Susan Gilley -

It’s Not What you Know,

but what you SHARE! 

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Advanced Google Sites - Link to Copy

Together We Are Stronger if we SHARE

Questions and Feedback

Helpful Tips

  • Extensions - tab scissors/tab glue/tab resize, extensity
  • Incognito Mode to Test Links

Questions before you Start

  • What do you want?
  • What will you keep up to date?

Things Needed on any WebSite


contact info



lesson plans

student projects

teacher section

class information


Advanced Features

  • Start from Scratch! - Why not a Template?
  • Navigation
  • Page Organization
  • Adding HTML Links to other Pages
  • Page Level Permissions
  • Copying Sites
  • File Cabinet or File Folder
  • Page Templates
  • Create an Announcement Page
  • Recent Posts
  • Blog
  • Comments
  • Embedding Video and other Objects
  • Google Forms and Google Groups
  • Publishing a Site as a Template vs Copying a Site
  • Subscribe to Changes
  • Gadgets
  • Banner
  • Calendar Tip Sample but HOW??

Ok - Maybe Advanced isn’t for Me

Resources from Google

Other Resources

  • including embedding content without scroll bars on other web pages
  • marquee scrolling

Other Extras