What is VoiceThread?

VoiceThread is a Web-based asynchronous communications tool used to upload, share, and discuss media such as documents, presentations, images, audio or video files. Users can leave comments on a VoiceThread in multiple ways - through voice (using a microphone), text, loading a pre-recorded audio file, or through video (via a webcam).

Brief Overview and Example VoiceThreads
Right-click the links below and choose “open link in new tab/window”

Integrating VoiceThread within your Course

With the program integrated into Blackboard, instructors and students will instantly be signed-in to VoiceThread and put into the VoiceThread group for their course just by a few clicks of a mouse.

The process of setting up VoiceThreads for a Blackboard course consists of three major steps:

  1. Creating a link to VoiceThread from within Blackboard.
  2. Creating a specific VoiceThread for your class/unit. Note: one class can have several VoiceThreads.
  3. Share your VoiceThread(s) with your class/students.

Creating a link to VoiceThread from within Blackboard

  1. Navigate to a content area within your course.
  2. Hover over the Build Content button, then choose Web Link on the drop-menu.

  1. Enter a name for the Web link, such as VoiceThread.
  2. Paste in the following URL: https://umflint.voicethread.com/lti/
  3. Check the “This link is to a Tool Provider” option.

  1. Click Submit.
  2. At this point, the VoiceThread link will appear in your selected content area.

  1. Click on the VoiceThread link to access your MyVoice page in VoiceThread.

From there, you can see all of your personal content, the courses that you have added VoiceThreads to and view the content shared with those courses by clicking on the course titles.  You can also create new VoiceThreads using the Create tab or share new VoiceThreads with your courses by clicking and dragging thread(s) to the title of the appropriate course. The VoiceThread will instantly be shared with the class, so all course participants will be able to view and comment on it.


Creating a specific Thread for your Course or Unit 

  1. In the MyVoice page, click on the Create tab.
  2. Click on Upload and select one of the options, i.e. “my computer”, “URL”, or “My Webcam”. Depending on the size of your media it can take anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes to load your content to your VoiceThread.

  1. Once your content has loaded, you can name your VoiceThread and then complete the next step, which is adding your comments or instructions for your students.

  1. Select the Comment button and use any of the commenting tools: webcam, microphone, text, upload your pre-recorded audio comment, or use the drawing tool. Save your comments.

  1. Once your VoiceThread has been created, return to the MyVoice tab in VoiceThread to share your content with your students.


Share your VoiceThread with your Class/Students

  1. In the MyVoice page, locate the VoiceThread you want to share with your class and click on it.
  2. Keeping your left mouse button pressed, drag the selected VoiceThread to the title of the course that you want to share your media with. A confirmation message will appear on your screen verifying that you have shared the given VoiceThread with the members of the selected course. At this point, you can close VoiceThread to conclude the process.

  1. When your students access your class the next time and click on the VoiceThread link you created, they will be taken to their MyVoice page within their VoiceThread account and they will need to click on the Blackboard course title shown to the left of their screen to view and comment on the VoiceThread(s) you have shared with them.

Students’ MyVoice Page

Students’ View of VoiceThreads shared with their class



Further tutorials are available in VoiceThread via the MyVoice page under "Tutorials."

URL: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jBRPGPocEt3_FxTaZTccCOw7JAGvWhWLHlQBNz_NZDs/pub