Student Senate Agenda

March 25th, 2014

Hall Perrine

  1. Call to Order
  2. Approval of Previous Meeting’s Minutes
  1. Approved
  1. Approval of Agenda
  1. Approved
  1. Open Forum
  1. Meg Nowak VP of student affairs from Hartwick college in New York state.  
  1. Hartwick is considering adopting the block plan.
  2. Here to get students
  1. Appointments
  1. Ellie Scripts to the student Life committee
  1. Vote 19 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstentions.
  1. President - Kelly Oeltjenbruns
  1. Started office hours, any cool visitors?
  1. Nope
  1. OohLala in old business
  2. Conduct and Appeals board appointments will be made before the end of the year
  1. Next week will have more info on the application and interview process
  1. Vice President - Lane Zahourek
  1. Elections for new class reps need to be done by the 15th day of 8th block
  1. Next week E-board will figure out the official date for elections
  1. Chair of Organizations - Michael Christianson
  1. Issues with Community, hoping to fix them all by Budget Fest.
  1. Chair of Appropriations - Brian Hixon-Simeral
  1. Prior Presentation from Organization for Latino Awareness, OLA. Need funds for spring formal.
  1. Spring Formal is for non-greeks to participate in formal. Usually off campus venue, and transportation is provided for students
  2. $2,574.67
  3. April 26th at the Shores Event center. Venue has already been paid for.
  4. Need the remaining money to fund DJ ($300), transportation($1800) and refreshments.
  5. 2 buses will allow students more freedom to come and go from the event.
  6. Last year about 100 people went. This was lower turnout than previous years. This year there will be more advertisment.
  7. They have not done any fundraising for this event.
  8. Senator Tentinger- Do you really need all of the casino decorations? This could lower the appropriation amount
  1. That is a possibility
  1. Senator Banks- Would it be possible to use cornell vans instead of one of the buses?
  1. This was tried a couple of years ago, and the van drivers were very unreliable.
  1. President Oeltjenbruns-The biggest cost of this event is the transportation. Next week there will likely be a motion to cut one of the buses from the budget. The one remaining bus will have a set schedule, allowing students to plan their rides.
  2. Senator Hixon-Simeral- This event meets the criteria for the definition of a trip set out by the student senate bylaws. Therefore, senate can only fund 75% of the appropriation.
  3. OLA- are groups whose sole purpose to provide trips exempt from this rule? Because Get Out of Town is cosponsoring this event. They will be helping to advertise.
  4. Senator Hixon-Simeral- Get Out of Town still requires students to contribute to events that they participate in.
  5. OLA- How would students contribute to this?
  6. Senator Mckenzie- You would have to hold fundraising events.
  7. Senator Castillo- would the possible 75% come out of the total amount, including the $1,100 given to OLA last year, so $3,600.
  1. Yes
  2. Senator Tetinger- we created that bylaw after they had already been allotted the $1,100 last year. Therefore, it isn’t fair to take that money from them.
  3.  The 1,100 will not be included then. The amount that will be approximately 2,500
  1.  President Oeltjenbruns- you would need to raise approximately $644, next week we will discuss how fair this is to ask of you.
  2. Senator Weightman- Have you considered that this event is the same night as Relay for Life, which a lot of students will attend?
  1. This has been considered, but typically students don’t stay the whole night at relay for life.
  1. Eyes of the World Prior Presentation- requesting $3,419 for a culture trip to allow international students to experience culture.
  1. $1320 for accommodations, $360 for activities, $768 for meals, $596 for van rental of 2 vans, $376 for gas.
  2. Members will each be asked to contribute $20, totaling $320.
  3. President Oeltjenbruns- How did you select which students were allowed to go on this trip?
  1. Students within Eyes of the world, who had a certain level of attendance were invited to come on the trip.
  1. Senator De La Torre- Did you look at other potential car rentals that wouldn’t charge you for the extra milage?
  1. Other options were researched, but the Budget rental had the best offer
  2. Senator Boegner- You get 300 miles to drive for each of the four days, a total of 1,200. Therefore it is likely that you will not be charged for extra mileage.
