Redistricting Study 2014 -2015



1.    How will we engage our community in the process?

 A committee will be formed that includes members from all stakeholder groups. This will include parents, staff, administration and Board members. All schools will be represented. There will be opportunities for the community at-large to provide input including community conversations and Board meetings.


2.    What are the goals of redistricting?

Currently Pocopson Elementary School is at capacity while our other schools have empty classrooms. If the current population trend continues it will not be possible to run the same program that our other elementary schools provide. Ultimately our goal is to provide a world-class education in all of our schools.


3.    Is there a way that you could phase in the redistricting so it does not impact children currently in the school and start it with children in the lower grades that are not there yet or that have only started.

No decisions have been made – including whether redistricting will be necessary. If after careful consideration we find it necessary to change our elementary school boundary lines then we will consider the possibility of phasing in changes.


4.    We live in the ________ neighborhood/sub-division. How will redistricting impact my family?

No decisions have been made at this point – as such it is difficult to answer this question.


5.    My children currently go to __________ Elementary School. How will redistricting impact my family?

 No decisions have been made at this point – as such it is difficult to answer this question.


6.    Will the closing of the 926-bridge impact our redistricting plans?

·No. However, we are aware of the effect that the bridge project will have on bus runs.



7.    How do you get on the committee?

If you are interested in serving on the committee please let your principal know. We will consider all interested parties.


8.    What if my child has special needs and a move to another school would be detrimental to his/her educational program – will the district take that into consideration?

 Yes. We currently run special programs at our four elementary schools – redistricting would not change these programs. We are committed to providing a world class education for each and every student in UCFSD – meeting unique special needs is part of that commitment.


9.    Will community/sub-division tax contribution factor into the redistricting decision.

No. We have three Strategic Guiding Principles that will guide our decision making process. Specifically:

  1. If I already live in the district could any redistricting plan result in my deing in another school district?

No. The district boundaries will remain the same.  If anything needs to be changed as part of the study recommendations, that change would be limited to redrawing elementary school boundaries only.