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Bull Run Quiz
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Fill in the letter “C” for 9 ,10

1) True or False: This Battle took place in Virginia

2) True or False:  The Union was another name for the South

3) True or False: The Union Reinforcements arrived by Railroad to turn the tide of the Battle

4) True or False: After this Battle Lincoln knew the war would be short

5) Multiple Choice: Thomas Jackson’s nickname was:

a) Stonehand

b) Stoner

c) Stonewall

d) Chewy

6) Multiple Choice: What was the main problem for the Armies at Bull Run

a) lack of ammunition

b) lack of experience

c) lack of good horses

d) Bad weather

7) What was notable about Confederate General P.G. T. Beauregard

a) He was African American

b) He was French

c) He died during the Battle

d) He was also in charge of Ft Sumter

8) True or False: The North (Union) named battles for nearest town the South (Confederates) named the battle after nearest river or body of water.

Fill in the letter “C” for 9 ,10