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Miriam C. Jacobs, Editor

Miriam C. Jacobs is a graduate of the University of Chicago and teaches college writing, literature and humanities. Her poetry has appeared in literary journals and popular magazines, including Miller's Pond, Corvus Review, Calliope, Jewish Literary Journal, Bluestem and Oklahoma Today. To read more of her work, please visit her website, Her chapbook, The Naked Prince, is available on Amazon.


Hester L. Furey, Supporting Editor

Hester L. Furey has taught at the Art Institute of Atlanta for 16 years and has also taught at Agnes Scott College and the University of Illinois. She has published many poems and journal articles in scholarly journals. She is the author of Little Fish (a chapbook of poems published by Finishing House Press) and the editor of Dictionary of Literary Biography 345: American Radical and Reform Writers, Second Series.

ed hall for periodically

Edward Austin Hall, Copy Editor

Edward Austin Hall, Alabama escapee and lifelong Southerner, created the Super Visions blog for Fresh Loaf and served as operations editor for its parent publication, CL Atlanta. His other writings have appeared in Paste, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the Dictionary of Literary Biography. Hall is a graduate of Tulane University and co-editor (with novelist Bill Campbell) of the anthology Mothership: Tales from Afrofuturism and Beyond. His forthcoming first novel is titled Chimera Island.


Ian Campbell, Guest Editor

Ian Campbell is Assistant Professor of Arabic at Georgia State University. He co-directs the language program and teaches courses on classical Arabic literature. Ian publishes character-driven mystery-thriller fiction under the name Julian Cage. His work can be found in the Amazon Kindle Store and at

richard editor

Richard Gess, Guest Editor

Richard Gess is a writer, musician, and visual artist from Decatur, Georgia. He has an MFA from UNC-Greensboro, and was most recently published in Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet 25, Bound Off 78, and Eyedrum Periodically 6. He guest edited Eyedrum Periodically 6 (Backwards) and will be guest editing EdPer 13 (theme TBA). His novel-in-progress is called The Light of Television.