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Jan 18 2014 The War Beneath Heaven S02 E04 reboot Summary

GM note to the Players.

December 11 2013; Post Game

December 7 Pregame Notes

December 3

November 23 2013

November 21 2013

November 20 2013

Mike’s November 20 Post Result.

November 09 2013 Shadow War: First Blood

October 31 2013

Mike’s Post Result.

James Post Result

October 26 2013: Gods and Monsters Recap

October 12 2013: Descent Beneath the Temple Recap

September 28 2013: Gun-Geon Combat

Sept 14 2013 +Mathew Williams

June 22 2013; Session 05; Hardware Run

June 1, 2013, 7am-10:30am GMT+8

May 25, 2013, 7am-10:30am GMT+8

May 18, 2013, 11am GMT+8

May 17, 2013, 11am GMT+8


Speedy (Mike Dulay)

Thomas Micheals

Osman Al Din

James Steele (Soviet Plays)

Tasha Santiago (from Arne)

Pieter (from James)

Vash (JJ)

Matt (Matthew)


Jakub Kovar

William Tarmikos III

Killian Tarmikos

War Beneath Heaven S02 E08

War Beneath Heaven S02 E07: Lost Leader

March 1, GMT+8

GM Notes.

Give more room for players to Improvise.

Give more "Flexible" time so that each turn is more satisfying.

I have to tweak things to speed up combat flow.

New Player, New to GURPS a session to show the system and build a character.

War Beneath Heaven S02 E06 - Under the Heights

Feb 15 GMT+8 7am

Quick Summary

GMT+8 Feb 8 2014 S02 E05 Big Trouble in Cheng’s Town

Quick Summary

GMT+8 Feb 4 2014 S02 E05 Primer

GMT+8 Jan 18 2014 The War Beneath Heaven S02 E04 reboot Summary

The team basically tried to cripple a Mega Church from taking over their team mate's territory. Although the Team mate wanted to kill the church agents compromise was reached and they decided to destroy the Church's reputation by attacking the PR firm (since the Church's rely on the professionals). They did this by doing social engineering against the innocent but the very competent' Account Director lady. The adventure was basically making her life terrible so that she would leave before they launched a malware attack. So the guys ended up digging up her ex, making it appear he's stalking her and leaving weird messages (which is more fun than it should be), they got her a job offer in HK, and blew up her serviced residence unit.

Since the PR firms managed the dirt, in the month of June 2013 the whole world learn about the mega church and various scandals, and public pressure is placed to investigate them (which will be eventually bought off since the group learned the church has diamond mines and many other assets). Since they are one of the best Security Firms, they landed the mega church as their "client" and like PCs are violated rules of ethics by taking them on lolz. Justifiably, it was tossed that if you want to make those charges stick you got to take them on as their Security Service provider.

There is clearly a disconnect in expectation, from Street-level to Empire building. I have to think about how best I will accommodate all, the activities of Bill was a good cue and break. Since some characters can be "back in the office" and provide support remotely, some characters will be taking point (a PC needs to be in the encounter).  

Still the consequence of their Actions are showing and the Alignments are making things difficult. Mind-Rape (mind search spell) was an option that was shot down, but suggested by the character who was pacifistic (in killing innocents) but gray in the area of violence (who happens to be violent himself; so mind rape option was concerned). Bill voiced opposition to the idea, and pointed out exactly that these are the things he doesn't want magic to be used.... and that's what Bill is... the mage conscience of the group who can be a bit enthusiastic having learned of magic and taught about what is going on beneath the veil. He's going to help out people and consult with the Prince and Knight regarding whats happening magically. His brother (with his obsessions) will be working to find out more about their previous enemy.

Speedy, having been responsible killing the helicopter pilot has taken the family of the pilot as his dependents (secretly; friends advised not telling them) so he's going to be helping them out. $600/mo. for the forseable future and advancing $5,000 should cover funeral and other necessities using SGC (their ally lawfirm's charity foundation) as a front. He personally (in the electronic shadows) fixed education and  various other future needs of the children, and even provides enough money for the wife to study if she decides. the Empress will personally help in this kind of reparation, and potentially "push" her to educate and train herself since her kids are not too young.

Cheng is going to fill the power vacuum by making his own Gang. I guess I'll need to get a psychological/socialogical profile of what his gang is going to be. As for recruitment, depends on how far he wants to reach out and what are the goals of the gang. Mention of creating his own Tong is pretty cool.

There are a few new Character faces and allies. Jakub and Fish just got out of the hospital and is being nursed by Constanz, a skilled caregiver and one of the other prisoners rescued. They are friends of Martin Quesada, a fairly successful businessman who is into manufacturing and construction with a factory.  

