9th Grade Expectations                                                     Check out the Back-to-School Supplies

Biology / Earth & Space Science


World Geo



Freshman Seminar


Homework will be assigned nightly to practice and study the content from class. Homework should be completed on-time. Homework may or may not be graded depending on the assignment. Any work during class that is not completed by the end of the period will become homework.  

-Most of the required reading will need to be completed for homework.  In order to grow as a reader, daily reading is absolutely necessary.

-Consistent and thoughtful completion is CRITICAL for success and growtyh as a reader.

Late work is accepted for ½ credit up to the day of the exam for academic classes.  

 NO LATE work is accepted for credit at the honors level.

Homework is graded on accuracy.  For some math teachers, you can correct it and resubmit for points.

Honors – full credit ONLY on day it is due.  No late work accepted.

Academic – some teachers have a “grace period”, allowing you to turn in homework until the day of the test/quiz on the content.

Assignments are completed in class. In the event that students do not complete class work, homework will be assigned.

Students will get ½ credit for late work.

Updates are posted on edline and google classroom.

I accept late work with a penalty fee = 25% for one day; 50% for second day; 75% for third day; I will not accept beyond three days.


Biology - There will be periodic quizzes to check student understanding of concepts from class. Tests are designed to be completed during one class period. There may be 2-3 comprehensive tests per grading period.

Earth & Space Science - There will be periodic quizzes to check student understanding of concepts from class.

-Regular reading quizzes.

-Tests on major works and concepts and skills learned and practiced in class.

Unit tests are objective including multiple choice, matching, True/False. Test MUST be completed during the class period no additional time is given.

It is recommended to study nightly, especially terms and problems done in class and for homework.  Doing homework regularly and well goes a long way in preparing for tests.  A test is expected to be completed in one period - no additional time is given.  Tests are generally not retaken or corrected by students for additional points.

The course is predominantly project based; however, exams and quizzes are administered as needed to help determine mastery, e.g.nutrition and body systems.


Students are to come to class prepared to learn. Students are expected to behave appropriately for the science laboratory. Students are to be active in class discussions and activities.

-Active, respectful, and purposeful behavior is expected and required in order to enable students to maximize class time.

The Golden Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated.

You will be expected to use edline and Google Classroom as a tool for individual accountability and proactivity.

Self advocacy is essential for success. Students are encouraged to email the teacher with questions/concerns.

Come to class prepared.  Participate in discussions and take notes.  Be an active learner, and ask a lot of questions.

Be kind and respectful to one another.

Immaturity is not tolerated.

Inappropriate and disrespectful behavior toward the teacher and other students will not be tolerated.

Students are responsible for their own actions.

Students are to refer to edine and google classroom for updates.

Students are to remain in seats unless we are working on a project.

Students must be respectful during all discussions.

As a 9th grader, you should know what is right and wrong/moral and immoral. If not, then there will be consequences.

Biology / Earth & Space Science


World Geo



Freshman Seminar


Various science projects will be completed throughout the year.

Each project will be assigned with specific instructions and a scoring rubric.

Various projects will be completed throughout the year

We complete both group and individual projects. Late projects are never accepted for credit at any level.

Pay attention to rubrics for the projects.  Though some projects might be done in a group, your grade will be calculated on your specific portions as well as the overall product.

There will be a project-- individual or group-- related to each unit.  

We will do collaborative p.e., mental health, and nutrition projects.

Students will do powerpoints and presentations.

Extensions will be offered depending on the circumstances.




Needed Every Class Period:

Chromebook (textbook online only)


One “3- subject” spiral wire-bound notebook (to be used only in biology class)

Earth/Space Science:

One Stitch-bound composition notebook (to be used only in science class)

Student materials will be posted to the biology website or E/S science Google Classroom. If a quiz, test or lab is missed, it is a student’s responsibility to make arrangements to complete missed tasks.

-Bring the following to class each day:


*Pen / Pencil

*Assigned Book a

Academic World Geography will need a three ring binder for just World Geography and there are several notebook checks

Bring the following to class each day:

Pencil, binder, and calculator

*It is highly  recommended you get a calculator of your own.  TI-83 or TI-84 editions are preferred and can be used for the remainder of your high school career. 

Utilize Edline and google classroom to stay on top of your work.

Students will need a chromebook, pencil, and small notebook.

Students must turn work in/share on google classroom.

Please organize yourself by visiting the Google Classroom page for this class and Edline/Gradequick. Also, I would recommend a trapper folder for this class only.


Due to safety in the science laboratory, no student may bring his/her book bag into room 315.

No food or drink (including water bottles) are allowed in the science laboratory.

All late work will be assessed 10% late points per day late.

We will be using the Schoology website this year--this will be a valuable tool for communication, organization, activities, and course materials.

Daily review of the material is essential to achieve mastery.

All expectations are subject to change as the 9th grade moves to a TEAM model

Strive to be independent, persevere and be a good problem-solver.

Expectations are subject to change.

Google classroom will be utilized for organization and instruction.

We will have several guest speakers throughout the semester.

Current events are discussed regularly.