T3P3 Kossel Mini Kit

Assembly Instructions

Chapter 13 - Endstop Wiring

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1301 Parts needed

Prepared X (red), Y (green) and Z (blue) endstop cables with labelled black Molex plugs on the controller end and insulated spade connectors on the endstop ends.

1302 Fit cables to endstops

Fit the spade connectors onto the outer terminals of each endstop.

The centre terminal is not used.

Slide the endstops up until they are about 8mm below the undersides of the top brackets and not quite touching the belt tensioner bolt ends. Try to get them all as close to the same level as you can. Tighten the M3 x 8 capscrews to fix them in place.

1303 Secure endstop cables

Route the endstop cables around the towers and into the channel on the outer face of each tower. Ziptie in place.

Tighten the X and Y endstop cables and ziptie at the bottom of the towers.

The Z endstop cable has to bypass the extruder so can’t yet be fixed at the bottom of the tower. Instead, secure it temporarily (e.g. coil it and use a rubber band) to stop it getting in the way. (The picture still shows the original extruder mount)