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Wednesday 2nd November 2016

Dear Parents and Carers,

We hope you and your children enjoyed the half term break. Here is some important information for the Reception class this term.

MORNING SCHOOL DROP OFF: The children can be dropped off at school at 8.35am when the side gate is opened. Thank you for encouraging your child to be independent. They can all put their own book bag and water bottles in the correct places and most can hang their coats on pegs. If you have a quick message about your child, please speak to us on the gate or if you need to speak to me for longer please see me at the end of school when time is not so limited, or make an appointment.

HOME TIME: Please make sure that you inform one of the Reception team if someone different and unfamiliar is picking up your child. This applies to your children going on playdates with their friends too.

SNACK TIME: The Government provide free fruit to all children in years Reception, 1 and 2. If you feel your child might be hungry please provide an extra small snack to go with their free fruit. Suggestions:Dried fruit, a few bits of cheese or ham, a rice cake. No sweets, chocolate, or cakes. The snack needs to be healthy. The children receive free milk until they reach 5 years old.

HEAD LICE: If you find that your child has head lice please let us know. We can then send a sensitive reminder to other parents so that they can check their children’s hair too.

LOST CLOTHING: We encourage the children to put their jumpers in their trays. We work hard to teach the children to look after things. Please name everything!! Good places to look for lost items: lost property bin, in the bike shed, or on the shelf in the bike shed. If it is named, usually it is returned if someone accidentally takes it home.

OUTDOOR LEARNING: We spend a lot of time outdoors in all weathers. Please make sure your child has a warm coat (waterproof too if possible). Forest School activities will take place on a Friday morning. The children need to come to school dressed in old home clothes every Friday and to bring in NAMED wellies.

THINGS FROM HOME: We discourage children bringing in toys (incl soft toys). We find the children often lose the things they bring in and then this causes upset. If they wish to bring something in for show and tell on Mondays they will need to keep it safely in their book bag.

PHONICS, READING AND WRITING: Children take part in various reading activities and a phonics session daily. They will also read 1:1 twice a week. Prior to reading we encourage the children to practice the sounds in the book to reinforce and prepare them for reading. Please continue to support your child in reading each day and feel free to comment in the reading diary. Also, remember to log onto the Phonics Bug website using your child’s username for more books.

ILLNESS: This is the term of coughs, colds, sickness and diarrhoea, temperatures, throat and ear infections!!! The children are tired and will be susceptible to catching things. Please ensure that they are better when they return to school. This will prevent further spread of all these viruses and infections.

TOPIC: This term we will be learning about different celebrations, please see the attached topic web. We will also be learning songs to perform at our Christmas sing- a-long on 12th December and the school carol concert on 12th December at 6pm in St Andrews Church. Look out for details nearer to the time.

We are looking forward to an exciting few weeks in the lead up to this!

Mrs Duffy and the Reception Team