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Part 1 Lesson 11 -

This is one of the foundational topics, of the Sowing and reaping-I believe that when you receive a revelation in this area,

This is a foundational topic, so do not distract each other. Focus your attention on the Holy Spirit, thank God for your neighbor, but I recommend that you don't get distracted right now.

This topic is one of the foundational topics, in the series of Sowing and Reaping. This lesson is tied into SEED. Seed. SEED. You were born again from SEED. Everything comes from SEED. You need revelation about SEED. If you have revelation about Seed, then the changes that take place in your life will be Goal-oriented. You will deliberately Sow and you deliberately Reap. You will become a spiritual Lord, feeling very comfortable in the spiritual dimension, deliberately formulating whatever in the physical dimension. You need revelation about Seed. Please, don't let yourself be distracted. Pay attention to the Holy Spirit.

First we will talk about Man as a Spiritual Creation. I will recall a few foundational disciplines—When you read Genesis chapter 1, according to scripture, Genesis Chapter 1—what did God create first? The Spirit of the Man or the Body of the Man? The Spirit. From the beginning, scripture wants you to understand that Man is a SPIRITUAL creation. As a spiritual creation, the spiritual is Primary for Man. What does Primary mean? It means that for the Spiritual Creation Man, it is much more important to know about the spiritual dimension, rather than the physical. Spiritual Dimension is PRIMARY for the Spiritual Creation Man. PRIMARY. If you say this same term, but through the eyes of Sowing and Reaping, then the Primary Dimension is the Formulating dimension. The Spiritual dimension is the Formulating dimension. Dimension of SOWING. The Spiritual Dimension is the Formulating dimension, the dimension where you SOW. The physical dimension, is the dimension of Manifestation or REAPING.

Tell me, where does the Harvest come from? From SEED. Therefore, who knows HOW to sow, who knows WHERE to sow is a Lord or Master in the Physical World. This is why scripture teaches us, if we will be obedient to the WORD of GOD then we will be 'the head, not the tail—on top, never on the bottom' because if you live by the WORD of God then you will be acting and moving in the Spiritual Dimension, Formulating the scope of the physical world. The physical dimension is a dimension of Facts, a dimension of Reaping, a dimension of Manifestation, I like to call this dimension as –that what was Known previously. Previously. It didn't come from nowhere. People are worrying, thinking, formulating institutes of statistics, attempting to figure out where everything comes from—but do not want to look into the spiritual dimension—because God is there.

This is why, in the physical world, these people are coming up with various theories and are attempting to affirm these theories with various statistics. But God gives the understanding from the beginning, that the spiritual dimension is the Primary Dimension. Man is a Spiritual creation, and needs to know everything about the spiritual dimension. You can't see the spiritual dimension, and if you can't see something, then it is vital that you know Everything about it. God gave us his word—Scripture, God gave us his knowledge, his wisdom, that is in his Word—so that not seeing, we would know... and by knowing, see.

How can I see by knowing? Of course not by the physical eyes. Do you believe that God doesn't lie? YES. PERDIOD. That means it can't be any other way. For us, knowledge becomes spiritual eyes. Your spirit has eyes, and those eyes are knowledge. This is why for us it isn't so important that we see, it's important that we Know. The people of God are dying from a lack of Knowledge. We are talking about a group of knowledge tied to the spiritual dimension based on scripture. Once again, we are a Spiritual Creation.

The next important point for today's lesson is that we are created in his LIKENESS. The word Likeness means that we are created to imitate Him in Everything. The word Imitate basically leaves us No Choice. Well, it gives us choice, but it doesn't. You are created to IMITATE HIM. If you want to truly have everything, and harmoniously move in and live in this world, then you will have to think like him, talk like him, act like him. These are the main moments of Imitating, in which you can imitate your creator. God Also gave his WORD—Scripture, so that out of it we can find out how he thinks, how he talks—with what goal he talks, what he says—and how he acts, with what goal he acts when he acts.

Nothing is hidden from you. You don't need to think, or make up, you don't need to Try or Attempt—you need to find out and Act According To-because to do it another way is Incorrect. Scripture says (Proverbs 21:30) There is no wisdom, no insight, no plan that can succeed against the LORD. If this is how God does it, PERIOD. “oh, but that's not how everyone does it”... yes, and you don't know where they will be spending eternity. Why experiment? Do you know that you were created in His image and likeness? YES. Imitate him. Period. That's it. Put everything through what Jesus said (John 8:19) “If you knew me, you would know my Father also.” Check everything through Jesus as the standard and image of the spiritual creation man In Everything. This is why it is not important for me to know how other people do things. There are many good people, which other people imitate, create fan clubs, but God set apart just one as the standard and image. Jesus. That's it. Everyone else is Not Mentioned, no matter how well they behaved themselves, no matter how smart they were, no matter how many years they were imprisoned or had suffered, or what hair color or how long the beard—he is not the alpha and omega. And God did not set him apart as the one who's ways we need to study. This is why for me, Jesus is the standard and Image. For me Jesus is the Filter of any knowledge. No matter what a person may tell me, I put this information, first of all, through Jesus. If they remain alive, I have a few other filters—but we will study those later.

We will take this lesson proceeding out the fact that there is someone whom we need to imitate. GOD.

