Google Certified Teachers Panel #CUE14

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The latest and greatest tips, tricks and tools for Google Apps, and other Googly things.

Jen Roberts


Alice Chen


Diane Main


Group Creator Spreadsheet

Research Bar

Google Voice

Data Validation

in Google Forms

Google Draw is amazing.

Sean J. O’Neil


Jeffery Heil


Dan McDowell



Google+ and Hangouts On Air

IFTT with Instagram & Blogger or/And. . .IF Twitter hashtag THEN save to Google Drive Spreadsheet

Google Maps Engine Lite and Google Speadsheets - Maps magic!

Scott Moss


Holly Clark


Melissa Hero


Easy HTML into Google Placemarks

What Do You Love?

Sign up without GMail

Ngram Viewer

Bacon Number

Killer Chrome Extensions

Ad Blocker Plus

Google URL Shortner

One tab

Google Doc Add-Ons

Easy Bib


Table of Contents

Geri Coats


Use Your Voice

Google Voice is a great, yet highly under-utilized, tool for educators

If anyone has Voice questions, tweet me and I’m happy to discuss