Volunteers are needed for our 61st Annual Antique Market & Craft Show to be held Saturday, June 17th.

Volunteers are needed on the following dates for specific jobs:

Wednesday, June 14, 6:30-7:30                --Post No Parking Signs on the streets surrounding the center square.

         Need 4 teams of 2

Friday, June 16, between 8 & 5        .        -- Bring the barricades, tables and chairs from Borough building to the

        Need 8-10 volunteers able to              Circle    (in trucks/vans provided)

       perform physical tasks                        --Build trash boxes

--Put signs up on posts in the circle

--Hang sign above Chamber door

Saturday, June 17th (Event Day)

5:30-6:30--  Need 4        volunteers                --Greeters to direct vendors to their spaces

4-6 p.m. --  Need 10 Volunteers                --Clean-up Detail:   take signs down, return barricades, chairs, tables

able to perform physical tasks              to Borough building, gather trash, etc.

                If you/your employees, organization volunteers, church youth group, friends or neighbors can spare just a few hours for this year’s Market Day, please contact Michele at The Chamber Office at 717-624-2800 or via email:  info@newoxford.org.

REMEMBER:  “Many Hands Make Light Work!”                        

Want to volunteer for other New Oxford Area Chamber of Commerce events, Call (717) 624-2800

or email: info@newoxford.org.