Parth Wokhlu

January 15 2016


Galo strode in front of the weeping woman kneeling in front of him. The supervillain snarled and kicked her in the face with a quick sweeping motion. As the woman lay sprawled on her back, her bloody hands revealed a newborn baby wrapped in a ragged blanket. The bulky man immediately snatched the boy up.“Please, don’t hurt Auster,” the woman begged,” I’ll do it if you don’t hurt Auster.” Galo instantaneously had an evil glint in his eye. He slowly handed the woman the syringe. Trembling with fear, the woman shut her eyes closed and injected the virus into Galo. She opened her eyes to see him flexing his muscles while grinning. “Thank you, for making me the smartest man alive, Mrs.Raymond! Bye!” The blackguard dropped a small cylinder and sprinted off. The woman closely inspected the cylinder, then nearly fainted. “Curse you Galo,” she muttered. The cylinder was a lightning attractor. The electricity would kill her and Auster simultaneously. Auster! The shaggy woman crawled over to Auster and kneeled over him. She felt a brief flash of excruciating pain as the lightning bolt pierced through her body and immediately thought,”For someone so smart, Galo, you are so dumb.” The mother smiled and collapsed next to her beloved son.

14 years later...

Checkmate,” Auster Raymond said leaning backwards.

 Luke angrily started packing up his chess set.

How do you do it,” Luke murmured, “how do you beat me every time?”

Auster sighed and rested his hand on the table , “It wasn’t my idea to have an IQ of 206 from a lightning bolt. Remember? The government took an analysis on my smarts to see where they came from. Their agents are always after me.” Auster stood up, his soft brown eyes’ gaze falling on Luke. “Have you seen Oliver? He wanted to play Ping-Pong against me.” Luke nodded and pointed downstairs, where the recreation room was.

        “You ready Auster?”Oliver inquired casually. Auster expertly spun the ping-pong paddle on his fingers.”I’m always ready, buddy.” Oliver grinned as he threw the ball into the air and slammed it down fiercely. Auster, with his sharp reflexes turned easily and sent a quick volley back, scoring a point. It would go like this every time they played each other. Oliver would hit the ball as hard as he could and Auster would easily counter and go up a point. Suddenly,as Auster prepared to strike the last point, the lights went out. “Stay in one place Oliver! I’m gonna get some matches.” Just as he uttered those very words, all of the TV’s  in the house flickered on. Oliver looked around stunned. Auster stood solemnly staring at the screen.”The entire city is going to see this.”

 Without warning, the TV showed a man in a trench coat, bulging muscles, a gold crown and an AK-193. His face was covered with a mask except for two eye holes, both pupils obsidian black. “My name is Galo. And I have plans. Give me Auster Raymond and in return I won’t destroy your city. How?, you ask. I will release a nanovirus that can kill people in seconds” The minute he uttered ‘nano virus’ a thought passed through Auster’s head. The type of power it takes to power a nanoviruses would be easy to trace, such as nuclear power, But the only object that can see the nuclear power was one of the….. “Satellites! I can hack through the federal system's firewalls and scan the Earth from the satellite!” Auster exclaimed enthusiastically while Oliver just stood there, a confused look on his face. Auster swung into his chair and start typing nimbly on his laptop.” Okay… I’m past the firewalls… There! Galo is currently located at-” the wall shattered as Eric Tamond, the lead government agent on Auster’s IQ, tumbled through the hole he had made. The bulky agent glared at the small boy. “You,” he snarled at Auster looking up,”are coming with me!” and with that he rushed towards Auster.

In a flash, Auster had the man in a headlock. “Next time, don’t make me a 3rd degree black belt, and train me to use my natural reflexes.” Auster shoved Eric’s face into the computer. “Do you see this? It’s where Galo is located. 45 Hopkins Ave, Jersey City. I need a helicopter as soon as possible. Got that?” The agent glumly nodded. With that, Auster pushed Eric through the hole he had made. A wave of doubt crashed into his mind as he thought of the dangerous journey ahead.

          The S.W.A.T. team leader motioned Auster over. The orphan walked down the aisle of the helicopter and sat down next to the man.

My name is Ben,” he said offering Auster his hand. As the young boy shook his hand  firmly he inquired, “Have you gone over the plan?”

Ben nodded. “Are you sure you want to do this alone?”

I have to. To prevent other people from getting hurt. It’s the only way.”

Either way, we’ll keep the helicopter running and stand on the ready just in case.”

All of a sudden, the PA system buzzed on. The pilot came on the speaker.”We are approaching suspect’s hideout.” Auster took a deep breath and looked Ben in the eye. “Time to get you ready!” Auster nodded and rushed towards his army suit.                

        Walking into the evacuated building, Auster felt like Batman. A jet black piece of Techno-Leather had been made last year in 4539, and a variety of weapons were strapped around his belt. “Hello Auster” a familiar voice boomed from behind him. Auster quickly whirled around meeting the gaze of Galo. “Now, now Auster, I just want to talk to you first.” The genius sheathed the Electro-Knife he had drawn. “What is it? Spit it out!” The super villain smiled. “ I just wanted to tell you what I’m planning for Manhattan because you won’t be alive to see it. This cylinder contains the nano virus I was talking about. It also contains so much nuclear power, it could blow a hole in the city. But if this is opened correctly, it won’t detonate.” Auster grinned. “Let’s make sure it doesn't go kaboom then.” He rushed forward with blinding speed smacking the cylinder up and catching it. The orphan shook it mockingly. “Want it? Come and get it!Auster sprinted out of the lair screaming at the helicopter. As the helicopter started to propel of the ground, Auster leaped and caught the edge with his free hand. He pulled himself up and took a deep breath. The helicopter started swaying as Galo jumped onboard. His black eyes burned with hatred. “Auster Raymond! You are as good as dead!” The sanguinary maniac rushed towards the defenseless child who had taken off his equipment. As the two geniuses battled it out, the helicopter screen buzzed on as it set an autopilot GPS to… the Atlantic Ocean.        

        Auster felt his blows weaken against Galo’s impenetrable defense as time went on. It felt like hours until the helicopter finally stopped moving. Now was the time to make his move! He ducked from one of Galo’s blows while simultaneously picking up a TK-L_43 laser gun from his unoccupied suit. Auster swung his leg around the super villain’s body, sweeping him off of the ledge and watched Galo fall off the helicopter.

Tears streamed down the child’s cheeks as he cut open the cylinder. Finally, when there was 1 cm left to slice, Auster jumped off of the plane destroying the cylinder .In the last few milliseconds of his life, all of his senses activated. The last thing Auster ever saw was Galo’s body on fire, last thing that he touched… was his non-beating heart.One of the last sounds he ever heard was Galo shouting, “Auster… looks like you avenged your mother.”