By the end of the game, they have converted the old church into a Civil Center and invited some friendly churches to grow and spread there (Episcopalian i think). Despite Cheng's territorial growth, crime is unusually lower because of the civil center and the influence of HSS and SGC is stronger in the Heights. the Church of Haven is having been dealt a blow, is currently reeling and unable to offer its services at the moment. Remaining factions are Legba group and the Luna dynasty who are intersted in developing the area.

Legba group is approaching Cheng if they can jointly develop a Low income Housing and Commercial Center. Offering him majority share, to buy up more of the area. They will be sending him an NDA and their written proposal before the next session.

The Luna group is approaching HSS, particularly Thomas' side of the business as a partner for an eminent domain take over of some of the housing for the much controversial Subway system. They property they want is HSS property for one of the main stations. Leorazon is of the same mind, but has left HSS hanging. Thomas is particularly interested in the project because it means tunnels and his ability to make more underground networks for HSS. The subway serves him as a way to better hide his infra if he is own of the owning firms.

GM note to the Players.

Resuming relations with SGC, Thomas and Osman made a verbal report to SGC of their current activities in language they have agreed on. Suffice to say there are a lot of loose ends, and the advice is to tie them up neatly.


GMT+8 December 11 2013; Post Game

News Report May 30

A massive fire has rocked the Warf area, in one Fortalez Labs, a subsidiary company of the Quijolo Group of Companies. Many lab workers were able to escape, because the violence from the Sangre Sacramento and other Gangs Slowly escalated but a number of Quijolo and Order of God's Work executives and a pilot were caught in the fire when the private helicopter that malfunction preventing them from escaping. This tragic....

Chronicler Special: May 29 Fire

$25,000 on the report available for download.

$75,000 for an Interview with the Chronicler.

The Chronicle May 29 Fire Special        

The Tower's High Temple lost all its color in the dark and starless winter night. The great hall and its symbols of power, and pillars of magic breathed life in a meeting of shadows. A man in a leather mask, stood before a circle of mages and forgotten deities. He breathed life into his testimony with Illusion and pieced together a remarkable Reconstruction of what happened in the warehouse fire.

“Inquisitors!” Says a young man behind his mask and form hiding robes. “The chain of custody is unbroken, and I have tested the samples myself!”

Older and calmed voices hushed him, one voice bearing the practice of command spoke next.

“They have begun their move, but it does not mean we should move ourselves. There is still a choice for a peaceful resolution, we can invoke the Geas of the Vatican and ask them to clear up this mess.

“Or...” Dylan Baker did not care for masks or hiding his presence. He repeated himself and rang clearer “Or some of us can see the opportunity to take out the OGW and expand our territories now that the Gangs have been weakened. I'm sure i'm not the only one thinking it, I just want to make sure everyone knows their options.” ending with a look at the one who spoke just before him.

A woman voice rang, “The better question is how do we divide the Heights, now that Balthazar is gone. A fight for territories will just diminish the advantage we have just gained in the weakness of the Inquisitors.

“The answer my lady, and my fellows is rooted in a tradition I would happily illustrate: the Method of Talmud, with the catch that those who offer the most to our cause will gain the most. I will remove myself from the claim of territories, and will happily serve as arbiter.” many voiced contested the offer, but those more senior hushed their apprentices and eyed each other. In their experience, as it is with many important deals a Geas is used to ensure fairness, even powerful mages can be bound to a geas even the Mage of the Tower.

“You seem to have this for certain” one of the more senior Magi. “But such an offer has to have its consideration. Get to the point Mr. Baker, what do you want in return?”

GMT+8 December 7 2013 Pregame Notes

December 3

(Happening during the Events of the Previous Game)

Thomas was exhausted, his migraine got worse because he couldn’t run that day with all the fires that had to be put out, but mostly because of the disagreement with Osman. Harsh words were exchanged, and he felt guilty to admit it that he did really lose sight of what was important, good thing the Prince was there to remind him.

While the Prince called in favors, Thomas did his own digging and footwork. He called on the network his father gave him, his childhood friends who are scions and heirs of the current administration. He had to track them all down, and digg for information. With each lead he conferred with the Prince and he was getting closer to finding Jakub.  

Jakub was not just a friend who prepared his drinks, he was his fighting instructor and his client - he helped finance the martial arts bar and dojo. Thomas wanted to best marital artist he can get his hands on within arms reach and indebted to him, but it was Osman who cultivated the real friendship that could not grow in such pragmatic soil.

