ICE 2014 Group Notes

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Make Hack Play- Attended by Lindsay

“The role of the teacher is to create the conditions for invention rather than provide ready-made knowledge.”- Seymour Papert  

“Classes should do hands-on exercises before reading and video, Stanford researchers say” (counter to the flip-classroom thought of building background knowledge first)

Unleash your inner kindergartener!

NYTimes OpEd: How to Get a Job at Google (leadership, humility, collabmmoration, adaptability and loving to learn and re-learn)

Today’s play stations: MakeyMakey, Arduino, Afinia 3D printer, 3Doodler, Makedo, Squishy Circuits,

Books: Invent to Learn (the BIBLE of the maker movement), The Art of Tinkering, The Maker Movement Manifesto

Teacher Opportunities: Conducting Modern Knowledge, FabLearn 

Design Thinking:

design-thinking 2.jpg

Student Stuff: Super Sylvia!, Make Magazine Weekend Projects, Chicago Northside Mini MakerFaire,

Flattening your Classroom Walls by Embedding Global Collaboration - Attended by Tammy and Karen

Differentiating in a 1-1 Classroom - Attended by Eileen


Instructional Coaching: Effective coaching practices 2/26/2014 8:30 AM­11:00 AM - Attended by Jolene

You are not alone! Building and Using a PLN (Professional Learning Network) - Attended by Annmarie

•  Dave Burgess (

•  Twitter will change your professional life

•  Pop culture - Twitter digital footprint disaster stories--this is something totally different!

•  Ignore your home feed--overwhelming

•  Look for Hashtags and Mentions

•  See what hashtags the people you like are following

•  Tons of time saving resources provided for you if you know what hashtag to use

•  Check out Cybrary Man on Twitter who has cataloged educational hashtags

•  #TLAP Teach Like A Pirate, Math Chat, Tech Talk, #ICE14, prof chat, etc etc

•  He uses Twitter during down times, e.g., in line at grocery store, waiting in car--never  

    schedules using it during the day

           •  ex: Social Studies teachers (#SSchat) crowd sourced lessons around the death of  

   Osama bin Laden, the very next day after he was killed, teachers from around the world  

   shared materials for use in the classroom

•  For history class with older kids: (shows up to the minute tweets on  

   topic/event you choose--unedited so be careful with this one in classroom--older

   students) or

•  Helpful to use tool like TweetDeck to organize your feed, Notifications, Mentions, etc.

   You can schedule tweets, helpful when moderating a chat and you have a lot of tweets

   flying across your screen

•  @ symbol is like addressing envelope to someone

•  His opinion--no need to lock account, if its private, perhaps you shouldn't be tweeting  

    about it

•  You could have 2 accounts, Teacher + Personal, not necessary for students to see

    everybody  that you're following, even if its 100% appropriate, might not be relevant

•  It’s good to put things in your profile that identify you as a teacher, helpful to include  

   some hashtags in  your profile

•   Don’t be an Egghead! (upload your pic)

•   #FF • find out who to follow

•   You owe it to your students to be the best teacher you can be. This forum is for people

    who want to better themselves, move forward, what you can do to help others be  

    better....what resources you have found....negative teachers are not on Twitter.

Building Bolder Schools:  It Doesn't Hurt to be First - Attended by Annmarie

This was all about not being afraid to enter the digital age, when we are young we are so eager to be first in line, now schools create policy based on a handful of parents who don’t want their child’s pic online…..

Steve Dembo

Teach like a PIRATE: Dynamic Way to Increase Student Engagement - Attended by Annmarie

•  Dave Burgess

•  Author of Teach Like a Pirate

•  Category 1 -- content passions -- what part of your curriculum do you LOVE?

•  Category 2 -- within my profession, what am I passionate about? Why you got into the  

   business..focus on these when the content is not your favorite

•  Category 3 -- We are in the life changing business, we won't allow ourselves to be distracted  

     by petty outside forces

•   Looking to embed LCL • Life Changing Lesson into content

•   Your voice makes you unique, you live outside the classroom;

     Personalize your classroom, use sports analogies, family examples--builds rapport and    

     relationships with kids, not necessary to hide yourself

•   When you design a hook, make it memorable

•   When you deliver content, be out there swimming with the sharks

•  Have to master gaining student interest but also not losing it....transitions are vital

•  Passion, showmanship, intensity--the magic is with you--you have to bring a little heat!

