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Terms of Service

Last Updated on January 10, 2019

By commissioning BSP, you are stating that you have read, understand, and agree to the Terms listed below.

You must be at least 18 years of age to order from the BSP workshop.

Please contact us, Mars or Jupiter, if you have any questions or concerns:

Character Design

BSP cannot make a plush of a copyrighted character, unless you are the owner of the character or you provide written permission from the owner. However, I can create a likeness "inspired by" a character. Some colors and details about the character may need to be changed to facilitate this. Please discuss these details via email.

BSP is a small workshop, not a factory or a mass-producer. Custom orders create unique plushies.

Size & Detail

As indicated by the name, Big Sexy Plush, we specialize in large and life-size custom plushies!

Reasonable sizes are 4-13 feet  tall for bipeds, and 2-6 feet  tall for quadrupeds.
You may like to try a cheaper Mini BSP plush order before placing a larger custom commission.

If you’d like to order an extremely oversize plush, BSP would be happy to discuss special pricing and shipping options.

Size may not always be the deciding factor for price. To get a cheaper plush, the plush features will be simplified.

Once sewing has started, any additions or changes to the plush design may incur extra fees.

Payment & Timetable

BSP offers flexible payment plans for custom commissions, so you may pay in portions of your choice!

BSP accepts PayPal only, and uses an invoice system. Go to for more information on how this works.

For the majority of custom orders, a non-refundable 20% down-payment will be required to order.
The remaining cost of the plush will be invoiced to you separately through PayPal.

You can pay off this invoice over time, in portions of your choice, up until the final due date.

At least half of the total cost of the plush must be received before sewing begins.

Once the plush is finished, full payment & shipping cost is required before the plush can be shipped.

Orders may be expedited for an extra fee, depending on BSP’s current workload and availability.

Late Fees, Cancellations, & Refunds

If your payment becomes more than 5 days overdue, a late fee of $5 per day will be added until the full payment is made.

If your payment becomes more than 90 days overdue, the commission may be cancelled.

If you are unable to complete payment, and/or are unresponsive to communications, your commission may be cancelled and/or partially refunded.

If an order is cancelled and warrants a refund of $200 or more, there will be a $50 cancellation fee.

If an order is cancelled and warrants a refund of $500 or more, there will be a $100 cancellation fee.
If an order is cancelled and warrants a refund of $1000 or more, there will be a $200 cancellation fee.

Due to the unique and personal nature of BSP custom plushies, our workshop cannot easily accept returns. If you receive your plush and are not satisfied with it for reasons such as incorrectly sized aspects, damage during shipping, or other mistakes on the part of the plushmaker, we can offer you replacement parts and/or a discount on the next plush you order (see Satisfaction Policy for details). A partial or total refund may be negotiated upon, depending on the issue.

Proper PayPal Practices

If you have any issue after sending a payment, do not open a PayPal dispute. This will only slow down the resolution process and make it more difficult for me to assist you in resolving the issue. Please communicate clearly through email.

BSP operates with an invoice system, and uses the online shipping system provided through PayPal, so
be sure to double-check that the correct shipping address is in PayPal when you make your final payment.
BSP is not responsible for confirming the accuracy of shipping information submitted by the customer.
If there are shipping mistakes on your part, you must pay for the return shipping and a replacement shipping label.

The most common shipping method is USPS 2-9 Day Ground (within the USA). If you’d like an expedited shipping speed or want to use a different courier, please discuss it via email. Special shipping may incur extra fees.

For international shipping, pricing and speed may vary. BSP is not responsible for import fees or other shipping customs outside of the US. Please discuss any concerns prior to finalizing your order.

Communication & Updates

BSP is a two-person team and we work on multiple plushies for multiple clients at once, not always in order.

Please see the Commission Status Chart to check the status of your plush order. It is updated almost daily.

If you contact BSP about updates and do not receive a response in a few days, this means we’re unusually busy.

If you continuously contact us asking about updates and it becomes a distraction or disruption of workflow, your order may be cancelled. We reserve the right to cancel your commission if we feel uncomfortable with your methods of communication, or we are being harassed or unduly pressured.

We request that you maintain a professional and business-oriented tone with your communications. If your writing tone sounds childish or rude, or is filled with errors, we may not respond because we think the email is a joke or spam.

If English is not your first language, or you have trouble writing emails for any other reason, please let us know first so we can take that into consideration when communicating, to help make working together as smooth as possible. Thanks!

Progress Photos

Progress photos may be requested once work on your plush has begun. Please check the Status Chart to see when your order is being worked on. Progress photos are to show proof of work only, and may not be used as a means of changing the plush in progress, unless the client agrees to pay a fee for adjustments.

Our reasoning for this policy is as follows: Please understand that BSP is only a two-person operation, and these plushies are usually huge and can get heavy and awkward to work with. In light of these facts, we usually work with the plush completely inside-out for the majority of the creation process, right up until it’s finished and time to add fluff. Usually all seams are machine-sewn while the plush is still inside-out. If details about your plush absolutely must be changed while sewing is already in progress, this may incur extra fees.

Cleaning & Maintenance

If you’d like information on how to wash and properly maintain the cleanliness and functionality of your plush, please read the FAQ.  Plushies with adult aspects may require some extra care.

Discretion & Confidentiality

Some plush commissions may be of a personal or otherwise sensitive nature. We understand that discretion, tolerance, and flexibility are very important. If you do not wish for anonymized photos of your plush order to be posted on BSP online portfolio galleries, please let us know. We will always ask your permission before posting any personally-identifiable photos of your plush order (in the case of easily identifiable OCs, etc). We will never share your personal information or the specific nature of your commission. BSP ships from a P.O. Box, and we use blank cardboard boxes and envelopes with no indication of package contents (for international orders, contents will be simply labeled “plush doll”, or “novelty plush”).

Respect & Comfort

The BSP workshop is a clean, organized, smoke-free, and pet-free facility, and uses only new materials.

We strive to maintain a friendly, professional rapport with you. This workshop does not judge based on personal preferences, so don’t worry about making special or uncommon requests for plushies.

Satisfaction Policy

If you are at all dissatisfied with your plush upon receipt, please discuss any concerns with with us via email.

We want to help! Customer satisfaction is very important for the success of this business, and we will always do our very best to make sure you are totally satisfied with your plush order.

Thank you very much for your interest in BigSexyPlush plushies!

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