Can you see the grace of God? I understand that when you don't see God, when you don't hear God-i mean, in a very visual way-it's a bit complicated, but God came In the Flesh so that you couldn't even have those excuses. God appeared in the Flesh, revealed himself to People, and scripture says that now you know everything necessary and you have everything necessary. All that is left to do is to study and apply, study and apply. You may say “and what if I don't understand?” --for the study of the spiritual dimension, and the application of knowledge out of it, it is not important that you understand. This is why you should never go the way of “I will understand, then apply” the way underlined in scripture is : first, accept the seeded word, then Apply-be a doer, then “not blood and flesh will reveal it to you, but the spirit of God” Therefore, don't wait for understanding, reach for application—and understanding will come.

Today's lesson may be such a lesson-where you think it may be hard to understand-but don't worry, the important thing is the application, because you already apply it. Today's lesson is in regards to Sowing and Reaping. The Law of Sowing and Reaping, as we had discussed previously, is used by ALL people. Absolutely Everyone. The Christian & non-christian are always under authority of this Law. This is why-what we talk about, you already use—except now you will Understand what you are using. Now you will be able to use it in a Focused, Deliberate way—or, of course, not use it, and say “I don't believe” you have the right to choose, but in either case, you under authority of this Law.

Today's lesson is called Faith is Seed. Faith in Seed. This is about Seed. What does the word Seed mean? Seed means-a kernel set aside for sowing, a beginning, a source of something, basically, all the definitions of the word Seed are tied to the understanding of Growth, Development, Longevity, Multiplication. The word itself, 'Seed' IS Seed. Words are also seed. Seed of the beginning of actions, Seed of events, Seeds exist and are intended for the Spiritual dimension, and spiritual ground—and the physical dimension, and physical ground. There are spiritual seeds, and there are physical seeds.

Before we talk of seeds, I would like to ask—tell me, what seed came first? The spiritual seed? Or the physical seed? The spiritual-now you've answered the age-old question, what came first, the chicken or the egg? (word). They have only 2 options, but we have 3! :)

there are Spiritual seeds, and there are physical seeds. Spiritual seeds are Actions and Words. Physical seeds—you know what they are, so we will not be talking about them in any depth. I will recall once again, spiritual seed is Primary. Out of the invisible Comes Forth the visible. Consequently, it is more important that we know about spiritual seed. I would like you to see that the physical world, in certain aspects, is a mirror image of the spiritual world. This is why Jesus, when teaching about the spiritual world, often demonstrated on examples of the physical world. He basically said that this is how it works—you may not see it, but it works in This Way. It says in scripture, that the physical tabernacle was made in the Image of the heavenly tabernacle. A Mirror image. A copy. It was transferred from one dimension to the other.

The physical world in many things-not everything, but many things is the the mirror image of how it works in the spiritual world. The laws working in the physical world are a mirror image of the laws working in the spiritual world. This is why in today's lesson I will be using many examples out of the physical world, but, making an emphasis first of all on the Spiritual dimension. Put everything through your spiritual filters, making the emphasis on the spiritual dimension. I will try to accentuate this, but you do this as well.

I would like to make the following statement about seed: seed can be spiritual and physical. Spiritual seed is Words and Actions, and physical seed is any seeds.

OK. first thing we will underline about seed: the name of the seed. This is a very important moment tied to seed. For example: you take a sunflower seed. You know, by the name, that this is a sunflower seed. You plant it, and tell me? What do you expect from this seed? A sunflower. Based on what, are you waiting for a sunflower? By the NAME. The NAME is the identifier of your expectations. The Name Identifies What you are Waiting For. This is God's principle. The Name of the Seed-listen carefully here-Speaks from the beginning about what will be at the end. I will say again: The reason I repeat some things, is because I enter into your prayer room. Some Christians don't remember what they pray about, even though praying is sowing. I will say again: the Name of the Seed Speaks from the beginning of what will be at the end.

It is sufficient to know the Name of the Seed. You will Already know what will be in the end. God, from the beginning Declares what will be at the end. This is a very important principle. In the seed of the Sunflower, we can't yet See the Sunflower but we already call the non-existing as existing.

Let's take a different example. We take the nut of an apricot, and call the nut of the apricot a tree. The nut itself took its name not from a nut but from the apricot tree. Calling the nut of an apricot an apricot seed, you are already speaking from the beginning what will be at the end, calling the non-existing as existing.

You always did this, and never gave it a thought—but these are God's ways. There are some things that satan already corrupted, but there are things which were, are, and will be. Therefore, every Name of a seed from the Beginning speaks of what will be at the end and calls the non-existing as existing.

God, in the Name of a seed, from the beginning identified that what will be at the end-at the harvest. You cannot see the tree yet, but the tree is hidden in the seed. Tell me? How do you make the secret, hidden, visible? How to make the invisible, visible, in the seed? Sow it! You will say, “what, so, in words, I need to speak them?” good for you—now you're getting it!

There are physical seeds, and there are spiritual seeds. How is the content of physical seeds revealed? By sowing. How is the content of words revealed? SPEAKING. You would say, “what if I said something without thinking about it?” well, let's take a look at what happens in the physical world: you sowed potatoes, watered them, but don't think about them at all-What? It won't grow? Of course it will. Because the ground does not understand that you did it Without Thinking or Unintentionally. A Law acts in the ground. And the ground doesn't care At All if you do it intentionally or unintentionally. I want you to see this, I want you to understand this—because people have gotten so used to “Just Talking” even though scripture says “the sower sows” and we say “oh, we are just talking” … NO.... THE SOWER SOWS SEED you are always, 24hrs a day, sowing... and reaping at the same time.

