4A Class Information


Teacher: Hannah Reikes


Contact Information: Hannah: hannahcreikes@gmail.com (502)553-2656

Bruchim Ha’Baim!! Welcome BJEP 4A families and students! I just wanted to take some time to introduce myself to you all as we begin another fantastic year of fun and learning.

This is me       !

My name is Hannah Reikes and I am a proud third year veteran teacher here at BJEP and a Senior at Brandeis. In my 23 years of life, I’ve lived in St. Louis, MO and Louisville, KY, and I spent a gap year in Israel, though I’m starting to call both North Jersey (the family recently relocated), and the Boston area, home. At Brandeis, I am majoring in Near Eastern and Judaic Studies (NEJS) and minoring in Education Studies. If you guessed that I absolutely love Jewish education, then you are absolutely correct! Helping young people learn about our shared heritage and culture and develop the skills they will need to grow into insightful, connected Jews (and people, for that matter) is my favorite thing in the world. Aside from educating amazing 4th graders, I enjoy indoor rock climbing, cooking, art (I even got to teach art at Camp Ramah!), and chilling out with my friends.

Class #1, 9/11/2016

This past Sunday, I had the opportunity to meet all the budding scholars of 4A. I am particularly impressed with this group. Over the course of the day, we thought about a number of important ideas to start off the year. We first talked about some Superheros and the qualities that make them so interesting. Some were born with special powers (X-Men), some created their own way of being super (Iron Man and Batman), while others’ powers was a product of where they came from (Superman and Wonder Woman). We then talked about how we can look at Biblical figures as heroes who come from different backgrounds with different strengths and weaknesses. We will be continuing this theme through the year. In Hebrew, we unpacked why it is important that we learn Hebrew in the first place. Answers ranged from participation in prayer, to learning about our ancestors, to understanding other Jews, and everything in between. We then took a moment to reflect on our own goals for our Hebrew learning this year. Judaics took us back to the concept of Torah and its importance in our own lives. Students split into learning pairs and discussed questions like “Why is Torah important to you?”; “What is one story you remember/particularly like?”; “Why do you think we read the same stories every year?”; and “Have you learned something from a story in the Torah?”


Hello 4A! This week we started some review/brief overview of Hebrew letters and Biblical stories, and started to think about what electives were available for the semester. In Hebrew, we began working on making flashcards so that everyone can practice and review at home. Students should have brought home their plastic baggies with the supplies. These baggies should return to BJEP this coming Sunday. In Judaics we created a timeline of major biblical events from creation to Mt. Sinai. Next week we will begin looking at some of these stories in more depth. Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you on Sunday!



This week we began going over hebrew vowels “ah” “Ee” and “Ay” taking turns producing single letter syllables on the board. Next week we’ll be playing a card game with these vowels, so get excited!! Judaics was centered around two key ideas: the Jewish value of making T’shuvah (repentance/amends) and that we can learn these values through the actions and mistakes of biblical figures. This week we looked at Adam and Eve’s mistakes in the garden of eden and discussed not only what they might have done instead, but how they moved on from those mistakes to make a life for themselves outside Eden. To facilitate this discussion, students read some letters to the “BJEP advice column” from Adam, Eve, and the Snake, and wrote responses to these characters. Students were asked to reflect on mistakes that they’ve made and what tools they might use to do t’shuvah. See you Sunday!!