Hi Digital Humanitarians!

Thank you very much for your interest in helping with the Digital Humanitarian response to the floods which have affected people in Orissa, Andhra Pradesh and West Bengal states in India!

This is the main information resource sheet for you. You will find all the necessary information you should need on how to proceed and how to help here!

Who are we?

We are a group of digital humanitarian volunteers or so called CrisisMappers and also some on-the-ground relief mates from different places, including volunteers of StandBy Task Force, OpenCrisis, Info4Disasters, ERCIS, CrisisMappersUK, HumanityRoad and several students from universities and research centers including QCRI. Starting with an initiative from crisis informatics researchers at the Kno.e.sis Center, Wright State University, USA, we grew up into a big volunteer group. Our work is serving on a crowd-sourced version of Crisismap in our collaboration with Sphere India.

Contact Points:

Hemant Purohit (Mail:, Skype: hemant12323, Twitter: @hemant_pt),

Buddha Halder (Skype: bhalderhrc, Twitter: @HalderBuddha),

Piyush Aggarwal (Skype: me.piyushaggarwal, Twitter: @mepiyush)

Svend J: (Skype: derjonas4, Twitter: shornjonas)

Brendan O’Hanrahan: (Skype: kkoxenstierna)    

Melissa E: (Skype: mellomely, Twitter: MelyMello)

Sara J: (Skype: sj.farmer, Twitter: bodaceacat)

Please carefully read through this whole document if you would like to be a volunteer


1.) Sign up for volunteering here: 

2.) Sync in the Skype Group Chat for information collation priorities (Skype sync: hemant12323, bhalderhrc, me.piyushaggarwal, derjonas4, sj.farmer, kkoxenstierna)

3.) Start information collation in specific sheets here. For example, in 'Shelters' sheet, insert specific info about shelter-- location, contact number/person, lattitude-longitude & ALWAYS add the source

Our Current Objective  


All the data shown is crowdsourced from publicly visible webpages of news websites, forums, social media, blogs, Wikipedia and government sites. Our past similar effort-Uttarakhand Flood relief 

For those, who wanna volunteer, READ ON!

For those, who wanna just submit information sources, please do here, we shall  monitor

Background information

Please see this situation report compiled by our colleagues from Humanity Road on Uttarakhand floods to get more general situational information on what we collect! A situation report sample of Uttarakhand Floods can be found here. Our main information collation resource (launched by Hemant Purohit and colleagues at is here and is THE MAIN WORKING DOC FOR THIS INITIATIVE. 

Watch this video to understand how assessments are done on the ground for needs:

Learn and familiarize yourself with the SPHERE standards:

How we coordinate

Our main communication and coordination channel is skype. Should you have any questions, post them into the Skype Chat! To join the Skype Chat, send a contact request to Hemant (hemant12323), Sara (sj.farmer), Svend-J (derjonas4), Buddha (bhalderhrc), or Brendan (kkoxenstierna) and ask to be added to the Skype group chat.

What can you do now??

======================= HOW-TO GUIDE FOR THE NEW JOINERS =================

1. check in skype chat

2. ask for current priority items there

3. check for main info sources and compile information on priority items

4. always try to get geoloc information

5. brief others on what you do

re 3: do we have a list of main sources? -- here

re 4: placename or lat long (pref both - some names may occur in different states)

re 3: use the spreadsheet tabs to fill in information for different categories

re 3: we should concentrate on scraping the web  and entering the information into our collaborative document, and not on mapping, which is the next level, at that is too much at the moment for everyone (experienced teammates are working on that as well)


You can begin to add situational information you gather from official sources, from traditional media and from social media in the corresponding sheets give below. Look through the tabs to add the information to the respective section.

Remember: Any questions or suggestions? Go to the skype chat!!!



These are the areas we are currently collecting information on (each with its own tab in working Gdoc). Please use this workflow to do more effective media monitoring.

Current priority areas highlighted in red:

  1. List of control rooms (here)
  2. List of Shelter info (here)
  3. Medical centres (here)


  1. 3W report on WHO-WHAT-WHERE
  2. All infrastructure-related info
  3. List of rescued people locations
  4. Control rooms for state-wise info
  5. Cleared rescue zones
  6. Restored mobile towers

- How you can help

- Geographical priority areas:


Overview of work

We are in touch with some organisations working on the relief operations and are currently trying to identify how we can best of assistance!

Below you can find a thorough list what we could do for them:


Here is a list of possible skills that might be useful. Please check and also think of what you could do with your personal skills. Then go here and enter all relevant information into the sheet, as well as information about your availability over the next few days!

Please indicate your availability and skill-set on this form,  if you do so, you have already helped a great deal!


Guidelines for a Sitrep

Example Sitrep from SPHERE India