The tree is hidden in the seed. To draw forth the tree out of the seed, the seed needs to be sown. The Name of the seed --like it says “produces its like” every seed produces it's like. The name of the seed from the beginning speaks about what will be at the end, or at time of harvest. For example, if we take spiritual seed, you speak word, you speak word, and every word-in itself, has a name. You, speaking Word, are speaking that what you will have at the end. You might say, “oh, but I don't put any intention into that word” This doesn't matter. What I am speaking right now, I not explaining a theory. This is a LAW. LAW. Weather you say this word intentionally, or unintentionally, the spiritual world doesn't have “Joke” – “I was just joking” or “I didn't understand” the people of God are dying from a lack of knowledge.

Jokers are dying, because they don't understand. Whatever you might say, you are sowing—and you are slated for harvest. You might say “oh, but what if I said something bad?” let's look at what happens in the physical dimension: right away we will turn to the physical dimension for an example. For example: someone came to visit you, and brought you a gift-a bag of bean seed and a bag of weed seed, and said, do whatever you want with it. You thought, oh, whatever, and sowed both bags. What do you think? What will grow? Both! You might say, “oh, wait a moment! What, God doesn't know that don't need weeds? Of course he knows-that's why he gave you a mind! To sow-the beans or the weeds—that is YOUR choice. Your choice. You know, non-believers don't have any choice. You have choice. Non-believers don't know what weeds are-for them, everything is good. You know what weeds are. You can tell what is good and evil. You have the spirit of truth, instructing you onto every truth. You understand what is good and what is evil. They don't understand. That is why we are responsible, and they are punished.

I am bringing up these parallels because to you, the knowledge is available, for them-not yet. This is why they can't differentiate between weeds and beans-it's all one big pile. Who needs to choose what to sow? Man. You yourself need to choose what to sow. God gave Man Seed—and gave him the right to choose which seed to sow. There are many different varieties of seed, many varieties of words—scripture says, “life and death I offer to you, choose life” many various words exist today, and you choose which words to sow, you choose what seeds to sow.

I want to underline the following point—please be especially attentive here—I will read first Genesis 1:11-12 Then God said, “Let the earth bring forth grass, the herb that yields seed, and the fruit tree that yields fruit according to its kind, whose seed is in itself, on the earth”; and it was so. 12 And the earth brought forth grass, the herb that yields seed according to its kind, and the tree that yields fruit, whose seed is in itself according to its kind. And God saw that it was good. Listen carefully here, God input into the Ground or Earth in the Physical dimension, a LAW which works in the Spiritual Dimension. The Spiritual Dimension is the Ground or Earth for Word Seed. God took this LAW which works in the Spiritual Dimension, and put it into the Physical Ground or Earth. This LAW sounds like this: “Let the earth bring forth or Let the earth produce” we will be looking at this law at our next lesson. God put into the Physical Earth that same LAW which acts in the spiritual world. The Spiritual dimension is Earth or Ground. “the kingdom of God is like” the sower throws seed on the ground” that same law. A mirror image. Why did I mention this law? The Law itself--It's goal: to reveal or release the content of the Seed. This is not the Law of multiplication, the Law of multiplication is contained in the SEED. Every seed Produces however many times more Of it's like. You sow one, you get... 30, 60, 100. You sow one, you get 30, 60, 100. The SEED contains the Law of multiplication.

You might say, “oh, so when I choose a seed, I choose where I wish to have multiplication? Yes, exactly. “so, if I said a word, no matter which word-then I will have multiplication in this area? Of course! “brother, I don't want to! Well, why do you say those words? Now you know. “you will give an account for every empty spoken word” Lets read this in light of Sowing and Reaping: You will receive a harvest for every sown seed. Good, isn't it? You might say that you don't like this Law-but lets look at it this way-sow good seed, and you will get to like it! I like this Law because it freed me from whatever may be going on in this world. Do you know that the law of sowing and reaping was affirmed by God so that his children wouldn't be dependent on all these worldly processes, but influenced them and formulated them. Believers though, only use this law when collecting offerings. That's it. All other aspects of this law are ignored.

This is a very serious Law. This is a Law which makes us free from creation and dependent on the Creator. All other laws don't do this!

Let's get back to seed. Choosing seed, you choose that, in which you want multiplication, or Growth. No matter-if it is good, if it is bad, you chose the seed? Yes, you watered the seed? Yes, then you chose growth and multiplication in this area. That's it. Want it, don't want it, at this point it no longer matters. Glory be to God that we still have the opportunity to repent, and annul these processes. In the old testament, this was much more difficult. If, in the old testament, they sowed something, they were fully slated to receive the harvest. Fully. So thank God for the Blood of Jesus, that we can annul these things. I want to underline-choice in seed is a choice in what you want growth.

