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Patient & Public Involvement (PPI) Group Meeting Minutes

Date:         Tuesday 21st February 2017

Time:         12.30 pm - 13.30 pm

Venue:         Leytonstone Road Medical Centre

Attendees: Charley Jardine - Medical Secretary, Hamida Khan - Trainee Operations Manager, Tia Al Mamun - Medical Admin Receptionist, Farjana Begum - Medical Admin Receptionist, Dr Sebastian Ambrozie - General Practitioner, Dr Neyat Berhane- General Practitioner, EMIS 500605, EMIS 392, EMIS 1862, EMIS 605036.

Apologies: Onika Winston - Communication & Engagement Officer, EMIS 712

Welcome & Introductions

Matters arising from the last PPI Group meeting

Minor Ailment-

Hamida asked all patients present if they had ever used or heard of Minor Ailment. Minor Ailment is offered to Newham Residents whereby if you receive free prescriptions, patients can use the local pharmacy for any items such as paracetamol and get this free of charge without a prescription. All patients present are now aware of Minor Ailment and will use in the future.

Patient Access-

Hamida asked all patients if they were using Online Access. EMIS 392 stated that although Online Access is useful to book appointments, it is not good for parents who have younger children as you cannot use the email addresses for more than one account. Dr Ambrozie added that this was with NHS England and not something the surgery can control.

Phone Lines-

EMIS 392 commented that it is often difficult to get through in the mornings. Dr Ambrozie agreed that it was difficult however if two members of admin staff are on the phones, the appointments go quicker. Hamida also added that there are services in Newham that are useful such as Minor Ailment and Extended Hours.

EMIS 392 agreed that the services were useful however sometimes need own surgery such as blood test results. Hamida confirmed that although results are important to patients, when calling at 8.30 in the morning for results, it can mean patients who are wanting to make an appointment cannot get through. If results come back abnormal, the surgery will contact patients to come in via letter and more recently text message. If the results are urgent the patient will be contacted by phone. Dr Ambrozie agreed with Hamida and but advised patients to still call and check if not heard within a couple of weeks to be certain the results are normal.

Patients asked whether a telephone message can be implemented to provide information such as asking patients to call at certain times for results. Hamida stated that this was expensive although Charley agreed that it was expensive, the cost may be justified if it helps educate patients and takes pressure from staff. Dr Ambrozie concluded the topic by adding that patients can see their results on Online Access which will show patients whether their result is normal or not.

Patient Feedback-

EMIS 605036 thanked staff for supporting himself and his wife.

F4HG - 2017-02-21 - Leytonstone Road Medical Centre - PPI Group Meeting Minutes