Jakub was and is Osmans friend, and he wanted to desperately know what happened to him. Its only been 12 hours, and Jakub is tougher than any man he has ever known. He’s been known to take on UAE Spec Ops Commandos he would train with quite handily although his tactics is that of a streetfighter and not a warlord. It maybe that reason he may not fare so well against: whatever they can be facing.

What Dylan Baker told Osman struck the fear of god into his heretical partner. Osman went on about the Inquisition with lingering disbelief. Thomas auto search flashed the data and access on various forum discussions of the key books brought out details of history that took only Osmans empathy to piece together in the narrative… details that dawned on Thomas at the possible fate of someone like Jakub. Inquisitors, Witch-Hunters, and Crusaders: mass murderers with great PR and the violence that made the Haven Martial Law look like a day in the park. Monsters are something thomas can deal with, but monsters that have divine powers are something that need extra help.

All Thomas’s digging leads him to a trashy Occult Shop past midnight, in a very poor and desolate part of Old Town where two men seem to be having a business dispute. They look of the same age, although he can’t gauge the age of the caucasian man accurately. Their body language, despite being rigid and guarded, betrays a confidence that can only come from a very close familiarity. Being able to hear their argument, and their carelessness in concealing it only leads him to conclude close friends arguing over prices and petty debts. He approaches them, when both men suddenly stop to look at him. He saw the tension and sudden change of expression in their eyes when they moved quickly to…

2:45 AM Old Town

A Fire has spread destroying cars and the corner of Fortaleza and Obsispo street. No one saw the cause of the explosion, and there are 1 casualty: a man burned beyond recognition. Sources say…    

GMT+8 November 23 2013

NPCs Introduced

Party’s Question that Night

GMT+8 November 21 2013

GMT+8 November 20 2013

Long Action for Speedy:

Being laid up in a bed with an IV drip is no fun.   The good news he can work from anywhere.  The bad news, his well selected and highly valuable back office team isn’t all together since the attack.   If he didn’t already take a bullet through the abdomen he’d be worried to be next.   Time for some insurance.   Speedy asks for the three Kuratas to be taken out of storage and fitted with encrypted drone controls.   One is kept in the same room where he is laid up.   It’s not for combat.  It’s for escape.   Why?  Because he’s bait.    Or at least one of them.   The  Disaster Recovery strategy allows for processing to occur in cloud servers spread throughout Haven and a few offshore locations.   A sub-contractor is responsible for emergency maintenance but the system mostly runs itself.   The human team was responsible for developing new functions but the expert systems can handle threats for a few weeks unattended with polymorphic code and quantum encryption.   New passkeys, per protocol, were generated since the breach.   If the bastards stole any keys and tried to use them it would go straight to dummy virtual machines where they could observe what kind of data they were trying to access and backtrace the traffic.  Customer data is protected even from Speedy by their own keys, so that can’t be a target.   The parts that can be compromised are system management, monitoring, drone control, monthly operating funds/virtual currency locker and the shadow financial accounting systems for the Prince and Thomas.    To get full access requires three things: (1) Prince or Thomas biometric authorization (2) Speedy’s key generator (3) processing time in the cloud quantum computer orbiting in geosynchronous orbit.   It’s housed in a communication satellite shared by the NSA, CIA, US DOD, Google, Yandex, Maersk, Fedex, UPS and several hundred small technology and logistics firms.

Speedy shakes his head as he gulps water down after swallowing a radio tracking pellet.   Wherever he goes or is taken, will be tracked by the many drones in the city and noticed by the Kurata on standby. The other two Kuratas are each in Thomas and the Prince’s residence at night.  Each Kurata is supposed to get outfitted with a silver dust generator for messing up paranormal stuff.   It can also deploy tear gas for humans, fluorescent dye and packs a magnetic pulse generator adapted from the design of the Mig-25’s radar system.   Russian vacuum tubes may be primitive but no doubt effective at disrupting all manner of electronics.   It also erases magnetic tapes like a champ.

Speedy is conspicuously removing source code for “a key generator” from the cloud.   Records should show that it has been copied to a usb key which is about to be picked up by a courier service.  The address of the destination is one of Thomas safe houses.

You see, while laid up, Speedy has tried to be busy.  He’s rented processing time from servers in Ukraine and Belarus to probe data from Quijolo and OGW.  Snippets of which will start to be posted as spam facebook/twitter/blogspot comments.   Whether this is a ruse or their data has truly been compromised only the gods know.  Probably quite literally.   Because some devotees have also been asked to recite these snippets in their daily prayers.    Whoever is interested will peek their heads out.   From then on, it’s a game of whack-a-mole.  Unless of course, the mole is faster and has razor sharp teeth.