The job of Earth or Ground is not to multiply, it's job is to reveal or release the growth hidden in the seed. Tell me, who is responsible for the multiplication? And what to have multiplication in? From God or from you? From Us! From me-you, yourself choose the seed—you, yourself choose HOW much to sow. Only yourself. God gave Man authority in the choice of seed, and God gave Man authority in the amount and scope of seed- “what measure you use, it will be measured to you, pressed down, shaken together..” therefore, choosing seed, you are choosing what you will have multiplication in.

I suggest that you do a test-take 2 people, the first person, you know always talks dirty-swears, and so on. the other person, never ever talks rough. First thing-go to their houses and sit a bit. Go to the first, sit a bit, them Immediately go to the other. You will feel certain things. Words are seed that give a harvest in the spiritual dimension. The sown seed is growing-you may not see it, but it's growing, it's filling up the space. This is why, when you come to some peoples homes, you can't wait to get out of there! Because, if your spiritual eyes were opened, then you would see that that home is full of unclean spiritual things-because he's always swearing, rough talking, murmuring-and all that grows in his home. It's heavy to be in such a house. Simply hard to be in such a house. Then there are those homes you go into, where positive people live, and you just want to stay a bit, because it's good there, you rest there, you relax there-if your spiritual eyes were opened, everything would be like looking through rose colored glasses, everything shining, angles walking around---resting from that other house. Sower sows word. There are some people that come home, and you can't relax even for a minute-they come home and sow, sow, sow, sow, and it grows! And then they don't know what to do with that house-they don't want to renovate it, they don't want to do anything in it. They curse that house, curse everyone in it, sow, sow, sow.

The other aspect I want to underline is that choosing seed starts the transition to another level or growth. Choosing seed you are always going to a level higher-weather that is in the good or the bad. Sowing is growth. Choosing seed you choose what you will have growth in, which is why Jesus said: (Matthew 6:27) Can any one of you by worrying add a single hour to your life? God determined the method of growth: Sowing.(Luke 17:5) The apostles said to Jesus, “Increase our faith!” and Jesus said “If you have faith as small as a mustard seed—or if you SOWED it-- many Christians say “Oh, Lord, increase that in my life, or increase this in my life” and then sit and do nothing. What? You didn't read the bible? You know, if in the physical world, if the mistress of the farm came out to her fields and said, “oh, lord, let everything grow here!” and the owner of the farm next door would look, and say, well, why don't you just plant it? “Oh, you are so unspiritual... Lord, let everything grow here.” I simply want you to see how the physical and spiritual world works-in parallel-- if you want your garden of life to change it's contents-then stop sleeping. Start sowing and reaping. Don't look at God. God already gave you everything. God gave you promises as seed, and said-choose. Sow good seed. Water and work the ground, and you will have harvest. This is the spiritual world. It doesn't work off of or reflect your mood. This is like the law of electricity-tell me, do you pray much about it? You know that the law of sowing and reaping also does not require your prayers, or your fasts. The only prayer and fasting it might require is for you to find out out when to sow, how much to sow, and where to sow. The law will do everything else. Your part is Watering. Fasting is not required. This is a LAW. Period. All you need to do is sow, water and reap. God will give growth.

Why do I emphasize seed? If you study the question of seed, then things will become easy for you. First of all, you will become men of few words. I would call the life of a person “Sower sows seed” and that's it. So, you will become people of few words. This is Already good. This is the first step in changing. God gave Man Seed, and God gave Man Authority to Sow. No other creation has this Authority. A Bird can't take as many seeds as it wants and sow them where she wants and then collect the harvest. Only Man can choose how many, where to sow and to harvest. This applies in the physical world, and also in the spiritual. Words are Seed producing its LIKE.

Jesus taught how to activate the spiritual world through spiritual laws, and says “What can I compare the kingdom of God to? Or How does the spiritual world work? Which parable will we use to illustrate it? And then he says “it is like a mustard seed” or in the spiritual world, in the kingdom of God, everything acts by laws of SOWING. Sowing. Let's pause here for a bit. Genesis chapter 1-God said-in the light of the Law of sowing and reaping, God Sowed—what did God harvest after he sowed? He harvested that, which he sowed. Complicated? No. Everything that you sow, you will harvest—but don't forget about the multiplication. Multiplication will be, for sure! Therefore, choosing seed, you choose in what you have multiplication. Choosing the amount of the Seed, you choose by what measure you will be harvesting. It is not complicated to follow the progress—for example: you may say “my leg hurts”, tomorrow, when you are harvesting, you will say, “my leg constantly hurts”, then, the day after, going further, “my leg always hurts”, then the next day “I think I need to go to the Dr. because I am feeling very badly, and perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to make my will” because after the word “always” there is no point in praying. “always” means “always.”

For us, like Christians, the word “always” is comfortable, and Christians frequently use the word “always” in conjunction with curses—then they want others to pray for them,--but these are seeds! These are seeds! You have ensnared yourself with the words of your mouth, caught by the words of your mouth. Sower sows seed. This is the position. The other thing I like about Seed: Seeds, any seed—spiritual and physical, have, inside of them, everything necessary to give growth or multiplication. Every Seed.

