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White Pine Elementary

Mission Statement

The White Pine Community will collaboratively meet the diverse learning needs of all students.

Academic Excellence and the skills to become productive citizens will be achieved in a safe and positive environment.

Dear Parents,

Welcome to White Pine Elementary School for the 2017-2018 school year. The White Pine staff is committed to providing students with a positive and challenging learning environment throughout the year.

This handbook has been developed to give you and your child/children a better understanding of school policies, procedures and expectations for students' behavior. We believe that all behaviors are the result of making choices, and we expect children to understand and be responsible for their actions and how they affect others.

Please read and discuss the handbook with your child. It provides information that will:

The White Pine staff believes in fair and consistent treatment of all students. With your strong support, we will continue to provide students with the type of structure and environment necessary for them to be successful.

We look forward to working with your child/children and meeting you during the upcoming school year.


Tara Coe, Principal

Jean Lovelace, Assistant Principal


2017-2018 School Year Calendar

August 22 -First Day of School - Early Release K-12

September 4 -Labor Day - No School K-12

October 5 - 6 - State In-service Days - No School K-12

October 27 - End of First Quarter - Elementary K-6 No School

November 1 - No Kindergarten classes - Parent Conferences

November 2 - No K-6 Elementary classes - Parent Conferences

Elementary Evening conferences will be held Wednesday, Nov. 1 and Thursday, Nov. 2. Secondary Evening conferences will be held during the week of Oct. 30 - Nov. 2

November 3 - No School K-12

November 20 - 24 - Thanksgiving Holiday Break - No School K-12

December 21 - Early Release K-12

December 22 - January 5 - Winter Holiday Break - No School K-12

January 8 - School Resumes

January 15 - Martin Luther King Jr. Day - No School K-12

January 17, 18, 19 - Secondary End of Semester Testing - Early Release *7-12

January 19 - End of First Semester - Early Release K-6

February 19 - Presidents' Day - No School K-12

March 8 - Kindergarten Registration 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

March 23 - End of Third Quarter - Early Release K-6

March 26 - 30 - Spring Break - No School K-12

May 18 - Last Day of School for Seniors May 25 Early Release K-6

May 28 - Memorial Day - No School K-12

May 30, 31 & June 1 - Secondary End of Semester Testing - Early Release *7-12

June 1 - Last Day of School - Early Release K-12

Grading Periods

August 22 - October 27                46 days

October 30 - January 19                 42 days

January 22 - March 23                 44 days

April 2 - June 1                         44 days

Total Instructional Days                  176 days

Early Release Times

**Late Start Schools: Amity, Hawthorne, Hillcrest, Lowell, Madison, Morley Nelson, Riverside, Shadow Hills and Whittier

White Pine Staff 2017-2018


Tara Coe

Assistant Principal                Administrative Assistant

Jean Lovelace                Donna Kranmer


  • Kristin DeHaas
  • Alex Brizzee


  • Tiara Boe (AM/PM)

First Grade

  • Chelsey Forsyth
  • Carol Clubb
  • Tracy Mendiola
  • Selena Cook

Second Grade

  • Susie Klinkenberg
  • Karen Simonds
  • Adria Snow

Third Grade

  • Tom Bellomy
  • Patty Young

Third/Fourth Combination

  • Anne Brockl

Fourth Grade

  • Shelley Barrutia
  • Jennifer Peck

Fifth Grade

  • Lowell Brooks
  • Angie Kaufman

Sixth Grade

  • Glenn Aguiar
  • John Keiser


  • Brigette Warner (⅔ Combo)
  • Maria Manning-Floch (⅘  combo)
  • Katie Tucker (⅚  combo)


  • Brenda Winkle
  • Teresa Finch

Library  -  Joanne Wells

PE -  Jessica Dessert

Reading Specialist  -  Bev Heyer


  • Pam Carson
  • Lisa Robb - Nurse Tech


  • Lexie Jahn
  • Joni Graham (Friday only)


  • Stacy Bluma
  • Liz Graves

Special Education

  • Jen Bideganeta

Speech Pathologist

  • Kim Ennis
  • Karen Jaeger


  • Nichole Caropino









Discipline is the process of helping a child to develop desired character traits and habits.  The Boise School District is organized and administered for the purpose of helping each individual student reach the maximum of his/her potential.  By having a consistent discipline policy, the goal of educating children can be most efficiency reached.

In short, no student shall interfere in the instructional process either by interfering with another student’s right to learn or by preventing a teacher from doing his/her job.

We believe that:




At White Pine Elementary, we believe that students perform better when they feel good about themselves. Part of a student's self image is expressed through his/her appearance. We encourage students to dress in a way that reflects the importance of their education and does not interfere with the learning process. The following are unacceptable:



When weather is inappropriate for students to be outdoors, we allow them to remain inside. As a school staff we recognize the difference between "uncomfortable" temperatures and those that present a health hazard to our students. We have found that when students are able to go outside during recess time, the fresh air and change of environment gives them a break that helps them feel renewed when they come back in.




