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Secondary Focus

Dan Anderson - A Recursive Process

Avery - Without Geometry Life is Pointless

Nat Banting - Musing Mathematically

Lisa Bejarano - Crazy Math Teacher Lady

Jeff Brenneman - Brennemath

Jason Buell - Always Formative

Tina Cardone - Drawing on Math

James Cleveland - Roots of the Expression

Matt Coaty - Educational Aspirations

Shawn Cornally - ThinkThankThunk

David Cox - Questions?

Jim Doherty - Portrait of the Teacher As...

Sadie Estrella - Who’s a Math Nerd?

Michael Fenton - Reason and Wonder

Denise Gaskins - Let’s Play Math

Megan Hayes Golding - Kalamity Kat

Jill Gough - Experiments in Learning by Doing

Hedge - Approximately Normal

Lisa Henry - An “Old Math Dog”

Patrick Honner

Chris Hunter - Reflections in the Why

Jessica - Algebraniac

Justin Lanier - I Choose Math

Mike Lawler - Mike’s Math Page

Bob Lochel - Math Coach Blog

David Martin - Real Teaching Means ...

Secondary Focus (continued)

Audrey McLaren - McSquared

Dan Meyer - dy/dan

Elissa Miller - misscalcul8

Fawn Nguyen - Finding Ways to Nguyen...
Kate Nowak - f(t)

Ben Orlin - Math with Bad Drawings

Nora Oswald - Simplifying Radicals

Jim Pai - The Pai Intersect

Dan Pearcy - Teaching Mathematics

Michael Pershan - Rational Expressions

Henri Picciotto - blog of his Math Ed Page

Malke Rosenberg - Map is Not the Territory

Trever Reeh - Math Instruction & Techniques

Julie Reulbach - I Speak Math

Chris Robinson - Constructing Math Instruction

Sam Shah - Continuous Everywhere

Elizabeth Statmore- Cheesemonkey Wonders

Zach Shiner - Irrational Cube

Jenn Silverman - silvermath

Andrew Stadel - Divisible by 3

Sean Sweeney - Sweeney Math

Matt Vaudrey - Mr Vaudrey’s Class

Evan Weinberg - gealgerobophysiculus

Jennifer Wilson - Easing the Hurry Syndrome

Nordin Zuber - Exzuberant

Elementary Focus

Marilyn Burns (yes, THE MB)

Brian Bushart - Teaching to the Beat of a Different Drummer

Christopher Danielson - Talking Math with Kids

Graham Fletcher - Questioning My Metacognition

Matt Gomez - MBG:math

Kristin Gray - Math Minds

Simon Gregg - Y4 @ IST

Pernille Ripp - Through the 4th Dimension

Malke Rosenberg - Map is Not the Territory

Jen Runde - Runde’s Room: math

Joe Schwartz - Exit 10A

Adrienne Shlagbaum - Out of the Zone

Kassia Wedekind - Math Exchanges

Tracy Zager - Becoming the Math Teacher YWYH

Math/Collegiate Math

Alexander Bogomolny - CTK Insights


John Baez - Azimuth

Patrick Bahls - Change of Basis

Evelyn Lamb - Roots of Unity

Sol Lederman - Wild About Math

Dave Richeson - Division by Zero

Shecky Riemann - Math Frolic & Math Tango

Robert Talbert - Casting Out Nines 

Terry Tao - What’s New

Sue Van Hattum - Math Mama Writes

Teacher Prep/Math Ed

Grace Chen - Educating Grace

David Coffey - Delta Scape

Christopher Danielson - Overthinking My Teaching

Ilana Horn - teaching/math/culture

Raymond Johnson -

Jennifer Lawler - Infinite Learning

Nicora Placa - Bridging the Gap

Education (in general)

Brian Barry - Against the Wind

Derek Bruff - Teaching @ Instructional Tech

Joe Bower - For the Love of Learning  

Kathy Coffey - Literacy Gurl

Nancy Flanagan - Teacher in a Strange Land

Jim Knight - Radical Learners or On Coaching

Lisa Nielsen - The Innovative Educator

John T. Spencer - Spencer's Scratch Pad

Specific Readings and Videos

Teaching as a Profession

Brian Cambourne - Conditions of Learning (pdf)

Dave Coffey - Not So Easy, Is It?

