MOC General Meeting

November 20th, 2013


Trip Reports

Keep your eyes out for albino squirrels… There have been numerous sightings. Watch out!

Elodie went bouldering at Tour de Bloc at Allez Up this weekend!

Liz went hiking at Far Hills in Val David.

Only one person came to the poker run this past weekend… SO there will be a mandatory one in January! Stay tuned!

Sarah and team made some sweet bridges on the MOC trails. They were very badass and split wood with mallets and wedges. Some bridges are not quite finished and there is still a lot of water kicking around, so be careful! The trail workers also climbed Mt. Shaw at night to see the meteor shower

Clio and AJ passed Wilderness First Aid certification along with 11 other people. They had a blast with fake blood, lacerations, lying in mud and screaming in pain in the middle of McGill campus.


Trip Announcements

Why go on Icebreakers when you can go biking with Leith? Enough said.


Skyler is going to put insulation on the windows of the house this weekend so you can come with him if you want to help out! We don’t want to freeze to death!


Max ‘s Icebreakers trip is full! However, you can be put on the waiting list if you like. Heading to the ‘dacks December 7th-8th.


Hossein is running a trip to Mount Gosford for the weekend of November 30th – December 1st.  You will be hiking and camping overnight in the cold on the mountain! Fun times! Trip cost will be around $30.


Robyn is going to Puerto Rico over reading break. The cost will be under $500 per person including airfare, food and lodging.  She wants to go surfing! Email her if you want to come! Also, send Robyn submissions for the fall newsletter. Anything short and fun and outdoorsy! Stop posting on facebook and send it to her instead! You’ll get published! Limit: 200 words or less cause no one wants to read more than that….


Post your trips on the listserv and chances are someone will be dumb enough to go with you! Don’t be scared!



Adventure Grant Winner

 After a long period of deliberation, we have decided on a winner!

It was a tough call between the final two (out of two applications…!)

Max and company – Ski touring in Les Monts – Groulx. Very remote spot, especially in winter.


Sabina and company – Bouldering in freezing cold temperatures in northern Quebec.


Winner: Max Bellemare!!! He has finally won! The lesson: try and try and try again! Max will give us a presentation on his trip if and when he comes back!


Next week…. Elections!

Positions Available:


Ice Climbing

Cross-Country Skiing

Telemark Skiing

Frosh Exec

Downhill/Snowboard Exec

Winter Camping

Winter Recreation



Get in touch with us if you are interested in running for these positions and want to learn more! Or just show up at next week’s meeting and run. Even if you don’t win, you’ll at least get a free donut.