Hello Everyone,

In these uncertain times both the Ottawa and Rideau Hashes will be suspended for the foreseeable future. However all is not lost and certainly last night’s virtual circle was a great success.

Until we are able to resume our regular runs we will therefore be hosting virtual circles every Monday and every Thursday at 8:00 pm following a “real” individual run or walk. It’s an honour system but of course no one will be checking!

You can join these circles by downloading the Zoom App, creating your own account and entering the numerical code that will be posted in the HHHyow facebook group. Don’t forget to post your pictures there proving that you have honour (mentioned above).

With these changes we have decided to halt the numbering of both Ottawa and Rideau runs and create a new Hash to host the virtual circles. Runs number I and II have already taken place and run number III will take place this Thursday (the Roman numerals are not accidental but read on to find out why).

The name of the new Hash is “Capital Ottawa Video - XIX Hash House Harriers”. Some of us just shorten that to “COVid-19 H3” but luckily that acronym has not been used by anyone else.

Now of course we have no rules so here they are not:

1. As an Ottawa based hash you must have run/walked/crawled with either Ottawa, Rideau, or LAFFTER during 2019

2. Some form of Ottawa hash gear must be worn to circle

3. Your computer/tablet/phone must not contain any viruses so please keep them at least 6 feet away from other said technology

4. No technology in the circle

On On

Peter Eat’er

Multiple Entry


Cheap Thrills

Monday evenings R*ns have been cancelled due to the Covid19 outbreak until further notice.

Join the OH3 virtual runs on our FB group.

Be safe out there. Staying home is easier.