Beginner Lesson Plan 1 - Remix Dong Nguyen’s Game

  • Have students open links (backchannel, scratch, etc) (5 minutes)
  • Students write a brief intro on the back channel ”My name is.. living in .. (5 minutes)
  • Eight blocks challenge - (20 minutes)
  • Show how to change a sprite and background
  • In groups/pairs students create a simple program using  the 8 specified blocks. They can duplicate the blocks as many times as they like.
  • Share experiences: Students look at what other groups have done and reflect on what they learned and noticed. Ask: What is something that confused you and how did you figure it out?
  • Open the game and show how to remix the project and see the scripts.

       Scratch help videos

       Scratch help sheet

  • Students who want a challenge can watch (how to make a simple game) and create their own.
  • Share with other students (5 minutes)
  • Demonstrate how to share a project and add it to the beginner gallery (10 minutes)