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Specific Rules and Guidelines

High School Basketball rules will govern play with the following modifications:

A. Play will consist of four (4) ten minute quarters for 9th-12 grade and four (4) eight minute quarters for 5th -8th grades with the clock stopping during the last three (3) minutes of the game only. If one team is leading by 15 points or more in the second half only, the clock will continue to run during the last 3 minutes. Half time will be 3 minutes.

B. Timeouts: 4-one minute timeouts per game (these do not carry over to overtime).

C. One (1)-one minute time-out given for each overtime (these do not carry over).

D. Defense: Man-to-Man or Zone may be played. Full-court press may be played at any time. The exception is when a team is 15 points or more ahead that team will not be allowed to full-court press. The other team may continue to press. Once the point differential has dropped below 15 points full-court press may be resumed.

E. Overtime will consist of one 3 minute period with the clock stopping on all dead balls. If after the overtime period the teams are still tied, the game will end in a tie.

F. Forfeits: A five (5) minute grace period will be given at the scheduled game time before a forfeit is declared. The minimum number of players to start and continue a game is four (4). If the 4th player arrives before game time or during the grace period, the game will then begin at game time or as soon as the player arrives during the grace period. Once the 5th player arrives, they may enter the game at the next opportunity.

G. Players and coaches will not be allowed to trade any player(s) to a different team. The Jr Jazz Staff reserves the right to check a player’s identity with the roster at any time. Any player found participating, which is not on the official team roster, will forfeit the game for the team he/she was playing on.

H. Any player hanging on the rims before, during, or after the game will be suspended for one game.

I. Coaches must play all their players at least half (25%) of each game.

J. One-and-one bonus will be awarded on the seventh team foul of each half. Double bonus will be awarded on the tenth team foul. During free-throws players in the marked lane space can enter the key once the ball leaves the shooter's hand, the free-throw shooter and players behind the shooter can enter once the ball hits the rim.

K. 1st Playoff tiebreakers are decided by head to head results, 2nd tiebreaker is least amount of points scored against your team..

L. Lane players can release when the ball leaves the shooters hand.

M. Technical foul penalty is 2 free throws and the ball at half court


A. Technical Fouls

a. Everyone, including spectators will be expected to display good sportsmanship at all times. Rude, disruptive or any other will not be tolerated.

b. If a player receives a technical foul they will sit out for ten (10) minutes of game 9th - 12th grades and eight (8) minutes for 5th-8th grades from the time it was given. Players receiving Technical Fouls with less than ten minutes in the first half will sit the remainder of their time in the beginning of the second half. If there is less than 10 or 8 minutes left in the game, the remainder of their time will be assessed the beginning of the next scheduled game. If a coach receives a technical foul, they will be ejected from the game immediately.

c. If a second technical foul is received during a single game or during the duration of the season, a minimum one game suspension will be assessed. If the player or coach who got ejected does not leave the premises within 2 minutes their team will forfeit the game.

d. A third technical foul will result in the player or coach being suspended for the remainder of the season at a minimum and possibly a lifetime suspension at a maximum.

e. If a team receives seven (7) cumulative technical fouls throughout a season the team will be dropped from the league for the remainder of the season and NO refund will be given.

B. Fighting

a. Any player or players in a fight with other players, spectators, facility guests, game officials, or other Jr Jazz Staff will be suspended from the league for the remainder of the season at a minimum and lifetime at a maximum.

i. Fighting includes but is not limited to: punching, kicking, slapping, hitting, hand gestures, etc. (contact is not required) b. Individuals involved in any physical altercation may also be prosecuted.

C. Language

a. The use of profane, insulting, or abusive language will not be tolerated.

This type of language may and can result in a technical foul. Specifically, the F-Word will not be tolerated. Any use of this word will result in an automatic technical foul. If the word is used again in the same game a second technical foul will be given resulting in the player being ejected and will serve a one-game suspension.

D. Unsportsmanlike Conduct

a. Grantsville Jr Jazz Staff shall have the authority to disqualify, suspend or remove any manager, coach, player, spectator or teams that conduct themselves in an unsportsmanlike manner before, during or after a game.

b. Game officials and scorekeepers are required to file a verbal report of unsportsmanlike conduct by the close of the next business day following the incident. Reports should be directed to the Director. Such incidents include but are not limited to:

i. Fighting

ii. Unsportsmanlike Acts

iii. Verbal Abuse towards players, officials, scorekeepers, other staff, etc.

iv. Threats

v. Technical Fouls

vi. Ejections vii. Unruly Players, Coaches, Fans and/or Spectators

E. No protest will be allowed for this group.

F. The buildings we use, and the custodians who work there, will be treated with the utmost respect. Any problems, reported to the Jr Jazz Director, may result in a player or coach being asked not to participate. Please help us keep the facilities we use clean.