Mike’s November 20 Post Result.

GM: F*CK this awesome. 3CPs!

GMT+8 November 09 2013 Shadow War: First Blood

Primer for Next Session S02 E02 Nov 23 2013

The explosion shook the building and fractured even its load bearing corners. The block that was once dark is now lit up by blazing fire that has been caught in the buildings. Flaming bodies ran, along the streets spreading flame and terror. In the brightness of the flames, there are men who clung to its shadows and one who commanded fear among them.


Sasha Ramirez was watching everything unfold, on her screen. The team made a mistake, and she was struggling to fix it when a scream echoed through the corridor of the safe house. Speedy’s IT team were embedded deep inside the hidden floors, behind thick walls, ceilings and floors design to carry the load of heavy vehicles and an overcrowded commuter hub. The sound can only be heard through the only entrance and exit of the command station

They all began to look at the door, removing headphones and mics they heard things their imagination refused to acknowledge. Shots were fired, and everyone stood up. Sasha was able to draw her Beretta 93R, and barely was able to ready its stock when something slammed the heavy siege proof door.

This was not what they trained for, everyone instinctively drew away from the door. She had to command and raise her voice which seemed to make what ever behind it incredibly agitated. They manage to draw from a hidden cache four saiga-12 assault shotguns and began to take cover. Her commands and urgency seem to also cause what was behind the door to hurry and its berserk rage tore its hinges.

The silhouette she saw and the blood that flowed from the floor ignited a fear and adrenaline that made her want to cower. Everyone hesitated, long enough for it to close the distance to tear bone from flesh. Tears of desperation flowed down freely as she charged to meet it head on and give everyone a chance to survive this. Gunfire erupted in frenzied bursts and hearts stopped.


Thomas stood rigid with the news. He offended many when he took away his earbud and put on his HUD glasses as he walked away. He fought back to control the fear overwhelming him, he activated his macros and his “little bots” did their little deeds again. Scrawling through data found in home network node to confirm the Princelings research. His second re-evaluation and analysis was plain as day, and turned up even more unsettling red flags.

One particular red flag is the Quijolo’s and OGWs acquisition of one of the Leorazon’s delta properties. Territoriality, the Leorazons have left them isolated and surrounded in all sides by rival businesses. It would be a matter of time before the Local Gov’t Officials would be turning up near their territories with bogus claims.

Thomas looked for Osman’s gaze and their exchanged looks told Osman everything he needed to know. Emily in his arms, could feel his shoulders slump and she tightened against him to give reassurance and whispering pleasant distractions into his ear. His fortitude found some solace in Emily's whispers, while his eyes drifting through the crowd caught the amused eyes of Dylan Baker tipping his glass to him.  


Jakub woke up amid the stink of his blood, vomit and piss. His teeth littered the floor and his blood spiraled to the draining corners of the room along with the hose water used to drown him while he sat. He was a broken man, his precious legs the tools of his craft were butchered and his hands and fingers maimed. The bravery and desperation that fueled that last gambit was foolish, but regret did not cling to him, it was washed away by the peace of mind honed in a warriors path.

He was a fighter and the horrors he saw fueled that desperation to seize the day. It seems despite his stoic and pragmatic facade the hopelessness of the land he has made his home for so long has broken his iron discipline. Beaten beneath a skilled hand of pain, he would cry out and wish to tell them everything they wanted to know.

His torturer was overly zealous, he didn't ask questions. He seemed to enjoy the opportunity breaking someone who spent their whole life honing their spirit.

“This is more pleasure, than she could ever give me.”



GMT+8 October 31 2013

+Justin Aquino

Primer for November 9 2013

[under construction]

Mike’s Post Result.

[under construction]

James Post Result

October 26 2013: Gods and Monsters Recap

EEC headquarters is in a center of an unnatural storm. It has flooded the roads and the crew, tired and beaten make their way to the nearest safe-house. Creatures emerge in the darkness and blinding rain. They fend them off, and put make a break for the safe-house. There they rest and debrief. The storm abates, but with many casualties.

October 12 2013: Descent Beneath the Temple Recap

the party was able to rescue Emily and take cover under the temple where strange creatures pounce on them and robed EEC people.  They were able evade the creatures, paying no time to discern what they are. They escape the EEC headquarters.

September 28 2013: Gun-Geon Combat

The party is caught in the middle of a fire-fight against the Jackal Lord and Empire Estate's men. They manage to push against the EEC soldiers and force Dylan Baker to abandon Emily. They pick her up and run. Dylan and Tabaqui face each other.