Parents may fund a student’s account by accessing http://myschoolbucks.com/.   Lunch menus can be found on-line at www.boiseschools.org under the Food and Nutrition section of the website.



White Pine has an active PTO which coordinates and sponsors many fine activities benefiting our students. Feel free to contact the school office for information on how to become involved in our PTO.



President                                Beth Mertes

Vice President

 Co-Treasurer                                Nicole Harlee

Co-Treasurer                                Jesikah Luangaphay

Secretary                                Sandy Provant        



Gangs, hate groups, and similar organizations or groups which advocate hatred or discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, ancestry, national origin, or handicap are inconsistent with the fundamental values of the educational environment of the Independent School District of Boise City. The activities of such groups and their members are prohibited on school district property and at all school sponsored functions. Such prohibited activities include, but are not limited to: the congregation of members, the solicitation or recruitment of members, the possession of group paraphernalia and materials, the intimidation of others, the advocacy of discrimination, and other behavior, such as the wearing of gang colors or insignia and the use of language, codes, and/or gestures that provoke or seek to advocate the purpose and objectives of such groups. Disciplinary action may include suspension or expulsion.


All reports of hate groups and gang activities are to be handled by the elementary building principals in an expedient and timely manner. When necessary appropriate disciplinary actions are to be taken and reports are to be written on the activities and actions taken, parents or guardians are to be contacted by phone, letter, or in person and also by the school resource officer, when necessary. All incidents are to be written and copies of said incidents are to be forwarded to the appropriate area director and to the Gang and Violence Specialist for the Boise School District.


The Independent School District of Boise City has "zero tolerance" for students who bring weapons or other objects/substances to school which are a threat to the health and safety of other students, staff members, or visitors, or are a disruption to the educational process. Possession and/or use of these objects/substances at the elementary school or at any elementary school sponsored activity without prior permission of school officials will result in the following course of action:


Any or all personnel employed by the Boise School District at the elementary level having knowledge of students with weapons or other objects/substances which are a threat to the health and safety of other students, staff members, or visitors, or are a disruption to the educational process shall notify the building principal immediately. The building principal shall conduct an investigation immediately and make the determination as to whether a school resource officer is to be contacted and a complaint filed and/or if an immediate suspension is in order. This suspension can be in-school or out of school as determined by the building principal with the understanding that the weapons, objects, and/or substances have been confiscated and when necessary turned over to the proper authorities for disposition. The elementary building principal in cooperation with the appropriate area director shall determine if sufficient cause exists for referral to the Board of Trustees for permanent expulsion.

Parents or guardians are to be contacted by phone, letter, or in-person in an expedient and timely manner with detailed information regarding the incident(s).

All reports of weapons, objects, and/or substances which are a threat to the health and safety of other students, staff members, or visitors, or are a disruption to the educational process shall be written by the building principal and copies sent to the appropriate area director(s) and a copy to the Gang and Violence Prevention Specialist for the Boise School District.


Providing a safe learning environment for students is of the utmost priority at White Pine Elementary.  In order to better accomplish this task we need to know who is in the building at all times.  All visitors and volunteers are required to sign in and obtain an identification badge upon arrival at the building.


Children must respect and cooperate with student patrols.  Help your child select the safest route to and from school and insist that it be followed.  


Please inform the office in advance if your child will be transferring to another school. Students do not take their permanent school records. If enrolling in another Boise Public School, the receiving school will contact White Pine after enrollment is complete and the records will be sent. If enrolling at a school outside the Boise School District, the records will be transferred to the new school once White Pine has been contacted by that school.


It is the policy of the Boise School District, in subscribing to and promoting the principles of equal protection under the law, that neither the Board of Trustees, nor its designated agents will discriminate in employment or in the equal delivery of educational services and opportunities against any person because of race, color, sex, religion, age, birth, ancestry, national origin, family relationship, personal or political patronage, or handicap.


Any person visiting White Pine for any reason must first report to the office to sign in and receive a visitor's badge. Visitors are asked to sign out prior to leaving. This is done to ensure the safety of our students.

Students are not permitted to bring friends or visiting company to school with them. The school faculty and staff are unable to be responsible for students not enrolled at White Pine.


White Pine welcomes and encourages parent volunteers. Parents can enhance their child's education in numerous ways both at home and at school.  For more information on how parents can become involved, please contact the school office so that we may put you in touch with our school volunteer coordinator. All volunteers are required to complete a volunteer application.  When visiting our school, visitors are required to sign in at the office and receive a volunteer identification badge. Volunteers are asked to sign out prior to leaving. This also assists in keeping records of volunteer hours at White Pine.

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