*Fawn Nguyen - Do These Two Things

Alan November - Legacy Work

Virtual Conference on Soft Skills  

Virtual Conference on Core Values 

(both of the VC are amazing)


Dan Meyer - Math Curriculum Makeover (vid) and Teaching the Boring Bits

Understanding by Design

Tina Cardone - Algebra Units 1 & 2

Dave Coffey - How Do You Use the Workshop Model 

Kathy Coffey - Stereotype Threat

Elizabeth - Making Math Tasks “Stickier”

Megan Hayes Golding - Interactive Notebooks

Fawn Nguyen - When I Let Them Own the Problem and Good Enough Curriculum

Kate Nowak - Planning the Killer Slightly More Effective Lesson

Dan Willingham - The Privileged Status of Story

Instruction - Fundamentals

Jonathan Claydon - Teaching People

Christopher Danielson - 5 practices, Skills Practice (read the comments)

Ilana Horn - Belongingness

Gradual Release of Responsibility  (pdf)

<v> Dan Meyer -  Be Less Helpful

Frank Noschese - Pseudo Teaching

Timon Piccini - Love & Logic

John Spencer - Classroom Management

Carol Ann Tomlinson - Differentiated Instruction

Sue Van Hattum - Complex Instruction

Instruction - Focused

Nat Banting - Becoming Unflippable

Ben Orlin - Whiteboards: a Love Story

Ilana Horn - Asking the Right Question

Justin Lanier - Structured Choice Time 

Dan Meyer - Three Act Lessons, video demo of & reflection on Teaching with 3 Act Tasks

<v> Sherry Parrish Number Talks

Elizabeth Statmore on a Talking Points Activity as a precursor to group work

Evan Weinberg - Teacher Talking

Assessment and Evaluation

Jeff Brenneman - Ninja Board!

Jason Buell - Formative Assessment before and after

Tina Cardone - a Math Practices Portfolio

Dave Coffey - Can We Reclaim Assessment?

Ilana Horn - What Do You Think and Why?

Alfie Kohn - Homework Myth and Grading

Geoff Krall - Equalizing Assessment & Practice

Kate Nowak - Formative Assessment

Michael Pershan - Classifying Math Mistakes

Nicora Placa - How to Gather the Data You Really Want

<v> My Favorite No - Teaching Channel


Shawn Cornally - Standards Based Grading FAQ

Mathy McMatherson - SBG Collateral Damage

Patricia Scriffiny - 7 Reasons for SBG 

SBG Gala 6 - Standards Based Grading, with links to 1-5

Mathematics Teaching and Learning

Avery Mathematical Habits of Mind

NCTM Tips for Teachers 

Terry Tao - More to Mathematics than Rigor and Proof

Mathematics & its communication

Mike Lawler Communication of Math


Maria Anderson - Technology Skills We Should Be Teaching in College

Derek Bruff - Agile Teaching 

Frank Noschese - $2 whiteboards 

Conrad Wolfram - Teaching Kids Real Math (vid)

Sugata Mitra - The Child-driven Education (vid)


Global Math

Math Twitter Blog-o-Sphere

MTBoS Directory

MTBoS Search

MTBoS Cool Things We Do Together

MS Math Wiki (now MS and High School)

Educators share their best blog post (Gdoc)

Mathematics Teaching Community at UGA

Sunday Funday - math blogging on themes


NRICH - problems sorted and searchable

Alexander Bogolmony - Cut the Knot

James Tanton - problems and videos (and problem tweets)

Geof Krall's Problem Based Curriculum Maps, MS and HS, traditional and integrated

Mathematics Assessment Project

Illustrative Mathematics

Sam Shah’s Virtual Filing Cabinet

…& more VFCs

Single Serving Math Sites

101 Questions (#anyqs)

3 Acts (spreadsheet)

Agree or Disagree Math

Daily Desmos

Don Steward - beautiful, creative, visual problems

Estimation 180

Graphing Stories

Math Mistakes

Single Serving Math Sites (cont’d)

Math Talks

On This Day in Math

Open Middle


Solve My Maths 

Visual Patterns

Which One Doesn’t Belong

Would You Rather...


Temple Grandin - We Need All Kinds of Minds

Mike Lawler’s Family Math Videos

Taylor Mali - What Teachers Make

Ken Robinson - Schools Kill Creativity and Changing Paradigms

Mathagogy! 2 minute videos on “how I teach…”

Max’s collection of math teaching & learning videos

Professional Development

Ilana Horn What Can Teachers Learn from Research?

Michael Pershan - Trying to Avoid the Plateau

Tumblrs (not listed elsewhere) (mine!)

Center of Math


From Student to Teacher

Geometry Daily

Math is Beautiful



Matthew Maddux

Proof Math is Beautiful

Visualizing Math


Abstruse Goose



Spiked Math

Math Art

Math Munch Math Art Tools page

Paula Krieg

Math Poetry

Just Fun

Vi Hart - Video Doodles

Brain Pickings

Futility Closet

I Love Charts

Math Jokes 4 Mathy Folks

Math Munch


Simon Pampena

What If? (from XKCD)