Thunderbolt Time

A systematic, school-wide program to provide interventions for students who have not demonstrated competence on core concepts; enrichment activities for students who have demonstrated competence; and gifted programs for students who would benefit from a more challenging learning environment.

Purpose of the program


Increase student learning.

Teach student accountability for their learning by:

  • helping students determine the need for interventions.
  • allowing choice (within certain parameters) in the selection of enrichment activities.
  • encouraging students to choose more challenging curriculum.


Provide a structure where students feel a sense of belonging as they interact with teachers and other students in activities that are motivating and rewarding.


Connect concepts taught in the classroom with the community and world and give students an opportunity to contribute.

      Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

Learn beginning guitar skills - play guitar chords, learn strumming and music playing.

Bring your guitar. School has limited # for student use.

Animal Care and Pets

Students learn about unique pets and how to care for animals.

Archery (7th graders only)

Learn the archer's equipment and the art, practice, and skill of shooting with a bow and arrow. (7th grade only)


Are you interested in learning more about how humans fly?  This course includes the history of flight; the engineering that makes it possible; hands on activities; and a field trip.

Babysitting (6th graders only)

FEE $10.00

Learn all about babysitting and earn your babysitting certificate. (6th graders only)

Bolt Broadcasting

A fun, student-created news program for 6th graders! Students will choose the "stories" they want to cover, film, edit with iMovie, and share the episodes with the school. If you want the chance to work on informational writing, presentation, or media skills - this is a great class for you!

Boy’s Stuff

A class of organized sports where boys select activities they would like to participate in.  We also take regular sports and modify the game to make it fun and engaging in a variety of ways.  Some examples are: rounders, ultimate frisbee, and Hawaiian football.


FEE $5.00 if you print

This course uses Tinkercad as a web technology platform enabling users to develop CAD-based 3D models in their browsers. Tinkercad is an easy, browser-based 3D design and modeling tool for all. Tinkercad allows users to imagine anything and then design it in minutes.


Learn chess strategy by evaluating chess positions and setting up goals and long-term plans for the future play. Learn to compete in tournaments.

Comic Book Creation

Do you like to read comics or graphic novels? What about writing? Or drawing? What if you could combine these two into one? In CBC, you will learn about comics and graphic novels, have time to create your own, and share at the end.

Computer Art

Using iPads, students learn how to make beautiful designs in Symmetry Lab.  Students also learn how to use layers to blend two pictures together to create new images using the app Sketchbook.

Computer Coding

Learn to code and create computer games.

Cooking (7th graders only) 

FEE $5.00

Students will develop skills in the kitchen making delicious food. You will never go hungry again. (7th graders only)



Fee $3.00

This class will give the students an opportunity to explore their creativity and make several projects.

Crazy Art

FEE $2.00

Students use their creativity to produce unique and unusual art projects.


Students will work in teams to solve a make believe crime. They will collect evidence, run labs and draw conclusions as they try to catch the criminal.

Digital Photography 

Students will learn tips for taking great photos and use editing techniques on the computer.


Drawing time to come in an practice your creative genius! Meet with other talented artists in the school while developing your skills.

Drum Circle

Learn about rhythms and enjoy creating and joining different rhythm patterns.

Electronics EN  

Learning about circuits, electricity, and electrical currents, it should be a shocking experience.

Engineering 6th

In 6th grade engineering we figure out how and why things work.  We have competitions creating catapults, marble runs, pompom launchers, towers out of spaghetti noodles, etc.  There's lots of creating, testing, and having fun.

Engineering 7th

7th grade engineering is knex bridge building and rubix cube.

Extreme Google

Learn all the in's and out's of Google such as: Google earth, Google mail, Google docs, etc.

Gardening - The Pod Squad 

Learn the basics of home gardening including organic pest control/ fertilizer, soil conservation, and water management. Hands-on growing of plants and vegetables. Tend the school grow boxes.