Sept 14 2013 +Mathew Williams

Damn that Vash, he has really introduced me to the unreal side of life that he inhabits.


Ever since starting my part time work with the HFR (Havanni Fire & Rescue), some of the old members there introduced me to Vash. The story is that they knew him from a fire in which he was the only survivor.


Since then, Vash and I got on. He got me used to the streets and common culture of Haven and helped me get some Controlled items. Importantly he tells us, at HFR, about some fire bugs. I guess its a vengeance thing for him. In return we overlook the minor criminal things he gets up too. Us at HFR don't get paid or funded enough to care. Oh and he's just a charismatic guy.


Anyway I see him at this smouldering apartment complex fire scene, while a cop and I are interviewing tenants. On seeing me, Vash invites me in to (his) apartment (I get rid of the police officer that was with me). He then takes me to his Senior Gang Leader, " Knuckles" of all things. Knuckles wants me to fix his gang buddy who have been shot! Vash pleads with me not to report it. I reluctantly do as we both may be in danger if we don’t. The shot person has branding marks which I take into memory to put in my official notebook later. While doing this, Vash and I are asked by Knuckles (Actually his Boss who was in another room) to find and return some things of Vashe's Friend, Jenny.  I thought it was for some payback (odd though, it sounded like he wanted DNA samples).  So I follow Vash out, thinking this could lead to a reason for the fire. I was also thinking I could get a share of Vashes payment for the job (HFR dont get that much funding).


Outside, I tell the other HFR guys that I'm following up Vashe's lead to the fire's cause and to look for me if I dont contact them regularly. Being a part-time worker for HFR, i get around on my own scooter when "Called-out". This was the case, so Vash and I take it to Jenny's apartment.


Vash and I get there and I realise Jenny shares with her sister Emily. I recognise one of them in a picture. It's Jenni whom I met at the MMA bar regularly. We try to contact both of them, but no luck. I call Missing Persons, but they have no record of them. Hummm? Vash and I collect Dresses to satisfy Knuckles' boss.


Not knowing what to do next, and maybe wanting pay, we moped back to the Boss at the fire scene. We give him one dress ( I think Vash gave Emily's instead of Jenny's as a diversion).


Before leaving, Knuckles wants us to meet Big Boss in another room which is very dark. I wouldn’t have gone except for the painful moan of another. Walter, who the moan belongs to, is a local "witch" to the poor people. She looked beaten blacker than her black skin, even in the black room.


While tending her wounds, I see Big Boss.


OMFG this guy could not have existed; burnt!, size of a bull!, horns! But its alive eyes looked!    and   it   spoke!  I could not remember what it said. Training took over. Situation, Mission, Execution...etc. I cared for the patient to extract.


"Dame" I thought " its probably some messed up Juggalo fad that Vashe's gang is into" !


The only other things I remember is the Creature disappearing through a hole in the wall and we 2 leaving with Walter, to the waiting street.


June 22 2013; Session 05; Hardware Run 

June 1, 2013, 7am-10:30am GMT+8


Pieter's journal entry from the session (Legal disclaimer: Written in character. This retelling of events may be skewed by Pieter's point of view):

After we arrived at the warehouse, everyone went in to the office in the middle of the place, while I went around and cleared the remainder of the area. There were a few entrances that weren't very well secured, so Thomas helped me to secure them so that anyone trying to get in would be slowed down enough for me to hear them and react.


That took a while, and when I got back in to the office, the Prince was still freaking out. I checked him over, but he wasn't hurt so I left him while I scanned the perimeter from the office windows.

Speedy had got in touch with Jeni's father by this point (one Tribonian Locke), and from what I could tell, he knew more about what was going on than he should if he had nothing to do with it. I got Speedy to ask if he knew anyone local who could tell us more about this demon crap, and how to fight it. Locke gave us the name and picture of a witch who lived in one of the megaslums.

After a few hours rest we drove out there at dawn and Tasha was able to get one of the residents to lead us to where the old woman lived. Speedy got Locke on Skype to show the witch we really knew Locke, and there was whole lot of crazy talk about Jeni and Emily being angels and something about them being owned by someone. Apparently it was all Locke's fault, which I could have told you for free.

Anyway, I asked the old woman what I could do to improve my chances against fighting these demons, like maybe using different bullets or something, but then she just starting talking about negotiating and crap. Waste of time in my opinion.

