DHMN Organizational Meeting

October 5, 2015

Call to Order

Present: Mark F., Bob T-Son, Shane G., Mathew P., Mark F., Sim, John McGrath, Mike P.

Late arrivals:

Potential (past) attendees: Karl P., Ed K., Tim B., Erin Q-L., Paul K., Dan Brunner., Tater, Jake K., Sara K.j,  Ross L., Jason S., Steve P., Kristin M., Jakob,

Approve Minutes

Moves to approve: Sim

Seconded: Bob T-Son


Treasurer's Report

Report at end of 2015/09

generated from 7949328b


Short Term Net Worth


 Accounts Receivable      4.50

                Cash   2667.88

amortized charge Assets    411.32


Pos Short term Assets  3083.70

          insurance   -617.00

   Accounts Payable   -626.05

    Utils budgeting   -647.77

earmarked donations      0.00

 prepaid dues held   -575.00


Short term Liabilities   2465.82


Short Term Net Worth   617.88


Long Term Net Worth


Short Term Net Worth    617.88

           Equipment   2191.19


                food    549.13

              shirts     91.16

            Deposits   2042.00

               Loans  -1629.91


 Long Term Net Worth   3861.45


Actual Monthly Cash Flow


                dues 1280.00

           donations  153.00

        storage fees   75.00

               goods  190.75

           bank fees  -45.77

           utilities -408.71

                rent -625.00

        depreciation  -12.09

              repair   -0.00

  cost of goods sold -136.73

          adjustments   -0.00

 legal, professional   -0.00


   Monthly Cash Flow  470.45


Loan round 1 payment


total payment:  235.22

32.2% Shane:     75.74

67.8% Sim:      159.48

Move to approve: Sim

Seconded: Shane



New Business

Mark moves to give Shane a budget of $70/month for petty items.

Seconded: John McG.


Discussions (Not motions):

Code of Conduct ideas:

Don’t break rules. Don’t break laws. Don’t step on other people's toes.

Area chiefs define the rules and code of conduct for their areas.

Mark has reaffirmed that he is taking responsibility of changing the bylaws to separate board members from officers. To be completed by the next election.

Refining membership application:

Based on Milwaukee Makerspace: Member application + two personal references. 90 day probation period.

Member pictures and name cards on wall.


Move to Adjourn: Sim

Seconded: Mark F.