WALT improve our recount writing by using a good hook,  correct punctuation and spelling. We need to use descriptive words, interesting detail, paragraphs and past tense.


                   Camp MERC

3 weeks ago the year 6’s went  to camp MERC and did the start activities. We did the one that we have to get a lid out of the pipe  and we had to cover  the holes to stop the water from coming out of the pipe and then we went to sleep and that was the end of the first day.

The second day. In the morning we ran across the beach and then we had breakfast. It was beans on bread it was really yummy.Then we started the activities.

 The first activity was stack em high we had to put crates on top of each other and we went higher higher and higher  and I fell  of  the stack. Then we had morning tea we had cookies and fruit.

Then we did the next activity.   We did rocky shore. We watched a sad video that had birds dying. Because they ate plastic that people use Then after the video we went hunting for items that were on the list.  

Then it was lunch  Then we did the giants ladder.  It was scary but I made it to the top.  Then it was dinner and we had burgers. Then we went to sleep The next morning we did exercise it was very hard and  very tiring

My Reflection

What I found tricky was to use past tense and full stops and capital letters and to put full stops at the right place. Next time I need to work on using paragraphs.