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral- How do you plan to raise the 25% you need to contribute to the trip?
  1. EotW will probably look to reallocate funds they were already budgeted for this year.
  1. President Oeltjenbruns- Have you included money for parking in Indianapolis?.
  1. Yes.
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral what is the final amount that senate would be appropriating?
  1. President Oeltjenbruns- Senate would appropriate approximately $2,500. EotW would provide $854.75
  1. Due date for initial budgets for Budget Fest was last Friday. However, due to the issues with Community the appropriations committee has been accepting late budgets. Reviews of those will begin this Wednesday and be done by next Wednesday
  1. Final Budgets are due April 11th.
  1. Chair of Academic Affairs - Liz O’Brien
  1. First fireside chat was successful
  1. Next one with Jim VanValen, next Wednesday at 7pm somewhere in the Commons
  1. Went to faculty meeting, changes in the registrar. Course evaluation will be online now
  1. Add drop forms and accommodations will be online as well
  1. Academic related activities fund is getting a lot of interest, first meeting to give funding is Thursday.
  1. John told us about Iowa Women’s Leadership Conference, could cosponsor with the CEC to help students attend this event.
  1. Interest from other members in Senate, the committee will look into this option further.
  1. Chair of Student Life - Leigh Gustafson
  1. Brainstorming ideas.
  1. Senior Class
  1. Meeting over lunch with Elise about senior reception!
  1. Menu is being finalized, will hopefully bring that to senate next week
  1. Junior Class
  1. Sent out the email President Oeltjenbruns told them to today.
  2. Planning an event.
  1. Sophomore Class
  1. Sending email tonight, planning event
  1. First Year Class
  1. Sending email tonight, event is April 3rd
  1. Old Business
  1. President Oeltjenbruns- PAAC will be here next week. Now OoLala
  1. Exec board discussed this in their meeting and decided this was a decision that we wanted to wait on. Therefore the prior presentation is being withdrawn.
  2. Will not be voting on the app tonight, may still move forward with this. But there will not be a contract signed by next Monday
  3. Senator Christianson- Spoke with students and about ½ of students with smart phones were interested in the app. A large number of students didn’t have smart phones
  1. Students suggested that our own IT people could make an app like this.
  1. New Business
  1. Senator Oldfield- Things to think about given the appropriations request we received today… Maybe the trip definition in senate’s bylaws should be changed. The OLA event doesn’t really seem like it should be qualified as a trip.
  1. We could also suspend the bylaw for groups who have been planning events since last year and just didn’t appropriate for them yet.
  2. EotW would probably not have been able to raise $650 dollars from the time senate enacted this bylaw to now.
  3. Senator Tentinger- the venue is really nice but Hall Perrine could hold 150 people… This would save a lot of money and make the event not a trip anymore.
  1. John Harp- this room is very new, they probably committed to their venue several months ago. In future years hopefully events like this will be held here.
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral- we don’t want to set a precedent of senate fully funding events like this, and students not contributing at all.
  2. Senator Boegner- it’s not our place to tell groups where they can or cannot hold their events, especially when we already allocated them funds for a venue.
  3. Senator Weightman- It’s just a very large appropriation and students have not contributed at all.
  4. n
  1. VP Zahourek- Robert’s Rules- Wait to be called on to speak and don’t chit chat while others are speaking.
  1. Don’t get antsy, stay strong.
  1. Senator Tentinger- Has anything happened with the streaking thing?
  1. president - spoke to John about a survey, but this may not be the best way to proceed. The issue may come back to senate to figure out how to proceed
  1. Senator Castillo-Rivera- how much money does senate have?
  1. Senator Hixon-Simeral- the business office is very confused, and the exact number isn’t available right now.
  2. Also, may be working with the business office to make appropriations more convenient.
  1. Announcements
  1. President Oeltjenbruns- Love Sticks on the OC tomorrow night from 5-6 to address all of the hate symbols around campus recently.