Let's go back to the teaching of Jesus: (Mark 4:30) “What shall we say the kingdom of God is like, or what parable shall we use to describe it? 31 It is like a mustard seed, which is the smallest of all seeds on earth. 32 Yet when planted, it grows Let's pause here—When does the seed grow? When it's planted. Notice this. When does the seed grow? When it's sown. What does the seed do when it's planted? It Grows. This is how the spiritual world works. In the spiritual world, everything that grows, was previously sown. This is why when some people come to me and tell me about things that are happening in their life—they are in fact telling me what they had sown. See, how uncomplicated it is to consult people-- but then again, there are 2 moments, or 2 reasons by which things can grow—reason #1) he sowed, and is now reaping or –reason #2) he allowed someone else to sow into him, and he's reaping. In either case, you see at the end what was at the beginning—because every event that happens in the life of a person—in light of the Law of Sowing and Reaping—Is the FRUIT of previously sown seed. When you see the fruit, you already know what was sown in the spiritual dimension. If this is not a good harvest, then the person needs to get their seeds sorted, not sympathy. I know that many people respond by being sympathetic and “feeling” for the person--”don't worry, we will all die someday”, and what, have you helped any? And he's still sleeping in these weeds. “everyone is in pain, sometimes.” No, sort out the seeds. Once you sort out the seeds, the weeds will fall away on their own. I am telling this to you because we all need to work on ourselves!

I understand that you can turn to Jesus, and “oh, please Jesus, could you remove this” but you don't find this in scripture. In Scripture it says, “YOU can say to the Mulberry tree” not, God will say to the Mulberry tree, but YOU can say. You are supposed to speak to the weeds, YOU are supposed to sort out what you yourself sow. God gave us Authority to SOW and the Authority to Reap.

Every Seed has inside, in itself, everything needed to produce its like. Every Seed. You said-Seed, it has in itself the necessary power to produce 100-fold harvest. Good! Oh, I am so Blessed! Very Good! You may say “well, if I say that I am blessed, I will be mocked!” who cares? Let it roll off you like water off a goose. You can turn to them right away, and let them know that in scriptures it says that “ones who curse me will be cursed” so think before you speak!” and right away, with certain scriptures, neatly put up a wall--first of all educating them.

Every Seed has in itself everything necessary to produce Its Like. Let's take a look at the parable of the sower. I want to lightly touch on it, because the Parable of the Sower is the blueprint of correct understanding of the spiritual world. In the Old Testament, the People of Israel didn't know what goes on in the Spiritual World—because they didn't See. Jesus took the cover off the spiritual world, and all of a sudden they saw that in the spiritual world—was not Only the God Almighty, but also satan, who, being in the spiritual world acts in the physical world—through the flesh—because in the spiritual world he no longer has any power or authority. He can only influence of affect anything in the physical world. What can we see through the parable of the sower? That God uses WORD, satan uses word. God uses Word to bring BLESSINGS into the life of Man, and satan uses Word to snuff out the blessings and to bring curses into the life of Man. Previously, in the Old Testament, they didn't know about this. Everything—Good or Bad—they tied to one personality, GOD. And here, in the parable of the Sower, 5 instruments of satan were Identified which he uses to snuff out Word and to bring curse into the life of Man.

If you carefully study the Parable of the Sower, then you will be able to notice that If Man is harvesting curses, then the sower is not to blame—God, the seed is not to blame, but the owner of the ground. You hear? The same seed was sown into everyone, and, please excuse me, but whatever ground you came with—that is your personal matter. Each of us is owner of Ground. Seed—the same seed is sown into everyone. Think of it this way: you are in church service, and from the pulpit is preached one word, but, for some reason, produces a different harvest in everyone. Why? Because everyone comes with differently prepared ground. Seed absolutely does not care. ABSOLUTELY does not care. Seed does not choose what ground to go into. This is why I recommend to everyone, that during service and before service, don't talk—just to talk—but Keep and Tend... at home, you've prayed, worked over and prepared your ground, took out all the pebbles and weeds, and then bring your ground to church. Got through the drive, the hallway, sit down, don't talk to anyone—keep, safeguard your prepared ground. You came to receive seed. The thing is, People don't consider words that important, that vital, and if they aren't viewed in a correct light, then it's understandable that harvest is not viewed in the correct light. Therefore, no one expects harvest, and this is called simply “Sunday presence”. You put in an appearance. We need to change our views.

Today's lesson is called Faith in Seed. When I talk about Faith in Seed, I am not talking about having Faith in GOD in seed, I am saying that each of us needs to have faith that Every Seed sown by us Will give a harvest. Every Seed. Can you imagine if you have this faith? In your prayer room you will So sort through and pick words. You may say, “but how will I pray? I will need to think about Every Word.” Perhaps it will not come easily to you right away, but, as you will be attentive in prayer, you will finally understand the scripture: “don't pray using many words like the heathen, for they think that by their many words they will be heard.” Your Father KNOWS what you have need of. You will learn to take direction in prayer from him. Please understand, he will not be wordy, he will be specific. Of Course there are prayers where you are praising and glorifying God, and there are prayers where you are purposely sowing. Sower sows seed. You sow, then you reap...

Faith in seed is not simply faith in God in the question of sowing and reaping, it is Faith in Seed itself—which opens up the correct understanding of where everything comes from and where everything begins. On earth, nothing produces by itself. Everything begins through seed—even if people don't believe this. God does everything through his Word-Seed. I know that not one person came to this earth without seed. There was a sower, and there was ground. I don't think that some woman sneezed and got pregnant. There was a sower, there was seed, there was a time of sowing, there was a time of growing, there was a harvest. That's it. Why did we stop paying attention to this? This is a primary discipline which gives us the ability to deliberately formulate Harvest. You hear? Deliberately. Goal oriented. I like this approach. A deliberate approach. Deliberate.

