MAFCSE Meeting Agenda for October 2013

Bozeman Montana

Either pass out an agenda for everyone or use the computer to show the agenda on the screen

Call to Order and Welcome                        President—Becky Bruce

Review and Approve Agenda                        Past President—Karen Boardman

                                                President Elect—Lindy Hockenbary

                                                Secretary—Jocelyn Sumner

                                                Treasurer—Cindy Barnes

Approval of Minutes from 2012 Meeting – Make sure we have a copy of the minutes to read or put copies on the tables for everyone to review.

Treasurers Report—Cindy Barnes – Treasurer will have copies to pass out to all the tables

Old Business                

1. Webpage Design for MAFCSE, can we hire someone to do this? – Jenny Zimmerman from Red Lodge volunteered to do this

2. Missing History of Awards – This will be finished when we put all our documents in drop Box

New Business                

Recognize new members and new attendees and retired teachers

Introduction of MSU Students

Ask for a Motion to approve the expenses for the conference

1.  Megan Vincent—OPI Update

2. Century Link Grant

3. Becky & Lindy Traveled to National ACTE in Atlanta last November will anyone be traveling to the conference this year?  $750 reimbursement from MAFCSE will be given to Joanna Krogstad

4. Fall Conference in 2014 in Missoula, 2015 in Billings, and 2016 in Helena

5. Election of Officers                Becky Bruce – Past President, Lindy Hockenbary – President

Joanna Krogstad – President Elect, Jocelyn Sumner – Secretary, Marjorie Chinadle - Treasurer

6. Awards given for Outstanding new teacher of the year and Teacher of the year

7. Gifts given to Karen as past president, Becky as President, Megan for her work as FCS specialist, Speaker gifts and gift to Cindy Barnes for serving as Treasurer.