At this point I heard something going on outside the apartment's front door and went to take a look. That's when I saw them: The Jackals. Those naaiers had bloody tracked me down all the way here from Nigeria! I thought that moving to a new continent I'd be able to shake off whoever was hunting me, but I guess not. At least now I knew who the hell has been after me all this time.

These guys were yelling out in Afrikaans for me to come out. (Thankfully none of the other guys I'm with know any Afrikaans.) Anyway that wasn't going to happen. I let the others know we had company and we had to get the hell out of there, then grabbed a couple of flashbangs. I yelled out to the Jackals in Afrikaans through the door, that I was coming out, then tossed the flashbangs out into the hall, locked the door and ran back to the others. By the time I turned around, I saw Tasha coming back from putting the old woman out of the way in one of the back rooms, and was just in time to see Speedy dropping down over the side of the balcony to the floor below.

Tasha and I followed Speedy and it wasn't until we both got down that some of the Jackals poked their heads out over the side of the balcony to look for us. Half a mag of automatic fire certainly got their heads down, and we climbed to the next balcony down. All the bloody windows and doors were barred though, and my best efforts to smash one of them in, didn't get very far. In the meantime Speedy had kicked one of the air conditioning units out, climbed in through the hole it left, and thrown a long sheet of fabric out the hole to help Tasha and I climb after him. 16 stories up, it wasn't fun but we made it.

After pushing through the sweatshop inside, we made it to the stairs and started running down. By this time I was starting feel the 30 kilos of gear and armour I was carrying, and wasn't quite moving fast enough. Some of the Jackals had caught up enough to start taking some shots at me from the other end of the hallway. One of the guys with automatic rifles got 3 good hits on me. Fortunately those 5.56mm rounds were never going to get through my type III grade body armour. Still the kick toppled me down the stairs and I took a pretty bad fall down the stairs. I'm pretty sure I cracked a couple of ribs there.

Speedy threw me onto a sheet of cardboard or something that he found lying around, and then started dragging me down the stairs faster than I could have run, while I recovered enough to get up again. That guy really deserves that nickname. The man is fast.

We were a couple more floors down by this point, and had nearly broken contact, but 3 more guys popped out from the stairwell at the other end of the hall. I shot 2 of them to pieces, and then ducked down the stairs. When I got to the ground floor, Tasha was already swinging back around to the entrance in the humvee, and Speedy and I jumped in.

I stuck my head up through the roof hatch, planning to shoot back at the Jackals, but what a waste of time that was! I tell you what, that Tasha can drive! It seemed like every time the bastards fired at us, Tasha had already dodged the car out of the way of where they were shooting. Needless to say, we got away easily from there.

So a bit of a wasted trip in terms of why we went there, but at least I finally found out who the bastards are that have been hunting me. Maybe now I'll be able to do something about them...


The Jackals

       The Slums were oddly quiet, except for the grunts of a beating.

       "If you werr nutt 'reedy zoo daaaamn ugl'e, We rape yo' ass" said by one of the Jackal men. Their necks and the side of their faces had ritual scarring, that of a tribe she knew was long dead and forgotten.

       They worked her for over an hour, but for her it would have been an eternity. Walta prayed, through cracked and shattered teeth. These men didn't really want information, she could tell because they had not asked for any, they just enjoyed ruining her and cutting pieces of her up. They enjoyed seeing her humiliated by sticking things in her.  She prayed that she would go unconscious, she prayed that they grow bored and tired, and she prayed for the very sweet end.

       The angel of death did not come, who came instead brought with him the scent of a corpses bloated under a hot sun and pestilent with flies and rot. The sound of flies buzzing filled the room, and landed around her wounds and open legs. Walta had a wandering eye, but you could not tell from the swelling that disfigured her face. That eye could see things she could not explain, things that were there but no one else can see. What she now saw, she hoped was just a dream, a very bad dream.

       "I see, you softened her up for me... didn't need to do that."

       The voice was grating like gravel against gravel, his teeth were sharpened, but bright and clean. She could not see his eyes beneath the jackal mask, but the dead eyes of the creature he wore was suffice enough to freeze her blood and numb her. She tried to cast a spell, but what remained of her tongue made her realize who she was dealing with.

       He chuckled in a way that made the walls and her bones shudder.

       "You will tell me everything... "

       "I don...." she said through a mumble.

       "You'll know..." He smiled and the poor creature he used as a head piece fidgeted as he put it down and showed her his face.

       "Ha' appa'tment...find da Gals tings. Ha' 'ed eh! " "She's famous, you can find out whe' she lives" "She's wid da white you' looking fo."