When an evangelist comes, and prays for healing, this is a deliberate approach. He is a goal-oriented sower, and you came for a deliberate harvest, from a goal-oriented seed. Therefore, everything is deliberate. Lets look at Galatians 6:7 Apostle Paul reveals one of the aspects by which the life of every person is directed, whether he is a believer or not--Do not be deceived: good word, “do not be deceived” be cause who is the father of deceit? Satan. So in these words, he basically says “do not listen to satan” and what can satan say in the matter of what we say? He says “God CAN be mocked.” sometimes,--meaning, you never know when. Never know when. In your life something bad is happening—and satan can come, and say, “this is from God” God SOMETIMES does this. Sometimes? What is this? This is the same as if we would say in regards to electricity-sometimes works, sometimes doesn't—you just never know. God gave us his word, and said, I am faithful in my Word. Therefore, using the word “sometimes” in regards to God just doesn't fit, because the Covenant is an OATH, and Oath means that he cannot act in some other way. If he said “I will never leave you or forsake you” then only you can can leave him. He can't. If he said “i love you” then he can't not love, but you-you can not love. You understand? This is why the word SOMETIMES creates a divided mind. Sometimes yes, sometimes no.. sometimes heals, sometimes doesn't. NO. he is a Healer, and when he called himself Healer, then he CAN'T Not Heal. Of course, you can accept it, or not accept it. I just want you to understand the word “sometimes” DON'T accept the word Sometimes! Jesus heard how these words were used—and he said, (Matthew 12:33) OK, guys, either admit the tree good and it's fruit good or the tree is bad and it's fruit bad, in other words, determine for yourselves. I understand that from our tap a stew can flow, but only clean water can come from God. That's it. You cannot have fresh and salt water flowing from one source. CANNOT. CANNOT BE. “sometimes” creates a divided mind, 8 Such a person is double-minded and unstable in all they do. (James 1:7-8) That person should not expect to receive anything from the Lord.

You cannot be a sower while the word “sometimes” still exists for you. Because you took, and sowed seed—and someone tells you “well, you know, it doesn't always grow” or, in other words, ground or earth has a mood, I grow it when I feel like it—and then the seed says, 'actually, let me think about this as well' You can understand how funny it sounds in actuality.

Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A good word here—CANNOT. Then it reveals the reasons why things occur in the life of Man.What a man sows notice who? Man. Tell me, who chose what to sow? Man. Who chose how much to sow? Man. Who chose where to sow? Man. God did not switch or force seeds on Man, Man chose himself. No pretense that God did something “oh, God Allowed this” from the moment that he gave you authority on earth, the word “allowed” is incorrect. “Be fruitful and multiply, fill the earth, subdue it, rule it” and, after saying such a thing, you think he will chase you? Please understand, 'allowed' or 'sometimes' is incorrect terminology. You have authority on earth. Now YOU need to chase satan out. Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. What a man sows, that “that” also a good word. You know, there is no such thing as a spiritual barter or exchange- for example, if you sow a jacket, and harvest potatoes. It's written 'THAT' specifically, THAT you will reap. For example, you say, “the rain always gives me a headache” THAT. THAT he also reaps, except 100-fold.What a man sows THAT, Specifically That he also reaps. 100-fold. This is how it happens in the spiritual world. You yourself choose the seed, you yourself choose how much, you yourself choose where, you yourself sow and you reap. This is the whole process.

On one side it brings joy—joy in that you can choose what to sow. Also, joy that you can choose how much to sow, and where... and its especially brings joy that he gives growth to the sown, and all you have to do is harvest. Beautiful life. This is where life is!

You could say that Life is a Harvest of previously sown Seed. Of previously sown seed. This is why some people end their life in suicide—they don't want to reap everything that they've sown, and what they are reaping, they can't handle. That's it. Therefore, Only sow that, what you want to reap. Sower sows Word.

Deuteronomy 30:19 This day I call the heavens and the earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live. I'm sure that you are realizing that Deuteronomy 28 and all the events noted there—which are divided into 2 groups, blessings and curses—are in actuality, the harvest. These events didn't come out of nowhere, out of nothing—there is the sower, the seed, the time of sowing, and time of reaping. Therefore, all events in Deuteronomy 28 are Legal, or measured out by law. There are some things that happen in a person's life due to ignorance—satan introduced a seed, “now, say everything that you think of this” and he says—he sowed. Then he receives... and then asks the Lord, “Lord, why is this happening to me?” or he's at work, something drops on his foot and he said everything that he thought—quickly checks around—no witnesses, “oh, it's OK, no one heard or saw” but who cares if there are witnesses? It makes no difference! “there is nothing secret that will not become known, nothing hidden that will not be revealed.” we will STILL find out what you are sowing. Everything that you are sowing.

There is still time to clean up, tidy up—there is still opportunity to sow something Deliberately. Learn to talk, to speak, Deliberately. “a time to be silent, a time to speak” silence is also seed—if you are silent, then perhaps in respect to you someone will also be silent. Good seed.

