Barking at the Moon

November 14-15, 2015






        This will be a one ring tournament. Racing will begin at 7:30am both days.

        We will have 2 minute warm ups both days as long as people are moving along appropriately.         Should the racing slow down we will cut the warm ups to 1 min. Warm up time will begin

when the previous teams boxes go up. Begin your warm ups as soon as it is safe to do so unless otherwise instructed by the judge. If anyone needs assistance in moving equipment or setting jump heights please let the table  know or a member of Special Fources.  As always be courteous when moving your equipment around and in and out of the lanes.

Head judge is Mike Smith with John Fairbairn assisting. Special guest in from Colorado is Katie Altholz. She will be completing her apprenticeship under the direction of John.

Line and Box Judging                                                                                        


Line judges will be writing times on the race sheets. Please let the table know if your club is unable to fill an obligation.

Tickets for judges raffle will be in your crating area with welcome gift.

Drawing for judges raffle will be held at approximately 2pm



        POINTS-The winner of each heat will receive one tournament point. Heats ending in a tie will

result in each team receiving ½ point. The winner of the majority of the heats will be awarded the 2 additional bonus points. If the race results in tie heats the bonus points will be divided equally. If neither team wins a majority of the heats due to a double loss in one of the heats, neither team will receive the bonus points.


        Double Tie Breaker-Results of head to head competition at the heat level.

        Fastest legal time in head to head competition

        Fastest legal time in overall competition

        Coin flip

        Triple Tie Breaker- Fastest legal time in overall competition

        Coin flip

Special Events                                                                                        

        Raffle items are being offered as all 2 day items. Drawing to be held on Sunday TBD.


        Reminder: Please pick up after your dogs!!!  We will provide some poop stations for your convenience but don’t leave it to the host club to pick up after you.


Thank you everyone for coming to help make this fun for all!!