With the rank up, we completed the formalities of the tower of sunrise's entry permission

 and went to the『tower of sunrise』immediately.

 The entrance of『tower of sunrise』was located in the town

 and soldiers guarded the perimeter.

 I talked to the soldiers who were guarding the tower's entrance.

「Excuse me, we'd like to enter the tower of sunrise, would that be okay?」

「Please show me the entrance permit.」

「Y-, Yes.」

 We showed the entrance permit issued by the adventurers guild.


 Why does Lela have an entrance permit?

「Lela. Are you by any chance going in as well?」

「Yes, why?」

「Lela, you're not an adventurer, right?

 Why do you have an entrance permit?」

「I've gotten permission with Seiji and co as guards.」

「Err~. Lela-san, are you fine with other works?」

「It's fine, there's no problem.」

 Is that so?

 Well, if it's Lela, it will be okay to display our abilities.

 As this was our first time entering, we received an explanation about the tower from the soldier.

「Currently, this tower has been cleared from the 1st to 3rd floor.」

「N!? Though it has a height of about 60 floors, only up to the 3rd floor has been cleared?」

「Yes, the stairs to go up to the upper floor from the 3rd floor has yet to be found.

 If you find the stairs please report it.」

「U-, Understood.」

「Next about the pitfall......」

「There’s a pitfall?」


 There's a wide room where you can go straight ahead from the entrance,

 there's a pitfall in the center.

 Please don't approach it as much as possible.」

「Y-, Yes.」

「Then, about the monsters.

 Generally, there's one type of monster that appears frequently per level.

 Sometimes, monsters of different color appear. Since the magic stones are inside the bodies of the monsters, if you discover one please prioritize in killing it and secure the magic stone.」

 I see, so rare monsters possesses magic stones.


 After receiving the explanation about the tower,

 we completely prepared ourselves and set foot in the tower.

 The inside of the tower was gloomy,

 it was covered with dirt-like walls,

 and the smell of mold and dirt wafted through the air.

 Though it should be the first floor on the surface, it almost look like an underground cave.

「I'm looking forward to what kind of monster will appear, oniichan!」

 Aya was in high spirits as if she had come here for a picnic.

「Ah, I forgot to say. I can't fight because my left hand is injured.」

「N!? Is that true!?」

 Since Lela was surprised,

 I took off the gloves on my left hand and showed the bandaged that wrapped around it.

「Were you wearing the gloves to hide your injury!?

 To inflict an injury to a person like Seiji, what kind of guy was your opponent?」


「A demon with that name, it seems to be strong somehow.」

 But it's not a demon.

「By the way, Hilda.

 What kind of injury have you suffered in battle while you were in the magician unit?」

「Since I was a baggage carrier, I didn't fight.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, but please leave the dismantling of the monsters to me!」

 That reminds me, she got a knife for dismantling monsters from Rachel.

「Then, we'll leave the dismantling to Hilda.」


 Ah, but there's no backpack for carrying the luggage, what should we do?」

「Ah, well, because I can store the luggage using magic, you don't need to carry the luggage.」

「What? You can store the luggage using magic!?」

 When I was talking with Hilda, Lela cut in on the conversation forcefully.

「Now that you mention it, the things disappeared and reappeared, was it magic?」

「Ah, that's right.」

 When I started talking with Lela, who suddenly cut in,

 Hilda fell behind a little as to not interrupt Lela.

 Lela looked at Hilda's appearance and had a triumphant expression.

 What on earth are you fighting for, Lela?

 When we were walking for a while, a great rat appeared.

 I used【Appraisal】but it was considerably weak.

「Ah, a great rat!」

 With Aya's shout―

 the great rat fled.

「Though we have come to the dungeon with so much effort, there is no monster at all.」

 It seems Aya wanted to run wild so bad.

「Seiji-sama, it's a forked road. What should we do?」

 As Elena said, other than the straight line passage, there was also a passage stretching to the right.

「Since there seems to be a trap straight ahead, let's head to the right.」

 However, after advancing to the right for a while,

 it turned into a crossroad this time.

「What should we do, Seiji-sama?」

「Wait a moment, I'll check the map with magic.」

「How can you do such a thing, Seiji?」

 It will be known to Lela but it can't be helped now that we are adventuring together.

 When I switched the magic of the map to display the『structure』,

 it seems that it had become a sensing system that paints the places I passed through one after another.

 From there, whilst displaying the direction we have gone,

 we advanced to sense and fill up the places that haven't been explored yet.

 When I saw the map being filled up,

 sensing passages that spread out in all directions, leading to various rooms of all sizes.

 We also tried entering a room but

 there were great rats inside and they attacked without running away.

 However, in that place where we were attacked by great rats,

 Aya, Elena, and Lela killed them one after another.

 Hilda dismantles the great rats which they have defeated

 and sends them to me.

 Such Hilda is like a dog, so cute.

 As we were checking some rooms and fighting against great rats,

 we found 1 red and 1 blue great rats on the way.

 So this is a monster with a different color.

 As expected, the only difference were the colors and being slightly stronger but―

 since they were only great rats, we were able to safely defeat them.

 And then, Hilda dismantled them and seemed to have found the magic stones.

 She brought them to me happily.

 When appraised, they were【magic stone of ignition】and【magic stone of refrigeration】.

「Lela, they are【magic stone of ignition】and【magic stone of refrigeration】but are these ones alright to make up for the shortage of magic stones?」

「Yes but speaking of wants, I want even rarer ones.

 They are also useful enough though.

 Let's collect rapidly.」


 When we hasten the collection of magic stones for a while,

 we finally found the stairs to go up.

「Ah, I found the stairs!」

「Wait, Aya!」

「N?  What's wrong, oniichan?」

「There's something!」

 At the same time I said so,

 a large amount of great rats appeared to protect the stairs.