Section 1 – General Field Trip Information

a) Legal Information

This policy is in accordance with all Czech hygiene rules pertaining to school trips (Nr. 148/2004 Sb.) the documentation of injuries occurring during school hours/functions (Nr. 64/2005 Sb.), the ISB School Rules, the Parent-student Handbook and other school policy documents.

b) Health and Safety

Health and Safety shall be given the highest priority for students and staff when planning and participating in Field Trips.  Attention to special health concerns of students is a required element of the planning process.

Field Trips must be appropriate to the skill level and development of the students involved and must be properly supervised at all times. Potential health and safety hazards must be identified and addressed in the planning for the trip. The Teacher in charge, supervisors, and volunteers must instruct students in the appropriate safety procedures before participating in a Field Trip.

Pertinent medical and emergency information about each student can be obtained from the Student Registration Folder and teachers must refer to them when planning for a trip. The appropriate supervisor will carry the medication required for each student. Particular care needs to be paid to students requiring an Epi-Pen, which should carried by the teacher. First-Aid kits must be available during all Field Trips. In the event of an accident or illness of a student, medical treatment should be promptly sought and the school and parents/guardians notified as soon as possible.

c) Trip Types

Day Trips

Day trips are defined as excursions which take place off ISB premises for a portion of the school day and span no longer than 12 hours in duration.  They must be approved prior to being announced by the division principal.

The trip announcement should be sent out no later than 2 weeks prior to the date on which the trip will take place along with all important information regarding what the students should bring. The school must receive permission from the parents by e-mail that the students will participate no later than the day of departure.  The school secretary will assist in this process. Students must also have all required items that were stated in the trip announcement.   

It is preferable that 2 staff members should always accompany students on a trip.  However, if the trip is executed by a third party (Lemur, INEX), then 1 staff member could be sufficient.

Overnight Trips

Overnight trips are defined as excursions which take place off ISB premises for at least a 24 hour period and will require that accommodation and perhaps transportation be secured.  A specific permission form needs to be received for overnight trips.  Parents indicate whether students are participating via google form.

To participate on an overnight field trip, the school must receive the following documentation for each student:

To participate on international trips, students must provide the following documentation:

Section 2 – Planning and Conducting Field Trips

a) Overnight Field Trips

The staff member responsible for planning and directing the field trip is appointed by the Division Principal.  The responsibilities assumed at the various stages of the trip are described below.  They must be carried out within a reasonable time frame to allow for all necessary measures to be taken.




Trip leaders can send information directly to parents provide that it has been approved by the division principal.  If using e-mail, recipients must on a blind carbon copy (BCC) list.

f the trip is meant for all students in a specific year group to participate and is the academic programme the teaching team has prepared, no additional programme needs to be provided by the school.  If the trip is optional (for example, an athletic event), the school will provide an on-site programme for students not participating.

Preparation of Required Resources and Documentation

The trip leader must ensure that the following items accompany the group on the day of departure:

During the Trip

After the Trip

Relevant Documents

  1. Permission Form
  2. Health Declaration
  3. Parent Declaration
  4. Injury Log (in first aid kit)
  5. Tentative Itinerary for Field Trips
  6. List of Participating Students and Teachers List (sample) 
  1. Travel documents

All travel documents need to be checked to ensure smooth travel (within EU/Schengen or to/from Schengen) (early enough to be able to do something about it)

b) Day Trips

Any ISB teacher (including the part-time teachers and subject specialists) can plan and direct day field trips.  



Preparation of Required Resources and Documentation

The teacher must ensure that the following items accompany the group on the day trip:

During the Trip

After the Trip

Trips Documentation Overview Table

For Overnight Trips in CZ

(all documentation to be kept in a Trip Folder)

  • Permission slips
  • Health Declaration signed by a physician and dated no longer than 1 year after the signing date (some may be on file already)
  • relevant medical information about individual students (eg. allergies) and medicals needed to treat potentially health problems
  • emergency contact information
  • original passports (for trips abroad)
  • Parent Declaration signed the day of departure
  • all fees