Dear Lex, at home your music is with us, during our travel time your music is with us, my children are singing some of your songs while they are playing, it is amazing ... Until I met your music, it was only Enya that we could listen to for hours and days and each time there was something new in her music. Once we discovered your creations, we are floating in a new space and energy.... I wanted to share with you the profound impact that your music had on the participants in my workshops.  I can no longer imagine my work without your music, honestly. Thank you so much!

Dear Lex, I just came across \'Sri Ram, Jai Ram Mantra\' it\'s simply awesome. We chanted this mantra since childhood, common for many hindus, but you have given a new dimension. Thank you for it.


Lex is a world class spiritual singer. I never cease to be amazed by him and I have listened to him hundreds if not thousands of times. Keep the faith.


This is inspired music for the new world! - pure joy of life!


I have never heard such a beautiful male voice! Just wonderful, a blessing, heavenly, visionary, magnificent …


This music has touched me so deeply. It gives an undescribable feeling of tranquillity and strength.


Never before I had heard music that is so soothing, consoling and healing.


Even the word "magnificent" is an understatement for the two concerts you gave here in El Paso. Everybody loved it. The parents of the little girl in the wheelchair said how happy they were that their daughter sang with you. People are still calling in, praising the concerts and telling me how much they loved them and you!


You have changed my life since I came with my husband to Baden-Baden many years ago. I never felt closer to God as in that (for me) very first concert of yours and can never thank you enough. I believe it can happen again and again for whoever is open to such beauty. To describe your music in any way, I would say it is “hauntingly beautiful”. Your voice and your presence are a true blessing for everyone who is willing to receive.


The most I listen to your new CD Tara, the more I love it. It has a wonderful vibration, full of joy and sacredness. Today I listened to it in my car again, with my little dog on my shoulder while I was driving. He seems to like it too.


Your contribution to world peace is greater than that of any politician.


I so much enjoyed your concert and must say that it is amazing how with your voice and presence alone you transform the atmosphere in the little church from a cold stone building into a place where everyone seems to feel so loving and wonderful at the end of the concert as if it were Christmas. Each concert is unique and by giving yourself totally each time, the energy is transformed in a very unique way, something that the recordings cannot capture. You are one of God’s gifts to the world and it is a blessing to know you.