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0. TBLR, A New Year: Let's Reintroduce The Bridge in 2017
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TBLR, A New Year: Let's Reintroduce The Bridge 2017

FYI: Changes  and Need to Know Info About The Bridge:

  1. Simply FYI:
  1. The full name of TBLR is the The Bridge of Light Radio Network. We call it “The Bridge”.
  2. The Bridge is Sole Proprietorship created by Evelyn Arrington: Owner, Founder and President. Pastor Joseph T. Lewis serves as the Vice President. Joy Jackson serves as the Operations Manager.
  3. The Bridge is NOT a Nonprofit; it is a for-profit business supported by member sponsors.
  4. The Bridge is supported by membership. Show Host(s) are considered Live Show Members. Co-host(s) receive membership benefits through TBLR’s show Host(s).
  5. The Bridge Radio is the offspring of The Bridge of Light Media group which offers media services such as radio shows, blog recordings, advertisements, studio time, editing, website creation, event planning and much more. The Bridge has a sibling called The Bridge Tour or Bridge of Light Tour.  See Bridge Tour here.
  6. The Bridge on the go: Go to, download and add Bridge of Light as a favorite.

  1. General Operations:
  1. Who To Contact: Any and all operations requests must be made to Joy Jackson, Operations Manager. Please contact her through email at: or via text. This form will be continuously improved. Your suggestions, comments and questions are welcome. New additions will be added in bold. A handbook will be released in early 2017.
  2. Bridge Expansion: To Maintain and expand The Bridge in 2017, we must garner a 2017 budget of at least $50,000. This budget will allow The Bridge to pay employees for their time, and guarantee the continued professionalism and improved quality of The Bridge.
  3. Programming & Scheduling: Although programming plays 24/7/365, The Bridge is an Evening Station for live shows with the few show exceptions for which we have made accommodations.  This allows us to replay shows during morning hours as a courtesy to our members and supporters. A new schedule will be added to the website.
  4. Access: A continuous effort is being made to centralize all things necessary for station operations from our TBLR website at:
  5. Membership & Drives:
  1. Membership Packages: Membership packages will be released in early 2017, please familiarize yourself with package offerings once released. Drives are TBA.
  2. Membership Drives: A membership drive will be held twice in 2017 in which hosts will be responsible for gathering a predetermined number of memberships.

  1. Quality Control for Live Shows:
  1. Intros & Outros: A show begins with an intro, and ends with an outro. All shows must have these in addition to their promo. You can schedule a time to record if you have not already.
  2. Music: All music contained within shows, must be an original creation, or artists must have given you explicit permission to use their work on the show. Copyrighted music may only be played before the intro, and after the conclusion; it may not be contained within your show for more than 20 seconds.
  3. Submitting Show Content: Show content must be submitted at least 24 hours in advance of the show, or it will not be used in live shows or edited recordings. No more last minute submissions. This is the new template for 2017 show planning. Please download, complete, and email this template at least 24 hours prior to your show. To email, go to “file” and “email as an attachment”.
  4. Replays & Recordings: Requests for replays, pre-recorded shows, and intro, outro and promo re-cuts must be made using the form on the website. Click Here for form. Please submit your requests 24 hours in advance. Warning: Request not submitted at least 24 hours in advance could cause your show not to be replayed.

  1. Hearing Previous Shows: An online archive is being created for the station that will house all shows for at least one quarter of the current year. You will be notified when this archive is complete.  Until then, shows can be retrieved within the specified time from the link given at the top of the page, or here.

For more info on The Bridge Media or Bridge Tours, please contact us at (713) 701-9157.

The Studio Call-in number is (713) 789-0096.

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