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Lemonaid Terms and Conditions
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Privacy is extremely important to us, so we have taken several steps to protect your privacy.

This privacy policy describes the way that we use and collect your data. Please review this policy carefully and in its entirety. If you have questions about this policy, then please contact us.

You may not use Lemonaid if you do not agree to be bound by this Privacy Policy; you understand that Lemonaid can change this privacy policy by posting changes to this Web site. Your ongoing use of Lemonaid indicates that you accept any changes to the Privacy Policy.

Personal data is information that can be used to identify you as an individual.

By registering on the Lemonaid service, you agree:

  1. To comply with the terms and conditions of this Privacy Policy, and
  2. That Lemonaid may process (i.e., collect, use, etc.) your Personal Data as described in this Privacy Policy or the Terms of Service. Personal Data may be processed by Lemonaid in the country where it was collected as well as other countries (including the United States) where laws regarding processing of Personal Data may be less stringent.

Personal Information Defined. Lemonaid considers “Personal Information” to include information that alone or when in combination with other information may be used to readily identify or contact you, such as: name, email address, or phone number. Lemonaid does not consider Personal Information to include information that has been anonymized so that it does not allow a third party to easily identify a specific individual

Information that Lemonaid collects from Users

When you request a username on Lemonaid, we collect personal information that is necessary for you to use the Service. This information is known as Personal Data and includes your name or alias and gender.

In the event that a User elects to purchase paid services, other Personal Information such as name, address and credit card payment information will be collected in order to process payment.

Lemonaid may also record your IP address when submitting information in order to combat online crime or fraud.

Child Protection

Lemonaid complies with the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act and clearly specifies that users must be at least 18 years-old, or between the ages of 13-18 years old with parental consent. If Lemonaid learns of a user who is younger than 18, or 13-18 years old without parental consent, then Lemonaid, at their sole discretion, can terminate that account.

Consent and Changes

As indicated above, you must accept the terms of this privacy policy to use Lemonaid. You understand and agree that Lemonaid can change the privacy policy by posting changes to this Website. Your ongoing use of Lemonaid indicates that you accept any changes to the Privacy Policy. Again, if you have questions or comments regarding this privacy policy, then please contact us.