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Project/Presentation Alternatives Resources

Project/Presentation Alternatives Badge Checklists:

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3 Free Tools for Slideshow Projects

(YouTube Editor, Google Photos Movie and Adobe Spark Video + iMovie)

Included in the listed article

3 Free Tools for Slideshow Projects

Included in the listed article


How to get started using Tackk

Idea Board


How to get started using ThingLink

A Non-Traditional Back to School Letter - ThingLink

- For an example from a principal, click here.

- For examples of a syllabus, authors and maps, click here and scroll down to the eight boxes.

Idea Board


How-To Use Padlet in the Classroom 11_2016

Padlet Tutorials

How to use the NEW Padlet

How-To use Padlet Mini, the Chrome Extension

Using Padlet as a place for students to post/turn in an image, text, links, etc. 

How-To Get Started Using Padlet - For Students

How to Create a Flowchart on Padlet

Padlet's new "focus" mode

Padlet: One of the Best All Around Tools

How to Use Padlet

How to check ownership in Padlet, ThinkLink & Tackk

The Best Ways to Use Padlet - Examples from Teachers

20 useful ways to use Padlet in class now

12 Ways To Use Padlet In Your Classroom Tomorrow!

30 creative ways to use Padlet for teachers and students

Timeline Project 


As a Resource for Others


“Edu Enjoy” plan is free, but limited

Learn PREZI - NEW! 2016 Tutorial

Google Slides

How to Import PowerPoint Slides Into Google Slides by Richard Byrne

How to use Google Drive videos in Google Slides

How to use Google Slides

Become a Google Slides Artist With These 7 Tricks (article with video examples)

10 Google Slide ideas for the modern day classroom

Google Slides has a new audience participation Q&A feature

Talk with your audience—not at them—with Slides Q&A

Make a Google Slides Presentation Loop or Advance On It’s Own from EdTechHub

Using Google Slides in the Classroom

5 Features of Google Slides Teachers Should Know

Stop Motion Digital Storytelling-Hyperdoc

Music Hack for Google Slides


Some videos are included in the notes

5 Free Timeline Options

Deeper thinking with timeline projects

Padlet is another option for Timelines

My Simpleshow

Heavy focus on writing a script and thinking through the images that will be seen. Use their voices to read it or do your own voiceover. Can be exported to Youtube, Vimeo, Wistia or downloaded as an MP4.

How to Create an Explainer Video on

Try My Simpleshow for Creating Explanatory Videos by Richard Byrne

Google Drawing

How to get started in Google Drawings

Using "Google Drawing" to create an avatar/doodle of yourself (a more in depth how-to)

5 Neat Things Students Can Do With Google Drawings by Richard Byrne

Create Eye-Popping Infographics with Google Drawings by Matt Miller

Using Google Drawings to create YouTube Channel Art from YouCan

Google Drawing The Most Powerful Tool You Thought You Knew

10 engaging Google Drawings activities for classes

11 Ways to Teach Math with Google Drawings

 from Eric Curts

Google Drawing Tool

Example of what can be done with Drawings:

Google Tour Builder

works great on chromebooks

How to use Google Tour Builder

A nice tool that allows students to enter locations on a map along with dates, images, video and text about that location. Works well with Chromebooks, but students will need to choose the "Story 2D" setting.

Google Earth Tours

A Tour of the New Google Earth

GE Teach Tour Builder - Create Google Earth Tours for the Web

See also our Multi-Media Resources 

General Project/Presentation Resources

How To Present From a Chromebook

If you want students presenting from their own Chromebooks, here’s a quick shortcut to make it pretty painless. Hold down CTRL and press the Full Screen button. From OMG!Chrome!  "If you plan on connecting your Chromebook to an external monitor (or TV) at some point then the ‘Mirror Monitor’ shortcut is a neat one. Rather than add an additional workspace it simply mirrors the Chromebook’s screen."