko.
    Phone: 3234734 OR 323 6814 Email:

Resources (Food, Shelter, Clothing, Crisis Response)

  1. Young Women's Christian Association (YWCA)
    Provides shelter, education and vocational training for women, particularly women from vulnerable backgrounds.
    Address: P O Box 5884 Boroko, Papua New Guinea
    Phone: 675-325-2181
    Fax: 675-325-6158
  2. WeCare        
    Provides support for women who have survived violence and are vulnerable to violence.
    Phone: +675 7700 2408
  3. Haus Ruth
    Provides shelter and caters to survivors of gender based violence and acts like a safe house for women and children who are subjected to family and sexual violence. Also provides a hostel for single working women.
    Address: City Mission PNG, P.O. Box 5872 Boroko, NCD, Papua New Guinea
    Phone: (+675) 320-0606
    Fax: (+675) 320-1363

Education and Employment

  1. Eastern Highlands Family Voice
    Provides paralegal advice and training, community mediation and conflict resolution support, awareness and advocacy programs and direct counselling services to women, men, children and communities in Eastern Highlands.
    Address: Suite 15, Westpac Bank Building, Edward St, Goroka Town, Eastern Highlands Province, Papua New Guinea
    Phone: +675 732 3084
    Fax: +675 732 3085