#178 - Into the Nexus: “Don’t get too weird”

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Intro:  Welcome to Into the Nexus! The Heroes of the Storm podcast!

Happy Hearthstone Release Garrett

The International is on and it looks real good.

Caught Dunktrain’s stream, been a circus.


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Garrosh is Live!

What the heck is going on!?

Garrosh - 42.4% (Same in every league, only difference is how many heroes beneath him)

Dragon Shire - Been live since Stukov release.

Dragon Knight

Biggest Patch winners:


Hanamura is out! (of the rotation on UR and QM)

Via TravisM:

After thanking everyone for their feedback on Hanamura TravisM went on to say:

We’re continually trying to push the boundaries with Heroes of the Storm and Hanamura is no exception. It introduces new concepts to the game and some of them have been more successful than others. We’ve made a couple rounds of changes since the battleground's release to address tuning feedback, but have identified a number of more fundamental changes we want to make as well.

While we work on these changes, we’re going to remove Hanamura from the battleground rotation for all normal gameplay modes starting with this week’s patch. We don’t have a timeline for when Hanamura will return, but the battleground will remain available in custom games in the meantime.”


Armor is in! Did it make a Difference?

Uther’s Armor is super short. We’ve all been making super long engages thinking we have it forever.


Western Clash

Where my Mages at?

Most Popular (Pick/Ban)

Highest Win-Rate

Unpicked Heroes

  • Dehaka 93% -  32/8
  • Uther 93% - 35/15
  • Auriel 90% - 19/20
  • Anub’arak - 86% 28/9
  • Genji 81%
  • Tassadar - 76%
  • Greymane - 69%
  • Illidan - 65%
  • Brightwing 58%
  • Rehgar - 53%
  • Medivh - 100% 7/0
  • Falstad - 100%
  • ETC - 80%
  • Stitches - 66%
  • Diablo - 66%

  • Artanis
  • Azmodan
  • Cho’Gall
  • Gazlowe
  • Kerrigan
  • Murky
  • Nazeebo
  • Nova
  • Ragnaros
  • Raynor
  • Rexxar
  • Samuro
  • Valeera
  • Zagara
  • Zul’jin

Map Popularity

Do we expect to see these trends continuing this weekend at the Eastern Clash?

Interesting Tidbits:


Mini News

Kharazhim's Radiant Dash is placing you in a random position on the target

Unfortunately, we didn't catch this bug in time before the patch went live but we are actively investigating and hope to have a fix out sooner rather than later.

Samuro Illusion Master swaps will be fixed next patch

Just thought I'd pop in and let you know that we should have this fixed for the next major patch. Sorry we haven't gotten the fix out sooner! There was an underlying system change that caused this.

(for the morbidly curious, when we do the image shake, we're applying a modified form of "Stasis" (that suppresses commands) to Samuro and the Images, and that's causing the Order-Queue swapping to fail, since the new Order-Queue is failing to validate since Samuro and the Image are in this form of "Stasis". They'll now be in a "better Stasis" that won't kill the order queue. That should resolve it.)

Apologies for the delay! (and thank you for posting the gif in the previous post, it helped make it clear the issue being described).

Stukov Healing icon missing

The TL:DR is that we feel the spam isn't worth the value of the information. (win rate is actually up)

To explain, it was a bug that it went out the way that it did. The idea is that only Stukov sees the overhead FX, while Stukov allies see the generic buff duration bar (like the one Muradin's Stormbolt gives to enemies), enemies see neither, and everyone sees the buff FX (the green mist on the body). I realize that right now the missing component to that is the generic buff duration bar, which we will fix soon, but also doesn't satisfy your desires.

To address that, I want to first say that we do this kind of thing all the time. In our constant battle to reduce spam, we carefully decide who exactly needs to see each effect. Many times the answer is "everyone" (especially as it pertains to damage), which is what makes this job difficult. So if we can find a win and say, "While it'd be nice if everyone could see this, it's not required, and so we should filter it selectively." Then we will.

It's a judgment call, plain and simple. One which people can disagree with, and maybe one we disagree with internally. But for the overall health of the game a call must be made. Because if we don't, what quickly happens is an arms race of effects, where people give feedback that one specific effect is hard to see, while it's probably the case of too many other effects vying for your attention. And so in the process of making one louder, we simultaneously make all others quieter, relatively speaking.

I'm not going to say that if we shipped it as intended that a similar thread to this wouldn't exist ("Hey can you make everyone see that thing only I see?") because... who knows? This may be the wrong call. I personally entertain that notion for literally every decision we collectively come to. All I'll say is - give it a shot. It may not be that bad, once you and your allies adapt. If you can, then it's a small win overall for our game.

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Battlefield of Eternity and Blackheart’s Bay

With the return of PvE maps, what should people be looking to draft?

How should they split?

Any important timings?


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