Learn to use a Global Positioning System (GPS) receiver or mobile device and other navigational techniques to hide and seek containers, called "geocaches" or "caches".

Get in the Game

In this class you will learn by playing a combination of board games, card games, group games and brain games! Games are a fun way to fuel your imagination, creativity, problem-solving abilities and cooperation skills!

Girls Stuff (6th graders only)

This class for girl's only will focus on beauty, fashion, self-defense and assertiveness. (6th graders only)


Learn to play golf and then travel to a local course to try out what you have learned.

Indoor Hockey 

Play hockey indoors. It's fast, furious and fun.

Types of Activities

  1. Interventions:

Re-teach to guarantee student achievement of   specific learning objectives.

Provide support to guarantee that students complete all assignments.

Criteria:  Students who do not demonstrate proficiency on any of the formative assessments administered by their teacher.

  1. Extension:

Classes that are an extension of the regular curriculum in one or more of the following ways:

1. Tied to Core Curriculum

2. Tied to 21st century skills:



Critical thinking


     3. Tied to College & Career Readiness

     4. Tied to Service Learning

     5. Tied to Physical Fitness

Criteria:  Students who have demonstrated     proficiency in their core classes.

Lawn Games 

Croquet, Bocce, Ladderball and other fun recreational games to be played on the lawn. Great fun for all!

Loom Hats

The students make hats using a loom.

March Madness 

Discuss and analyze the NCAA basketball tournament. Study, research, predict, and enjoy basketball competition at the college level.

Music Appreciation

This class is an opportunity to do many musical things such as play chimes, recorder, drums and even do some singing.

PE Group Games (gym)

Participate in group games such as Poachers, Prison Ball, Etc.

Pickle ball

You will feel like a champion playing this exciting paddle game called Pickle Ball. Pickle Ball is a combination of ping pong, tennis, and badminton.

Project Wild Animals

Come and learn about all the interesting, crazy, beautiful, endangered, funny, captivating and useful animals that surround us in the wild.  Learning activities will include live animal demonstrations and lots of hands on activities to learn how animals make our lives interesting and better.

Reading in the Library 

Love books and don't get enough time to read. This class allows free time to sit and enjoy a good book.

Reading With Rascals

Read and work with the 2nd grade students at Little Valley Elementary.


Students write computer programs that activate actual robots to perform certain activities.


FEE $10.00 

Learn the fundamentals of flight. Build and fly a white wings paper balsa glider. Build and launch an Estes solid fuel rocket.

Science Experiments

FEE $3.00 

Hands-on science experiments

Sign Language

Learn the basics of sign language including the manual alphabet and simple conversational phrases.


Kickball-Football (outside)

Learn agility, team work, collaboration, while improving one's cardiovascular fitness.

Social  Dance

Have you ever wanted to learn something exciting while having fun and meeting new friends? Take Social Dance! In Social Dance you will learn about lots of different styles of dance including Ballroom, Bollywood, Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop. It doesn't matter if you've never danced before or if you are an advanced dancer. All levels are welcome!  You will also be a part of a special flash mob that will perform for the school at a future date. 

Spray Paint Art

 Fee: $10.00  

Learn how to create space-age scenes, different textures, and use stencils with spray paint.  You will need to bring a painting shirt to cover and protect your clothes on paint days.

The Art of Science 

Discover science while creating art. Put on your 3-D glasses and make your art pop out! Paint with light and check out the science and art of invention.

Theater Arts

Learn confidence, teamwork, collaboration, leadership, and performing skills while having fun.

Totally Awesome Cupcakes (7th graders only) 

FEE $5.00 

Make your celebrations even better by decorating your own creative cupcakes. (7th graders only)


Learn agility, team work, collaboration, while improving one’s cardiovascular fitness.


FEE $10.00 

Students learn woodworking skills while making a wooden train.


Party yourself into shape with Zumba! Latin inspired dance fitness party. Participate in yoga to relax and relieve stress. We provide mats.