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4th January 2017

Dear families,

I hope you all had an enjoyable Christmas holiday and are ready for a busy Spring term.  This is just a quick note to welcome you back once again and give a few details about this term.  As you are aware, I am on jury service for the first two weeks of term and Mr Collis is teaching the class for this period.   I should return on Tuesday 17th January but will be in constant contact with Mr Collis.  If you have any questions during this time, please either see Mr Collis, Mrs Crewe or ask the school office to contact me.

We will be maintaining high expectations of both work and behaviour in Class 4 in order to promote a positive learning environment. This will be supported by our reward systems for Gold Stars and raffle tickets.  We are going to continue our focus on presentation and handwriting this term.  Across the school, there will be a continuing focus on tidiness (of uniform, the school itself and classrooms), behaviour and politeness.

General Points


This term, we will be learning about Ancient Egypt and will base much of our work across the Curriculum on the topic.  Please see the attached topic web for more information on what we are going to cover this term.  We hope to invite you into class later this term to share what we have been learning.


Weekly homework will continue to alternate between a maths task and a grammar/English task.  Homework is set and discussed on a Friday and then marked together, in class, the following Friday.  Please encourage your children to at least look at their homework over the weekend so that they can discuss anything they do not understand with us at the beginning of the week.


Regular spelling sessions take place throughout the week looking at spelling patterns and prefixes and suffixes for root words.  Children are encouraged to monitor their own spelling – spot and correct spelling errors in their own work, use spelling strategies etc.  The children will bring home spellings from the year 3/4 spelling list that we are focussing on.  Please help them to practise these words at home.


Times Tables

The ‘Gold Star Challenge’ continues – please encourage your children with this.  Their aim is to learn all times tables by heart, at random.  When they feel they have mastered one, they can come to us for an impromptu test to earn a gold star.  We do regular times tables practise in class – usually as part of ‘Times Tables Rockstars’ but often as part of a maths lesson.  Apps, games and songs that ‘use’ tables are a great way to practise and help children to become familiar with them!


In year 4, the children are expected to read for 30-40 minutes every week but this but should be spread across a number of days to encourage regular reading.  This may be shared with an adult or independent reading.  If they are very able readers, it may be that you spend a few minutes asking them questions about what they have read rather than listening to them read.  We ask that the children record their reading in their diary – you can either write this in or they can do it themselves, then you initial next to the entry. Children’s diaries also need to be signed at the end of the week.  The children who read regularly at home, including independently and have this ‘signed off’, will be rewarded with a short extra play time.  

We have a group reading rota in class 4 where children do a number of activities including novel reads and book discussion, discussion of shorter texts to develop skills such as inference and deduction, and to look at use of language and structure, book journal tasks and reciprocal reading.  Many children are also heard regularly on an individual basis.  We always welcome volunteers to hear readers!

At various points in the week, children will also continue independent reading and so should keep a book in school at all times from the class bookshelves, the school or local library, or home .

Homework diaries 

The children will continue to write all homework, reading and reminders in their homework diaries.  The diaries are checked on a Friday morning.  Please initial that they have completed any homework or reading that week and make any comments as necessary for communication.  It is important that homework diaries are in school every day.

As ever – please do pop in and see me (when I return!) if you have any questions, worries or anything I need to know.  I can’t believe we are already into term 3 - I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching and learning with your children so far this year and am really looking forward to the terms ahead.

Many thanks

Sarah-Jane Lewis and Jilly Corcoran