The King Maker

       Khaho'oor was as big as a bus, with maws that can crush a small car. It dragged the body of the bony demon along the smooth marbled surface of the palace. There was no one there save for a gentleman in a business suit, holding his wine glass and sipping it quietly. Its seven eyes watched the man very cautiously, never betraying the caution and that possibility that it was more afraid of him.

       "Your Djinn violated my territory, lives of my charge, and veil! He was made to pay, and his creatures too, but I spared his corporeal form!" his voice reverberated within the sound of a fierce echoing growl. "This should serve as justice."

       "Does it!" the gentleman replied so graciously. "Well then... it seems you have your justice..."

       "This is justice! His fire killed many of my charge, many of yours have answered for that... THERE WILL BE NO MORE KILLING!" Khaho'oor seems to grow larger and has it steps closer to the gentleman.

       "This is not justice, something of mine has been taken from me and you have aided these thieves. Your people are to pay." He said is a flat tone.

       Khaho'oor lunges at the man only to be wrestled down by the beaten Djinn. The darkness around them suddenly begin to fill with many dark eyes and shambling forms begin to swarm the massive bus-sized rotting dog.

       "I will be taking you with me..."

       "And what, who will protect your people? I have bought your land just a moment ago and signed up contracts for a development to take place over the sacred ground. You will have wasted your form, and I will have a new development with no more pesky ancestral guardian to bother me."

       Desperation grew with hopelessness, Khaho'oor was ready to face the end but not to fail his charge so easily.

       "I have a perfect place for your people, a new decommission mega freighter I can use as slum ship. Your people will be living there when I'm done, the whole tribe of Khaha'li will die a death for generations working for me... never ever touching their sacred land again"

       "The more reason for me to take you with me..."

       "Or you can help me regain my property, undue your mistake and I will promise not to lay claim to your land." The creature paused to consider, "Oh you know my word is good, my words have power." The shambling things and the darkness that grasped the Dog creature eased as it slowly poised itself to submit.

       "Now then, lets see how much of a Dog spirit you are, sniff out my Lilim"

May 25, 2013, 7am-10:30am GMT+8

I will be using GDRIVE + Hangouts if possible. Others can open GDrive in another Window because I will paste Images and NPCs in the Capaign Notes

Scene 01, Episode 02: Talk of the Devil.  

When we last left the adventurers a the bar blew up when a demon made its appearance. Mr Big is now a firey demon thats curious to wonder why a bunch of "pricks" decided to get in the way instead of having the good sense to leave when they should.

Osman and Thomas strike a conversation with Mr. Big while Tasha and Speedy escape with Jeni. Things get heated when Thomas tries to "make a deal with the devil" where his keen negotiating skills is provoking the demon and drawing him closer. Petier had the good sense of taking Osman to safety, and covering Thomas with a long burst at center mass against the demon. It made a small dent and gave Thomas the breathing room to make a break for his bike.

Mr. Big would have removed any hope of escape if not for the appearance of another creature which takes offense at the demons disregard of maintaining "the Veil". They called each other names and went at it. The party took the opportunity to escape but encounter more of the thugs. Tasha confronts them and despite their number cautions them enough for help to arrive. Speedy was that help and stuns everyone with a well placed Flashbang, but Tasha and Jenny were still also stunned. One thug manages to avoid being stunned and stabs Tasha with a machete bringing her down. Petier makes his way to clear the area shredding a line of thugs. When the thugs recovered, speedy manages to  use a towel and bull their head to strike the ground and does that twice with the remaining thugs.

Thomas manages to take out two machete wielding thugs expertly with this gadget spear, and reach his heavy sports bike and roar away.  






Scene 02, Episode 02: the Obligatory Chase scene!

The thugs followed after in a two 2-door SUV, a Jeep, Heavy SUV, and several motorcycles. Speedy gets his quad rotor drone up to view the traffic and aid the drivers efforts. Tasha expertly drives past traffic and puts most of them behind. The Jeep and the SUV manage to keep up, but are too far away. They shoot but can't hit.

Mr. Big joins the chase, jumping from car to car trying to catch up. He is followed by the giant canine creature, Thomas runs interference slashing tires with his long blades, causing one SUV to crash and another to stop suddenly. The traffic compounds, when Petier unleashes a mess of smoke grenades it becomes terrible.

Fortunately Thomas is a local expert, and manages to take his bike off the main road and through the shanty settlements that grow from the shelter of the highway. He crashes through several shanties but is able to avoid the worse of the traffic. Speedy calls him and asks where best to go, there seems to be one clear choice other than the heavy residential zone, its the warehouse and industrial district mostly abandoned by the 2009 economic collapse.

