sbury Elementary School



2016                                  Supply Lists                                              2017



                First Grade

                       Second Grade

Backpack (sturdy, good sized, no wheels)

Pencil box (sturdy, plastic)

Composition book (black and white speckled, hard cover

 or primary journal)

School glue (4 oz. bottle white; not gel or non-run)

Water color paint set (8 colors)

Scissors (child sized)

Washable Markers (8 classic colors)

Eraser (sturdy rectangle type)

Tissues (large box)

Colored pencils

20 or more white glue sticks

2 primary pencils (fat)

1 box Jumbo Crayons (8 colors)

1 box Regular Crayons (16 or 24 colors)

Supplies need to be replenished during the

Year.  We’ll let you know when we run low.

Please send supplies in a brown bag labeled with

your child’s name.


                    Wish List*

Zippered plastic bags

Disinfectant wipes

Dry erase markers

Bottle of hand sanitizer

Coffee filters (used for snacks)

8 oz. or smaller cups (plastic or paper)

            For Homework and Practice Use

Pencils, crayons, scissors, glue, primary writing

paper, newspapers/magazines

Zippered pencil bag (no pencil boxes)

Index cards (3x5 plain white)

24 yellow pencils

25 white glue sticks

2 Pairs of scissors

1 School glue (4 oz. bottle white glue)

1 Box of tissues

4 each:

Boxes of crayons (16 count)

Folders (2 pockets)

Composition books (black and white -100 pages)

Erasers (rectangular)

24 pencils (yellow)

Please label folders, notebooks and scissors with student’s name.


    Wish List*

Zippered plastic bags (large or small)

Construction paper

Dry erase markers  (black)

Hand sanitizer

Disinfectant wipes


16 count crayons fit in the pencil bag.

Plastic two pocket folders last longer.

Decorative pencils do not sharpen well.

  No markers please

Supplies need to be replenished as needed.

Zippered pencil bag (no plastic pencil boxes)

2 packs Crayons (24 count) only

School glue (large bottle of white glue)

Scissors (no plastic or blunt tip)

3 each:

Pencils-24 pack (#2 yellow (Ticonderoga or Paper Mate seem to work best)

Pocket folders with prongs (heavy duty or plastic)

6 Composition books (speckled)

20 (or more) Glue sticks

Tissues (large box)

Hand sanitizer (8 fl. oz. or larger)




                               Wish List*

Zippered freezer bags (boys – gallon, girls – sandwich)

Dry erase markers (black)

Antibacterial soap (3 small bottle or 1 large refill)

Brightly colored copy paper

Variety pack of construction paper

Brightly colored card stock

Yellow highlighters

Disinfectant wipes


*“Wish List” items would be greatly appreciated, but are not required student supplies

sbury Elementary School

2016                              Supply Lists                                              2017


Third Grade


Fourth Grade


               Fifth Grade

6 composition books

12 glue sticks—no liquid glue

24 (or more) #2 pencils—yellow (Ticonderoga or Paper Mate  

 seems to work best)

2 highlighters-yellow only

1 pkg. Wide ruled notebook paper

1 box of 24 crayons OR 1 pkg. of 12 colored pencils

 Please-no markers

1 pair scissors

1 zippered pencil pouch-NO boxes

10 plastic two pocket folders, with brads

4 Black dry erase markers

2 boxes of tissues

2 red ballpoint pens (Mrs. McNeil)

1 handheld plastic pencil sharpener with cover


                   WISH LIST*

Zippered plastic bags-quart, sandwich or snack size

Small paper places

Hand sanitizer—large unscented bottle

Paper towels

Disinfectant wipes—large container

Baby wipes

1 pair ear buds

White or brightly colored copy paper (pack)

1 Wooden clipboard

   Dry-erase board erasers/Mr. Clean Magic Erasers


All supplies need to be restocked during the year and

Should be on hand for homework assignments

1 each:

3 Ring Binder (sturdy 2 or 3 inch)

Pencil pouch (sturdy- cloth zippered preferred)


White school glue

High-liters (4 pack)

Hole reinforcements (box)

Dividers (colored 5 pack)

Pencil sharpener – good quality

Dry erase markers (pack)

2 each:

Colored pencils (packs)

Crayons – 24 count (no markers)

3 each:

Pocket folders (with prongs – plastic ones don’t tear)

#2 pencils (24 pack – 2 sharpened in class at ALL times.  

  Replace regularly)



6 packs Notebook paper (packs – wide ruled)

4 Composition Books (speckled)

10 Glue sticks (white glue – replaced regularly)

                            WISH LIST*

Hand sanitizer (bottle)

Hand Soap

Zipper plastic bags (gallon and quart)

Disinfectant Wipes (2 large containers)

Colored Construction Paper (pack)

Brightly colored Copy Paper (pack)

All supplies need to be restocked during the year and

Should be on hand for homework assignments.

1 each:

Pencil bag (zippered) with three holes to fit in binder or

 pencil box

Crayons and/or markers


2 pair Scissors

Small pencil sharpener

2- Pocket Folders (3 holes if possible) 

Zippered plastic bags (sandwich or gallon)

2” binder with 10 dividers

10 Glue sticks

3 packs #2 pencils (24 pack)

2-3 packs of Notebook paper (wide rule)

3 Composition books (black and white)

Erasers (rectangular)



 Dry erase markers or dry marker erasers

   (Mr. Clean Magic erasers work best)

 Hand sanitizer (bottle – unscented)

 Disinfectant Wipes (large containers)

 Tissues (large boxes)

All supplies need to be restocked during the year and

Should be on hand for homework assignments.

*“Wish List” items would be greatly appreciated, but are not required student supplies.