•  Presentational touches make it rich and memorable

    Ex: steak--today in education we are basically throwing a piece of meat at students and  

    saying  "Eat it!".....When you come to my house for dinner, you get an appetizer, I warm up  

    the grill, I season the, meat on both sides, you have side dishes, a drink and dessert besides

    an amazing steak, there's music--all of this entices you to want to eat & enjoy your meal

 • Taboo hook - layer them into your lesson -- what can I do before a lesson starts to pique    

      interest? (pre-heat the grill!)

•  Create a positive sense of expectancy

•  Bra burning example (Wait til you have tenure!)

•  Use human nature to your advantage • like unwrapping a gift • anticipation

•  Props:  have them!

•  Get rid of bullet points--->Images!!

•  Seems small but they are important--trailers--makes you want to see what is coming up

    Start building things up from the first week of school • my classroom is where you want to be    

    (ex: he has a 50's party that he begins talking about the first week)

•  The 6 Words: "Its Easy for You, You're Creative" -- WRONG!!

•  Not supposed to be easy, supposed to be worth it

•  There is a process you have to go thru

•  Pimp my Ride--->Pimp my Lesson

•  Current Event? App they are using? Images? When you are engaged, you will SEE things!

•  Storytelling powerful

•  A challenge for students can be incredibly motivating

•  2 Key Pirate questions:

   1.  If students didn't have to be there, would you be teaching in an empty room?

   2.  Do you have any lessons you could sell tickets for?

   Ended with story about his 4 year old son--all of his friends got cool boy things out of vending    

   machine in pizza parlor, when it was his son's turn, a heart bracelet popped out--son might

   have had a meltdown, but Dad held it up and yelled PIRATE TREASURE!!! and son looked at

   it differently!


Digital Portfolios Made Easy - Attended by Laurie

Intro to Subtext: Collaborative Reading on the iPad - Attended by Lindsay and Jolene

Tammy’s Tech Tips - Attended by Mandy

Tammy's Tech Tips 45 minute session

Faraway Friends Book Buddies - Attended by Mandy

By: Carolyn Skibba, Burley School in CPS has resources for this presentation.

@ingvigrannar was her partner

Blogging Project

Independent Literacy Practice from District 158 - Attended by Mandy



Using your SMART Board Like a Rock Star - Attended by Will, Becky, Leeann

This is the site where we started.

The keynote is on youtube, if anyone would like to see it.

Using full screen mode takes away the tool set (less distracting).

Directly next to full screen,  is “more”, so can use most often used tools.

To customize the tools, go to the gear and open it.  You can then move tools into appropriate place.

*****Calibration is not the point where you touch the board… it is where you REACH the board.*****

Color combinations to avoid: red/blue and yellow/green (color blind kids).

Excellent to use black background and yellow or orange pen (great visualization for kids).

Control mouse=quick way to get set background fill

Find “Smarttools”, Smart settings. Once hooked up, can change pen to a different size nib. Smart hardware settings, can go to Calligraphy settings. Can change colors as well.

Using your Technology in Social Studies- Attended by: Rachael Rodriguez

* Twitter and how it is a wonderful professional development tool

* is a wonderful way to blog during instruction; students can ask questions and also a great tool to use for students to summarize because they are only given 140 characters. Exit slips would work well on this site too.

* Socrative and quiz star for assessments. Might be worth the $4 per student to add app to IPAD

* Google docs has a chat function that can be used as a way to brainstorm over a lesson plan in real time as you see the plan.

* U505 project could be used as a Google Hangout to share with other students who are not in the Chicago area.

* “Getting it out the door,” to share with others.

* Using Imovie  and movie maker trailer for students to share their presentations. Getting rid of PowerPoint. ( Yay!)

* Build, Create and “Get it out the Door!”

* Animoto app

* WeVideo through Google Drive. Imovie on the ICloud

* ISNAP is another great way to share. It is linked through Facebook and Twitter.