Tasha guns the Humvee and Thomas with his superbike and open road quadruple the miles between them and Mr. Big  

May 18, 2013, 11am GMT+8

Quick Spiel of Each character by their players.

Everyone Gets 3cp, but they also gain two cp they can award to other players they feel deserve it.

Arne gives:

Steele/Jesse gets additional 1cp

Prince/Dave gets additional 1cp

James gives:
+1 CP to Speedy (Mike), for the awesome run-slide-grab-throw of the tabasco sauce at one of the thugs.

+1 CP to Osman Al Din (Dave), for doing such a good job unleashing with that auto-pistol.

Dave gives:

+1 CP to James for the awesome shooting with the assault rifle

+1 CP to Arne for getting the girl to safety and the timely bashing a bad guy in the head with a wrench

Give me 48 hours to consolidate my notes, weekends ties me up with the family.


It was a dark and stormy night.

Jack Smith (Vaclav's Character) was finally able to get all his friends and comrades to check out the martial arts themed tavern he help build. There were posters of every action hero include James Steele (Jesse) and various props and training equipment strewn about, and all the patrons look fit and dangerous.

The group was having a round of drinks when Jeni comes in, a barfly they all know. She has come from the rain and looks distressed. Only the Prince notices how distressed she really is and the desperation of her cadence and the frightened expression that almost freezes her.  Even Tasha tries to talk to her, but Jeni seemed unable to say anything.

It becomes clear the source of distress, as several rough looking people emerge from the bar door. They all looked soaked by the rain, wearing jackets they appear to have something dangerous tucked away.

Seeing this, everyone vacates the bar except the group of friends, still unable to decide what to do with the situation. Many are cautious, Speedy doesnt like trouble and James, despite his size and strength, is already looking for cover. When Tasha, Osman, and Thomas stand up for Jeni, she panics and starts her way to the kitchen exit, but more men arrive.

Petier could see how tense the situation is becoming and this gang is an unusual sort, sporting ritual scarring and strange tattoos. He uses fast draws the pistol to intimidate the men into leaving. A much older and taller man laughs at Petier even when he shoots off his glasses, he flashes Petier a fanged grin and a half smile that seems to unnaturally reach past his ear.

Then they pounce on the group, alarmingly fast Speedy kicks a chair under one of them when one tries to make a rush at Jeni, Osman swats him away when he was going to fall on her. The gang of thugs were very fast but everyone was ready for them, Tasha defends Jeni from another thug, while one of the stock but huge older thug, about 400lbs, pulls out a golden 1911 and shoots at prince missing and hitting his own man who tried to flank them.

One of the thugs lunges at Petier who is by the kitchen door, Petier uses his "Laptop bag" to interpose and surprises one when the bag unleashes a burst of 5.56mm rounds. Speedy amazingly slides and throws hotsauce at Mr Fangs Mc'Smile and stuns him long enough to duck behind cover and let Osman empty a Glock19 full burst into one of the thugs chest. Thomas was springs to cover the rear as the thugs who came from the main door was trying to gang up on Jeni, Osman, and Tasha.

The Thugs have closed into melee, but are beaten back by group. "Mr Big" seems to pounce with the grace that would have been impossible for his build of a house. Tasha is knock backed with such a force she is flung against the bar. The Pieter, releases the laptop bag's disguise and it collapses to the floor revealing a styer AUG and manages to take out another one from across the room. The Prince manages to take out another thug trying to close in and Thomas surprises them with modernized Iklwas and stabbing Mr Big from behind. The house of a man isn't phased and his expression freezes as his skin seems to gray and molt. Speedy helps the girls out and notices that one of the surviving thugs flee in terror when he saw Mr. Big freeze up.

Petier is then grappled by Mr. Fangs Mc'Smiley which he defends by dropping his styer and close combat shooting into is torso. Mr. Fangs falls down with a hole big enough to see through. By then everyone is fleeing the scene as Mr. Bigs molting with gray texture the skin extending to his eyes and lips. He seems to be expanding stretching his clothes taught.

When everyone was almost clear of the room, Mr. Big standing still explodes after taking shots to the face. Everyone dives for cover, one of the last thugs trips and falls catching most of the fiery blast. It didn't kill him, leaving much of his body burned to the bone, and unmercifully still alive to stumble around to the horror of everyone.

When everyone's eyes regained focus, most stood shocked and frozen at the presence of a fiery skeletal figure with bony wings and massive horns... shaking off the bits of flesh remaining.

Mr. Big

Mr. Fangs Mc’Smiley

May 17, 2013, 11am GMT+8

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