Let's look at one of the stories through the Parable of the Sower. I will give commentary on Seed. This is the Story of the woman who was suffering with bleeding for 12 years. On this story we will look at sowing, reaping, and the work of SEED.

Mark 5:25- And a woman was there who had been subject to bleeding for twelve years. 26 She had suffered a great deal under the care of many doctors and had spent all she had, yet instead of getting better she grew worse. In other words, she was using the methods of this world to get a cure. 27 When she heard In light of the Law of Sowing and Reaping, what does the word “she HEARD” tell you? That she Accepted SEED. “Accept the Sown Seed” Accept. She Accepted. When she heard about Jesus, What did she hear? Sower Jesus was sowing-- Jesus said what he was sowing, and Apostle Peter in the home of Cornelius emphasized this Seed, “God sent the children of Israel word-Seed” What was preached in the home of Cornelius? About how God, by the Holy Spirit and Power anointed Jesus from Nazareth and he went around doing many miracles and healing many. Jesus was preaching about the Spirit of God, of God's blessings that were On Him, and everyone who accepted this word, and came to him and touched him—the power of God was healing. The Woman heard this word-this seed-and she accepted this seed into her spirit, and began acting on the basis of this SEED. On the basis of the SEED. She, from the beginning was declaring what she expects at the end. “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” If I just touch—i will be healed.” What are you sowing? Potatoes—why? So that I can have potatoes. And you are not sowing one so that you can reap one—you are sowing one, but expecting a bucketfull, from Every potato. Then why are we praying and not expecting? I want you to see this.

When she heard about Jesus, she started to speak what she expected at the end—based on the SEED. On the SEED. Did you accept seed to be blessed? Then please, start speaking what you expect to have. Did you accept that you are blessed in this city? Then why are you telling everyone how tough it is right now? You can't speak about that—that is a different SEED and a different harvest. If you accepted that you are Blessed in this city, then You need to talk based on This seed, from the beginning declaring what will be at the end, calling the non-existing as existing. I understand that this needs to be learned, but Jesus taught SPECIFICALLY this. He taught THIS direction for a believers life. Scripture says, she came up behind him in the crowd and touched his cloak, 28 because she said, She Said “If I just touch his clothes, I will be healed.” She spoke according to what she accepted—SEED. And what harvest did she reap? The one she said. According to the SEED.

I can use the example of Joshua and Caleb. They said “we CAN take this land” what harvest did they receive? They Entered into Canaan. There were others who said “we CAN'T take this land” and those didn't enter. “I am Blessed in the city” and someone says, “look around you! Its so hard! Don't you know what time we are living in?” Who cares? What concerns us-we are already citizens of heaven, who cares what time frame we are living in? We are not created to State Facts, but to Formulate Facts. This is why I will not be stating SEED from which I am Saved. I will be sowing SEED FOR WHICH I am saved.

We need to believe that what we Sow will Grow. This is Very Important. Believe that our EVERY Word brings harvest. Our EVERY Word. You said a word on your child—it will grow, 100-fold. You said a word on your fridge—it will grow, you said a word on your house—it will grow, you said a word on your body—looking at yourself in the mirror, first thing in the morning—it will grow. You said a word having stubbed a toe—It Will Grow! Everything will grow. And if you forgot, it doesn't mean that it won't grow—and as you will be getting more careful and choosy with your words, when you will sneeze, you will say “I AM Blessed” not BE but AM. In my church we don't use the word “be” what's be? Jesus already did everything, AM. Am blessed, Am healed.

Believe that what you Sow WILL Grow. Philippians 3:13 Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. You know that sowing is always tied to harvest, and harvest is always straining forward. You know, when a farmer plants a crop, then he Immediately prepares a large storage area for the harvest. He doesn't prepare room for the same amount that was sown. He prepares for a much larger amount. Apostle Paul says, “I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind, I strain toward what is ahead.” in other words, I am beginning to look Further than where I sowed. Because I am growing, right? I do not remain in one place. Everything that does not grow is either sick or dying. Everything that grows always busts out and spreads. Therefore, as you will be speaking Growth—for some people with you or around you—it will become crowded, and the rest you will find out for yourselves.

Apostle Paul says “Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead. I press on toward the goal to win the prize--

Imagine this picture: plate of cookies is standing at the edge of the other side of a table. Tell me, what do I need to do to reach it? I need to leave my comfort zone. I need to strain... stretch and reach across or walk around to the other side. If you sowed a seed, then don't just stand there, strain, stretch—change, change your approach, change! You are receiving Growth! Change immediately!

Lets take another example: when you confessed Jesus Christ as your lord and savior, if, after this, someone came up to you and said “you are a sinner” what would you have said? “I am not a sinner!” wait a minute! Yesterday you were.... and today? What changed? And you tell them--I confessed that …. you are straining ahead. You are growing. You sowed Seed and you believe that this Seed is growing—this Seed of Saving. Why don't we apply this in other things? Even though this is the Same Thing. Did you sow your dollar? YES. Now you have $100. Where? Already Is. But now you need to Strain forward, you need to change your view of yourself. You are now a person who Has $100. you will need to change how you talk, change how you act, you will need to change a lot of things, because “Faith without works is dead” it doesn't bring any kind of results.

