Winter Veil

World of Warcraft


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


Jeff: “Sacks” the Strange Snowman

A poor worker is sent out into the cold… sent to find stolen treats and gifts during the holiday season… only to never return. While traveling out in the wilderness adventurers in Azeroth may stumble upon a strange snowman during the holiday season. This magical snowman is just asking for one thing… help restoring the magic of winter veil. And by magic I am talking about the stolen gifts and treats...  If the adventures so choose they are able to aid the strange snowman and defeat the culprit the...  the Abominable Greench… but even if the Greench is defeated and the treats are returned, he keeps showing up year after year, and the snowman is forever stuck pointing adventurers in the direction of more stolen treats and gifts. If someone would only travel out and find a way to thaw the snowman and set him free. Oh well, looks like the holidays are saved till next year!

Jeff’s Choices

Character: “Sacks” the Strange Snowman


Ranged Tank

Trait- “Snowball”

Come on… you can't have a snowman in the nexus without a trait named “Snowball.” The Strange Snowman’s Trait is a powerful one that allows him to gain strength throughout the battle. The Strange Snowman starts the game with a set amount of health and damage output like all of the heroes in the nexus, but has one difference. The more the snowman moves he will gain attack damage and health- up to a maximum level. Think of it like this… while he rolls out on the battlefield he is picking up snow and becoming more powerful and regaining health. The fantasy here is that the Strange Snowman would be a fast moving tank that would use his mobility to help regain health and gain attack damage while he is body blocking and helping other heroes in the nexus. The player would need to be well versed in the art of stutter stepping and not standing still- to ensure that they are always regaining health. If the Strange Snowman stops moving he will begin to “melt” and will start to loose all the stacks that were gained from his trait.

Mount-  Metal Sled “Disk”

Q- “We can take ‘em!”

Sacks loads up a huge stack of snowballs and begins to rapidly fire them in a selected direction. These snowballs can be fired while moving and will deal damage to the targets that they hit. This is like a combination of  the way Tychus fires his mini gun and the snowball fight from the movie “Elf.”

W- “Old Silk Hat”

This the ability that the Strange Snowman will use as an engage- when activated he will take his “Old Silk Hat” off and toss it onto a selected enemy hero in range. The enemy hero will not react to the hats magic like snowmen do…but instead starts becoming a snowman themselves! If must move toward the strange snowman and place the hat back on his head to stop the transformation. If they are unable to accomplish this feat before they transform  they will be stunned. The duration of the stun would be longer than the Xul bone prison, and the hero trapped in the snow would not have the ability to use abilities or basic attacks while stunned.

E- “O, Winter Veil Tree...”

When selected the Strange Snowman can choose a place near him on the battlefield for a large evergreen tree with lights on it to shoot up from the ground. This can be used as a road block or a tool to help set up a body block for the friendly team- this ability is on a very short cooldown and if timed correctly the player can have 2 trees up together for a very short amount of time. Also… it would be cool if you could talent into this so that if the enemy touched the tree they would be slowed… “Little full… lotta sap.”- Clark Griswold

Heroic 1- “Back Again Someday”

We all know the tail of Frosty the Snowman… that he: “He waved goodbye saying-Don't you cry- I'll be back again some day” The Strange Snowman from World of Warcraft has taken a page out of Frosty’s book of secrets and if this heroic is chosen he can choose to melt and go on his timer. Now.. you are asking yourself, “Why would I EVER want to do that?!” Here is the catch… when frosty chooses to melt and goes on his death timer it will be a ½ reduced time that we his down. And with his noble sacrifice will reduce the death timers of all the friendly team by 5 seconds. Also, the melting does not reward the enemy team with XP.

Heroic 2- “Black Ice”

When this is selected the strange snow man can select a large area of the battlefield to turn to ice. This ice affects the movement of the enemy team- causing them to slide further than they intended with all of their movements. If an ability is used that pushed the enemy team member they will be pushed on the ice even farther. With the proper coordination this could be a heroic that is used to make placement on objectives or in team fights tough for the enemy team!

Specialty Skin

        “Yellow Snowman”


Dancing with Myself

Sacks will not be able to type /dance in the nexus. Like in World of Warcraft, if another character gets near the Strange Snowman and they begin to dance Sacks will join in on the dance and perform whatever dance they are doing.

Kristen’s Choices


Most goblins live in a treasure dimension, but not Santly. Santly lives in a wonderland of snow, presents and Christmas! When he does visit the Nexus, it’s to spread holiday cheer to all of his teammates.






Ho Ho Ho

An aspect of ol’ St. Nick, Santly can only use his abilities when not seen by either his team or the enemy team - minions and mercs don’t count. This means he is not visible on the mini map even to his team. When spotted, though, his abilities go on immediate cooldown until he is out of range of vision.

In addition, Santly’s abilities leave gifts for his teammates. These are packages that can be targeted and destroyed by the enemy team. Once placed on the ground, they are visible on the mini map to all.



Instead of being pulled by reindeer, it is pulled by other goblins. The lead has a red gem tied to where his nose would be.


Jingle Bell Rock

Santly leaves a gift of jingle bells for those ready to open it. Friendly Heroes that find it and activate it are granted a small, permanent bonus to speed.


The Candy Cane

A giant candy cane with a bow around it, the Hero that finds this gift receives a small, permanent bonus to basic attack damage



Ribbons and Wreaths

This ribboned wreath grants the Hero that chooses it a small, permanent bonus to ability damage.


Frusty the Snowman

After spending enough time to put together this creation, Santly leaves behind a sentient snowman that pushes a lane all by itself, collecting XP for the team as a gift. Because it is a frozen monstrosity, it emits a slowing aura.


        Rodulph the Reindeer

Calling upon the legendary Reindeer of Santly’s dimension, Santly sends Rodulph the Reindeer to help the team in their darkest hour. When Rodulph arrives, the entire enemy team in stunned, then disoriented, then blinded due to the reindeer’s brightness.


        Full Santa


        Ice Skate Figure Eight

Santly would take to skating a figure eight and end with a small twirl.