Web Time Entry - EOU Faculty & Administrative Professional Supervisor Training Manual

Web Time Entry (WTE) is the web-based application that collects leave information for EOU Faculty & Administrative Professionals in Webster. EOU Faculty & Administrative Professionals are responsible for entering and submitting their leave every pay period. Supervisors are responsible for approving the reported leave. Once the supervisor has approved the leave, they are automatically loaded into the payroll process for payment.

NOTE: Actual Pay Period for EOU Faculty & Administrative Professionals is the 1st - the 31st of each month. All Faculty & Administrative Professionals must get their timesheets submitted to their supervisor(s), no later than the 5th of the following month. Supervisors must get them submitted to Payroll by the 8th of the following month to ensure they get paid on time at the end of the month.

NOTE: Faculty and Administrative Professionals only have to do this process each month if they have leave (sick or vacation) to report based on what type of contract they are under. If they aren’t taking sick, vacation or leave without pay, then they do not have to enter your leave report for that particular month and you won’t have to approve anything for payroll for that particular month.

#1)  Supervisors will receive email notifications once their student employees submit their timesheets through Webster. To review and approve them, visit my.eou.edu and log into Webster. Please note you must complete this by the 8th of each month.


#2)  Click on the [Employee Services] tab and click on the “Time Sheet” link to approve your employee’s leave.

#3)  To approve your employee’s leave, select the “Approve or Acknowledge Time” and click [Select].

#4)  Select the pay period you want to review and approve by each position. You may select the sorting order by selecting either the “Status and then by Name” or simply sort “by Name”.

#5)  All leave reports in the “Pending” section are ready for supervisor review and approval. Any leave reports in the “In Progress” sections means they have started them but haven’t submitted to you yet. Any leave reports in the “Not Started” sections means they either haven’t started it or they won’t be submitting a leave report for your approval.

#6)   Once you select the employee’s name, the information displayed shows the employee’s leave report along with their leave balances that are available to take and any comments they dictated. If you approve the leave report, click [Approve] to forward this timesheet to the EOU Payroll office.

#7) If you need to edit an employee’s leave report, click on [Change Record] for the selected employee, select the hours on the specific day and correct the leave they originally reported. Be sure to select [Comments] to leave a comment on what you changed on the employee’s timesheet. After you've checked the hours and are sure they are correct, click on the [Approve] button to transfer the timesheet to the Payroll office.

#8)  If you (the supervisor) need to delegate a backup to approve timesheets either full time or temporarily, click the [Employee Services] tab, select [Time Sheet] and then [Proxy Set Up] towards the bottom of the screen.

 #9)  From the drop down menu, select the person who you are delegating as your “Proxy” to approve timesheets. Check the box in the [Add] column next to their name and select [Save]. To remove them at any time, check the box in the [Remove] column next to their name and select [Save]. There is no limit to the number of approvers you can add.


#10)   If your employee wishes to report any Leave Without Pay for the pay period, they will need to complete a separate form to submit to Payroll that requires your signature. The form is called “Leave Without Pay Taken” and is located here: www.eou.edu/payroll/forms/

#11)   If you wish to print your employee’s leave report for the pay period (PDF Format - single page), simply click [Print Timesheet].  Please note this feature will only be available once you employee submits their Leave Report to you.

Example #1: 9 Month Faculty Leave Report

Example #2) 12 Month Faculty Leave Report

Example #3) Administrative Professional Leave Report