What can be noticed most frequently is: he sows today, and tomorrow he says “i have nothing” that is the same as going to the field, sowing potatoes, and coming in saying “what potatoes? I didn't sow anything” … sometimes grows sometimes doesn't... you just never know.... this is how it sometimes looks. But in the spiritual world, everything that you sow WILL grow. In the physical world This is Specifically how it works.

Lets take another example: imagine that you went to some exotic country. You walked around, visited, came home. Once you're home you take a seed out of your shoe. It accidentally got in. you don't recognize it, or what it might be. Tell me, how can you find out what it is? By SOWING it.

Make an experiment for yourself. SAY SOMETHING GOOD. ONTO YOURSELF. Then just water, and don't give anyone or anything any opportunity to change something—and you will see what will grow.

You may say “oh, well, I also want to say this, this, this, and more of this” Please! No one is stopping you—the important thing is that you remember what you said.

If you will believe that your every seed will grow, then you will remember. This is why believers don't remember—this is why non believers don't remember. Because, sometime in our lives we were taught to be inattentive to what people say, but to 'read behind the lines' for the true meaning. You know, in some countries people answer with their LIVES for any incorrectly spoken words—and they don't talk much. They know that if they said the wrong word, even as a joke, they're dead. We on the other hand, grew up in a culture where words don't mean much. I give a word, I take it back—and this heavily interferes in our lives, I mean in the lives of believers. We pray—and leaving that prayer room, if you're asked “what did you pray about?” prayed to God. That's it. Leaving Sunday service “what was the sermon about?” it was from scripture.

Leaving your garden you don't do this! If you're asked what's in your garden, you don't say “oh, I sowed seeds” NO, you will make a list: a row of that, a row of that, and 2 rows of that. If you're asked 2 weeks later--”what did you sow? “a row of that, a row of that, and 2 rows of that” If you're asked a month later- “what? Is your memory bad? I already told you twice! A row of that, a row of that, and 2 rows of that. But ask you what you prayed about 3 days ago-to God.

On the one hand, it's funny, but on the other—years pass and people get tired, tired of Fruitlessness, tired of a lack of results, and the people of the world look at us and say “well, maybe... when I get old” because they see that nothing changes! The living space changes, but they themselves don't change.

When your life will begin to change, then it will speak for itself. Really, what we need to learn is to Deliberately Sow and Deliberately REAP. Believe that my EVERY EVERY EVERY word brings a harvest.

Then you will never, ever say on your child—no matter what kind of ground appears in front of you—what you don't want to reap. This is not easy, but who said this was easy? Because things will not change in any other way.

I want to emphasize—BELIEVE THAT WHAT YOU HAVE SOWN WILL GROW. This is a vital moment. In a physical seed, there is power for life, and in the word of God there is power for faith. Jesus said Mark 11:24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. Lets read it in the light of this lesson—whatever you sow, believe that it will grow, and it will be yours. Complicated? No. Believe that your every word, or seed, will produce its like. Believe, water, and receive. (Hebrews 11:1) faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen. Faith comes from hearing, and hearing from the Word. Seed. Everything in the spiritual world is in this process.

Practice this. Be attentive to your prayer life. So that it will be simpler, divide your prayer life into 2 parts—part 1, praise and worship where You spend intimate time with the Lord. Just relax and flow. Part 2—is Deliberate time of Choosing seed-this is the promises, note them for yourself---I remember what seed I've sown---, and entering your prayer room-whatever you ask for in prayer with thanksgiving-Deliberately, based on mark 11:24, and when you leave your prayer room, do you remember what you sowed? Write it down! Know your every garden row and what you sowed. The next time you enter your prayer room, you will not be praying like you were praying yesterday-why? Because you already sowed! You will now be watering-thank you lord that I have that and that and that... and, oh, I need to add that--write it in... and this is how you become goal-oriented sowers and goal-oriented reapers.

You don't pray to get saved more than once-you pray once to get saved, then you thank god that you are saved, because in your garden saving is already planted. That's it. You don't need to chase demons 150 times-if you ordered it out, and you believe that he left, then why are you ordering him out again? Or you don't believe that he listened to you the first time? You pray once, even if the person is some distance from you, and then you believe that it left—Thank you Lord, I am so thankful to you that you heard me and that the demon left him. Thank you Lord, I am so thankful to you—that's it. You water, just water. First the stalk, then the head, then the full kernel in the head. As soon as the grain is ripe, he puts the sickle to it, because the harvest has come—and it doesn't matter if you can see this, or not, this works. This is how the spiritual world works. Believe that every Seed sown by you will grow.

You might say “oh, if I could only remember what I already sowed” this is why there is a time of repentance. When you can just come to god, and say, lord, I repent in every empty sown seed, forgive me every seed of doubt and disbelief which I sowed, perhaps when I was busy, maybe in company—this douses the holy spirit and my harvest. I repent in the name of jesus, and I believe that jesus forgives me my every empty sown seed.

You repented? That's it! That's it! But now try not to sow that in which you don't want a harvest in. watch after your mouths, I beg you. Mouths are instruments, instrument which will be either widening your life, or …

let's thank god, Good Seed! You know, its always joyful when you know you are sowing the correct seed. When you are sowing the correct seed, you are never upset—whatever may happen around you doesn't upset you—why? Because that what you sowed, will, in ANY situation, lead you to the top. In Any situation.